DVV Pigeons congratulates PIPA for guiding them towards a very succesful auction

Not just Dominique Velghe congratulated PIPA on organizing his auction recently, also Rudi Vandeputte from DVV Pigeons wanted to say thank you to PIPA for the guidance he, Tom Van Gaver and Johan De Vroe received from PIPA in these past weeks in preparation of their final sale. "You get what you pay for", Rudi said.

Hello PIPA-team

The result of this auction is very good, especially when taking into consideration the following facts:

  • Only in the last few years has DVV Pigeons really been rising to the top, eventhough by now we have been able to achieve a nice spot between the better lofts out there.
  • 309 pigeons in one sale is not little, even if they are in fact from 3 lofts combined.
  • The auction consisted of more than 15% youngsters, which PIPA felt could potentially be too much to achieve a good average price.
  • Not all pigeons have well-known names in their pedigree, while this is quite important commercially speaking. The hens Just Me and Mata Hari for example are performance-wise sublime pigeons, but they too have a modest background. You could tell from the price at which they were eventually sold.
  • Other pigeon fancres who gave their opinion thought the price would end up just slightly above a 1.000 EUR on average. Afterwards they all gave praise to our great result.

I already said it just before the sale went online: The guidance we received from PIPA for every sale is really terrific. As a seller you really get what you pay for. Even for the things we had our doubts about if they were really going to be realized, PIPA came through and we have to admit they made the right calls.

Evidently, all of this resulted in a great result, both for the seller as for PIPA. We are really happy on all levels!

We'd like to say thank you to all those who worked on achieving this result and a big thank you to all bidders and buyers who put trust in us and our pigeons.

Best regards,


The end of an era: Tom Van Gaver, Johan De Vroe and Rudi Vandeputte a.k.a. DVV Pigeons