Gebr. Scheele (Terneuzen, NL) have an exceptional season

The Scheele Brothers had quite a magnificent racing season in 2017, winning most notably 2 first prizes NPO in two weeks’ time. They had only just claimed victory in the NPO from La Souterraine with racing bird Lars as Herman won a first prize NPO in Limoges. This is a great result for a fancier that has been one of the top players in The Netherlands for many years now. Many of his best results can be attributed to stock breeder Superboy.

Jaap and Adriaan Scheele (Terneuzen, NL)

What a season!

We have been writing about the impressive achievements of the Scheele Brothers a few times already this season. They had first of all their two NPO wins in just two weeks’ time, but there is more. The team added several championship titles to their palmares this season as well, including for instance the title of 11th best Fancier in The Netherland in the WHZB/TBOTB competition. In this report we will be looking at a few of the leading names of the noble Scheele Brothers pigeon family.


NL15-3509881 Cheryl was the very best pigeon in Province 1 Zeeland ’96 this season, winning the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Allround in Province 1. Cheryl is a daughter of the team’s number one breeding pair Sonny x Cher. 

Cheryl, 1st Ace Pigeon Allround Province 1

Click here for Cheryl's pedigree. And here is a look at some of her best results in the province this season:

15-04-2017  Auby lez Douai     83rd of 8,429 pigeons
22-04-2017  Niergnies          17th of 8,968 pigeons
29-04-2017  Roye              167th of 9,937 pigeons
20-05-2017  Niergnies          22nd of 7,207 pigeons
04-06-2017  Fontenay sur Eure  30th of 4,126 pigeons
10-06-2017  Argenton          178th of 3,757 pigeons
17-06-2017  Orleans            51st of 4,265 pigeons
24-06-2017  La Souterraine     39th of 2,711 pigeons
15-07-2017  Fontenay sur Eure 122nd of 2,707 pigeons


The number one breeding pair; the parents of Cheryl

The number one breeding pair of the Scheele Brothers

The breeding pair depicted above is Sonny x Cher. This unique pair has bred the following prize winners:

- Sonny Boy NL14-3416408 1st NPO Limoges 1,698 pigeon and 3rd NPO Ruffec of 1,323 pigeons
- Soren     NL15-3509816 4th Ace Pigeon Allround Province 1 2017 (without natour)
- Julie     NL15-1770490 dam “Macho” 2nd Ace Pigeon Allround Province 1 Zeeland ’96 (Simon van Hoeve)
- Cherry    NL15-3509815 is the dam of “Tommy”  2 x 1st in Entente 2


Macho NL16-3615271, a pigeon that belongs to their neighbour and good friend Simon van Hoeve, is a reference to be proud of for the Scheele Brothers. Macho became 2nd Ace pigeon Allround Province 1 Zeeland ’96, finishing just behind the team’s own Cheryl. The dam of Macho is a direct Scheele Brothers: Juli NL15-1770490. She is another daughter of top pair Sonny  x Cher. The sire of Macho is a son of Esmee, the world class pigeon of the Elzinga Combination (Harkema, NL). Click here for Macho's pedigree. Besides his title of 2nd Ace Pigeon Champion Macho also won the following titles:

- 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint Entente 2 2017
- 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Entente 2 2017
- 17th best yearling in The Netherlands PIPA Rankings 2017


We already talked about Timo in one of our previous articles but he had such a successful season that we wanted to include him in this report as well. He became 16th Ace Pigeon in the prestigious WHZB/TBOTB competition in 2017. This is a great result, especially if you consider that he was among the best pigeons in The Netherlands in that same competition in his year of birth as well, as 6th Ace Pigeon YBs. He has performed at a high level for many years now, which shows how talented he is. Timo is a son of that other top pair of the Scheele Brothers, Jeroen Jr. x Hanny. Click here for the pedigree of Timo.  The aforementioned Jeroen Jr. comes directly from Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL), and his partner Hanny is in turn a granddaughter of Superboy.

Timo, an outstanding racing bird

Magnificent with the young birds

The young birds of Adriaan and Jaap were in particularly good form this season, especially in the middle distance. We were rubbing our eyes when we saw the final results of the middle distance championships in Province Zeeland '96. The first four places, as well as the 6th, 8th and 10th prize were won by pigeons of the Scheele Brothers. On top of that, the fifth prize was won by their neighbour Simon van Hoeve, who happened to be racing a 100% Scheele pigeon.

De jonge duiven van Adriaan en Jaap waren dit jaar in zeer goede doen op met name de midfond vluchten voor de jongen. Als u hieronder de eindstand van de Midfond duifkampioenen ziet van de afdeling Zeeland "96 zult u misschien een paar keer in uw ogen wrijven. Maar u ziet het echt goed. De plaatsen 1 t/m 4, 6, 8 en 10 zijn voor duiven van de Gebr. Scheele. En dan is de duif op plaats 5 van buurman Simon van Hoeve ook nog eens een 100 % Gebr. Scheele duif. 

1   Scheele Brothers Terneuzen   73711314    3   2894,8
2   Scheele Brothers Terneuzen   73711243    3   2867,9
3   Scheele Brothers Terneuzen   73711291    3   2863,0
4   Scheele Brothers Terneuzen   73711240    3   2851,8
5   Simon van Hoeve  Terneuzen   73730245    3   2833,2
6   Scheele Brothers Terneuzen   73711311    3   2793,1
7   A. Thijs & Son   Heikant     73706246    3   2790,9
8   Scheele Brothers Terneuzen   73711279    3   2785,5
9   A. Thijs & Son   Heikant     73706207    3   2762,5
10 Scheele Brothers  Terneuzen   73711224    3   2757,8

1st Pigeon Champion is Leon NL17-3711314. His palmares includes a 2nd NPO Pithiviers 4,738 pigeons and 3rd NPO Fontenay 3,306 pigeons. Leon is a son of Bonte Leeuw, a direct Marcel Wouters and a son of De Ad. The dam is Linda AA. Gen., a daughter of Superboy x Ace Girl.

2nd Pigeon Champion is Mila  NL17-3711243 . She became 6th National Ace Pigeon YBs 'De Allerbeste' NPO.
Mila is a daughter of 16-380 Broer Timo of Jeroen Jr. x Hanny. The dam is a daughter of Sonny Boy, 1st NPO Limoges 2016.

3rd Pigeon Champion is New Boy NL17-3711291. He is a son of Boy 48, bred from Superboy x Dochter 666. Boy 48 is also the grandfather of Timo. The dam of New Boy is a daughter of New Tours of Rudi de Saer. One of New Boy's nest mates is NL17-3711292, winner of an 8th NPO Orléans and a 17th NPO Pontoise.

4th Pigeon Champion is Timor NL17-3711240
His sire is Son Timo, winner of 3 x 1st in Entente 2. The dam is Bontje 68 of Dirk Bonte x Zusje Max.

5th Pigeon Champion is Sibel NL17-3730245
Sibel is a 100% Scheele Brothers pigeon from the neighbouring loft of  Simon van Hoeve. She is another granddaughter of Jeroen Jr. x Hanny, as well as a grandchild of Senso x Mariah.

6th PIgeon Champion is  Ari NL17-3711311
Ari is a son of Aaron AA. Gen. He is son of Superboy x Ace Girl. The dam is Energy Girl, a direct Gerard Koopman from Blue Energy.

8th Pigeon Champion is Dennis NL17-3711279
His sire is NL15-398 of the Verhagen/Buyl combination. This cock became 1st Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Province 1 Zeeland, at the age of one!
The dam is Magic Girl, a daughter of Magic Boy (1st national ace pigeon) x Kim. They both come from Superboy.

10th Pigeon Champion is Pat NL17-3711224
Pat is a daughter of the 951 and a grandchild of Harry. The dam is 47je , a grea racing bird and winner of 2 teletext prizes.

Confidence in the future

This overview of championship titles and the respective pedigrees gives us an idea of the level of quality in the Scheele Brothers pigeon loft. Adriaan and Jaap have a wonderful collection of breeding birds, including number one stock sire Superboy, whose bloodline can be found in many of the team's racing birds. And the team has a bright future ahead with their young stock pair Sonny x Cher, as well as the equally valuable pair Jeroen Jr. x Hanny. We are convinced that Adriaan and Jaap will continue to get excellent results in the years the come.