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Roger Debusschere (Lokeren, BE) is breeder and supplier of super class pigeons

Different fanciers managed to win no less than 6 provincial or semi-national victories in 2017 with pigeons that come from Roger Debusschere. The 1st Interprov. Chateauroux of 2,061 p. and the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs in their own loft further highlights the level of quality of the Debusschere racing bird.

A high level of performance in your own loft says something about the qualities of your pigeon breed but the victories and top results that are won in other lofts are an even better indicator, because your pigeons have to perform in a different environment, with a different approach, and even a different diet.

And that clearly applies to the pigeon breed of Roger Debusschere. Roger has several first prize winners and ace pigeons at provincial, zonal and national level in his collection (1st Nat. Tulle 5,976 p. in 2014), and he has supplied many fellow fanciers with prize winners as well. This clearly illustrates the level of quality in Roger Debusschere's Royal Collection in Lokeren.

Roger is more a breeder than a player. He is always on the outlook for top performers and for our country's biggest champions, which he uses to strengthen his own family and which are then paired to each other. The youngsters are tested in his own loft and that of his partner Damien Baert from Ere (as Team Baert-Debusschere), which has already won a 1st Nat. Tulle 5,976 olds in 2014 (with Mexence), and several provincial ace pigeon titles. The two fanciers won for instance the title of 15th Nat. Champion Long Distance KBDB in 2016. In 2017 Damien won a 1st Interprov. Chateauroux CFW 3,061 pigeons and a 5th Nat. Chateauroux 18,495 pigeons with BE17-4180413 (a 100% Bernard Vanrenterghem and a full sister of the 2nd Nat. Zone Bourges 5,014 p., and 59th Nat. 19,889 p.), a pigeon born and ringed by Roger Debusschere in Lokeren.

Even though Roger competed in just two national long distance races (Limoges II and Tulle) this season, he still managed to become 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings in his long distance club in Lokeren.

New Mirage: sire of the 1st Nat. Brive 2016, and 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs 2017

-Asduif BE16-4104232

 1st  Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs in Fondclub Lokeren 
 1st  Limoges        253 YLs
25th  Prov Limoges 2,510 YLs
856th Nat Tulle    9,578 YLs (19th Club 205  YLs)

Sire: Frederik BE12-4208262
Sire of 1st Nat. Brive 5,925 p. in 2016, purchased from Frederik Everaert. A son of stock breeder Mirages BE05-4295838 (5 x Top-100 National, including 12-13-27-36-75 National) x Lora BE09-4223258 (100% Noël Lippens).
Dam: Geronimo 961 BE12-4240961
A full sister of Star Geronimo (winner of 2nd Nat. Tulle 5,976 p., 2nd Nat. Montauban 5,933 p., 11th N.Zone Montluçon 7,828 p., 28th Nat. Bourges 16,859 p. etc.), and thus a daughter of stock breeder Geronimo BE00-4282486 x Nationaaltje BE04-4167560.

The team from Lokeren competed in no more than five national races (3 x longer middle distance, 2 x long distance). His results show that Roger is not just a fancier but someone who can pick top quality pigeons. His first three nominated old birds were the first to arrive home from Tulle, and the same goes for his first and second nominated yearlings from Tulle. In the race from Bourges his first four nominated were among the first five to arrive home. This goes to show his best pigeons are always on top of their game. The loft in Lokeren offers space only to pigeons with a proven record. Here is a look at some of his stars of today:

-Blue Rico BE14-4035064

18th  Prov Limoges II 2,082 p. ’17 (2nd Club 256 p.)
184th Nat Tulle       7,447 p. ’17 (3rd Club 171 p.)
235th Nat Chateauroux 6,850 p. ’16
364th Prov Chateauroux(Gueret) 5,910 p. ’16

He is a son of Brother 124 Pipo BE12-4210124 (from stock breeder Maurice BE08-3035204 x Dannae BE02-3185288) x Molleke 18 BE11-3173618 (full sister of Maxima: 1st NPO S1 Orleans 15,867 p. and Molleke: 1st Prov & 4th Nat. Argenton 10,549 p., 2nd Prov. Blois 1,503 p., 5th Prov. Tours 2,898 p., 31st Nat. Bourges 22,499 p.), two Rik Cools pigeons.

-De 326 BE13-4286326

44th  N.Zone Tulle     2,432 p. ’15
82nd  Prov Vierzon     5,825 p. ’15
142nd Nat Limoges II   8,303 p. ’15
410th Nat Limoges II   6,907 p. ’16
512th Nat Tulle        7,447 p. ’17
616th Nat Chateauroux 21,515 p. ’14
975th Nat Chateauroux 25,126 p. ’16
25th  Club Limoges II    256 p. ’17

He is a son of Ace 44 BE12-3160744, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele (from 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB Super As BE02-5030266 x Ketty BE05-161371) x Sister Cody 022 BE07-9016022, which comes from Damien Baert (from his stock pair Joël x La Flamande).

Ace 28, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and the sire of Witpen Chateauroux

-Witpen Chateauroux BE14-4035040

12th N.Zone Chateauroux II  5,641 p. ’15
28th Nat Argenton    13,629 p. ’16
39th Prov Tulle       1,368 p. ’17 (2nd Club 171 p., 182nd Nat. 7,447 p.)
70th N.Zone Tulle     2,518 p. ’16
210th N.Zone Gueret   4,878 p. ’15
386th Nat Limoges II  9,162 p. ’17  (8th Club 256 p.)
543rd Nat Bourges I  23,155 p. ’17

This is an excellent looking pigeon with a proven record at national level. He is a son of Ace 28 BE10-3179328, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele (from 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB Super As BE02-5030266 x Nestzus Falco BE03-300344) x Elena BE12-4210112 (a daughter of stock breeder Maurice BE08-3035204 x Tatiana BE06-9114182).

De Debusschere pigeons have repeatedly shown their potential in their own loft but it appears this breed has been even more successful for other fanciers, having won several top prizes and provincial and national first prizes.

1st Semi-Nat Nevers 5,997 p. and the fastest of 10,659 p. for Thierry Sibille with a direct Roger Debusschere

Excellent references in 2017

Numerous other fanciers have managed to gain excellent results with the help of their Debusschere descendants from Lokeren, and the 2017 racing season was no exception. We take you through some of the most remarkable achievements of the Debusschere pigeons in other lofts:

1st Semi-Nat. Nevers 5,997 p. – fastest of 10,659 pigeons
For Thierry Sibille with BE16-1034846, a direct Roger Debusschere. Click here to reread the report on his winning pigeon.

1st NPDC Bourges  1,075 YBs  - fastest of 9,350 pigeons
For Maxime Renaud (Fr) with Maxima BE17-4180358, a direct Roger Debusschere, bred from Mister Blue Bernard BE10-9058973 (from Damien Baert) x Louisa BE14-2238191, a daughter of Vooruit 644/08, winner of 10 first prizes (for Louis Van Paesschen).

1st Prov. Tulle 1,729 pigeons – 5th Nat. Tulle 9,586 pigeons
For Patrick & Dimitri Houfflyn. The dam of this winner is a direct Roger Debusschere. She is bred from two direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons: Rudy 17 BE12-3160717 (from stock breeder Rudy BE06-3008003 x Geschelpt Neptunus BE10-3047071) x Dior BE12-3160734 (from Marino BE05-3006624 x Tonia BE07-3199953, a granddaughter Bliksem).

1st NPDC Bourges 1,402 pigeons – fastest of 21,864 pigeons
For Ivo Bargiacchi (FR) with FR15-0029314, of which the two parents come directly from Roger Debusschere. The sire is Blauwe Vandenabeele BE13-4286368 (from 2 direct Vandenabeele pigeons with Boss BE12-3160754, a grandson Prins Wittenbuik x Adele BE11-3070053, a granddaughter Rambo II) x Victorine BE13-4286376, a 100% Vandenabeele (from Falcon BE10-3179338, a son of Falco x Magic Angel BE12-3160719, a daughter of Mister Magic).

1st NPDC Argenton 8,302 pigeons – fastest of 13,359 pigeons
This race was also won by Ivo Bargiacchi with racing bird FR17-33271. The dam is a direct Roger Debusschere, namely Ida BE13-4286358, another 100% Vandenabeele from Grandson Bliksem BE11-3173633 x Chanel Bliksem BE12-3162888 (granddaughter Bliksem).

Stock breeder Maurice: grandfather of Blue Rico, Witpen Chateauroux, Superke 822, 1st Prov. La Souterraine
as mentioned in this report

2nd Prov Blois 6,013 YBs
6th Prov Vierzon  2,341 p.
58th Nat Chateauroux 12,150 p. (1st Club 330 p. – 5th Prov.)
70th Prov Bourges 7,395 p.
97th Prov Argenton 4,802 p.

These prizes were won by Hugo Vlaeminck with racing bird Superke 882 BE17-4094882. Her dam is a direct Debusschere hen: Daughter Maurice BE15-4126160 (from stock breeder Maurice BE08-3035204 x Molleke 17 BE11-3173617, which were both obtained from Rik Cools). In 2016 this Daughter Maurice was also the dam of:
1st Prov. La Souterraine 4,390 YBs – 5th Nat. La Souterraine 16,613 young birds

4th Nat. Bourges I  20,759 pigeons
This prize was won in the lofts of Patrick Staelens with BE16-3047927 (click here for his pedigree), of which the dam is a direct Roger Debusschere.

4th NPDC Gueret 3,992 pigeons
Won by  Maxime Renaud (FR) with racing bird BE17-4180362, a direct Roger Debusschere and a full sister of the 17th Nat. Gueret 16,619 p. in 2015. She comes from ‘De 602 Van Paesschen’ BE09-2154602 (winner of a 1st Dourdan 3,300 p.) x Blauwwitpen Van Paesschen BE12-2056543.

5th NPDC Gueret 3,992 pigeons
Another prize won by Maxime Renaud (Fr) with BE17-4180370, another direct Roger Debusschere bred from two pigeons of Hugo Vlaeminck: Hugo BE15-4174520 (brother of 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Poitiers 14,094 p. from Zus Ronaldo 966/11 ) x Winnie BE15-4174538 (sister of 7 first prize winners, and a granddaughter of Brother Ronaldo 567/09).

5th Prov. Chateauroux 3,786 pigeons – 29th Nat. Chateauroux 18,495 pigeons
Won by Hugo Vlaeminck with BE17-4094882, whose dam comes from Roger Debusschere as well.

This is quite an impressve list!

Investing in top quality pigeons: the road to success

Roger Debusschere has never been afraid to invest (heavily) in super class pigeons, to try and obtain top quality pigeons, prize winners and ace pieons. Even though he is more of a breeder than a player, the achievements of his Royal Collection are impressive, not just in his own loft but also in the lofts of fanciers who in turn invested in the Debusschere pigeon breed. Investing in top class pigeons clearly pays off; you can tell from the previous list of references.

This is a pigeon breed with a solid foundation, based on proven winners and ace pigeons. This has been and always will be a clear road to succcess. Roger has invested a lot over the years, and his fellow fanciers are now reaping the rewards. Isn't that great?