Comb. L. Stabel & Son (Goirle, NL) closes the season with two sensational first and second prizes in Province Brabant 2000

A young birds' classic from Orleans and a race from Creil took place in province 2 Brabant 2000 in the last weekend of the 2017 racing season. Both races were won by Louis and Eugene Stabel, and the father-son combination managed to claim a second prize on both occasions as well.

The closing weekend of 2017 saw an impressive display from Louis and Eugene Stabel

Orléans and Creil, a great finale to an excellent season

Province Brabant 2000 had an interesting last weekend of 2017, with a classic from Orléans for the young birds on the agenda. There was also a release from Creil for the last natour race as well. Louis and Eugene Stabel have worked hard to make this last weekend a great success, trying to get their pigeons as motivated as ever. It would be a great finale to an already memorable racing season. We start our report with an overview of their top 10 placings in the province of Brabant 2000, just to give you an idea of how things went for the combination this season:

1st  Pont-St.-Maxence 13 August      303 km  11447 p.  NL17-3730873
1st  Creil            16 September   312 km   7034 p.  NL16-3630598
1st  Fontenay         24 June        432 km   6916 p.  NL16-3630638
1st  Orléans          16 September   459 km   5110 p.  NL17-3730928
2nd  Creil            16 September   312 km   7034 p.  NL16-3630649
2nd  Orléans          16 September   459 km   5110 p.  NL17-3730841
7th  Creil            17 June        312 km   9489 p.  NL15-3531398
8th  Melun-Andrezel   13 May         366 km  18466 p.  NL16-3630722
8th  Orléans          16 September   459 km   5110 p.  NL17-3730888
9th  Fontenay         19 August      432 km   9425 p.  NL17-3730753
9th  Chateauroux      22 July        577 km   3489 p.  NL14-3433041
10th Chateauroux      22 July        577 km   3489 p.  NL15-3531399

A dream comes true from Orléans

Many long distance fanciers with a team of young birds consider the race from Orléans as the most prestigious young birds' race on the calendar. Province Brabant 2000 in fact organised two races from France, with Orléans II as the season finale. A group of 5,110 pigeons were released in excellent weather conditions at 8:45am, and the provincial winner arrived home just over five hours later in the loft of Louis and Eugene Stabel in Goirle. The two men had to wait a mere 13 seconds for their second racing bird to arrive home as well, and this resulted in an impressive double win. On top of that the team also claimed an 8th provincial prize, which makes this quite a memorable achievement for the combination. We talk you through the three prize winners from Orléans.

NL17-3730928 Orléanske, 1st Orléans Prov. 2 Brabant 2000

Orléanske, 1st province Brabant 2000 Orléans 5110 p.

the winner of the race is the small chequered hen NL17-3730928 Orléanske. She was basketed from her first nest, which made her very motivated. She did not race in the weekend before Orléans but did a 50km training flight on Sunday instead. Louis and Eugene's efforts in the lead-up to the race paid off as Orléanske claimed the win. Her sire is NL14-1130975 Late AS, a direct Ad Schaerlaeckens (Baarle-Nassau, NL). The dam of Orléanske is NL11-1882152 Jackie, a breeding bird with a proven record: she is the dam of a 1st Peronne 4308 p., a 1st Pommeroeul 2959 p. and a 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs Rayon 4 Brabant 2000. Jacky is a full sister of Esmee, a prominent name in the Stabel pigeon family.

NL17-3730841 Liselotte, 2nd Orléans Prov. 2 Brabant 2000

Liselotte takes silver

Racing hen NL17-3730941 Liselotte arrived home just a few minutes later, claiming second place. She is a sister of Romy, which came in first place in the PIPA ranking for best yearling in The Netherlands (10 prizes) in 2015. Click here to reread a previous PIPA report on racing bird Romy (in Dutch). The isre of Liselotte is Wouwer 662, bred from two direct Gaston van de Wouwer pigeons of Bart Verbeek (Poppel, BE). The dam is Gertje, an outstanding racing and breeding hen from the collection of Gert van de Bogaard (Rijen, NL).

NL17-3730888 Strong Esmee, 8th Orléans Prov. 2 Brabant 2000

Strong Esmee claims team's third top 10 prize

The eighth place was won by another talented pigeon of Stabel, NL17-3730888 Strong Esmee. This blue coloured cock has a nice palmares already, having won the ace pigeon championship middle distance YBs (rayon 4). In addition, he won a 6th prize in pont-St-Maxence against 3,294 pigeons. Srnog Esmee is a son of NL13-3334821 New Esmee, and this hen is a talented daughter of Esmee and winner of a 2nd Ace Pigeon Olds in Entente Hart van Brabant both in 2014 and 2015.

1st and 2nd Creil Province Brabant 2000 7,034 p.

The team closed the season in style with a provincial victory from Creil, bringing the total number of provincial wins in 2017 to four, against an average of just over 7,500 pigeons. And two one year hens were responsible for a memorable season finale.

NL16-3630598 Reuske, 1st Creil Prov. 2 Brabant 2000 against 7034 p.

Reuske, 1st Creil 7034 p. Prov. 2 Brabant 2000

The one year old hen NL16-3630598 Reuske won a 1st prize from Creil, which is her 14th top result this season. She was basketed with a youngster of about six days old. Her sire NL07-3700494 De Reus was a very successful racing bird, winning for instance the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Europacup.

NL16-3630649 Nathalie, 2nd Creil Prov. 2 Brabant 2000 against 7,034 p.

Nathalie, 2nd Creil 7034 p. Prov. 2 Brabant 2000

NL16-3630649 Nathalie was just three seconds slower than her teammate Reuske. This second prize was her 12th top result this season. Nathalie is another descendant of the renowned Esmee bloodline. Her dam is NL11-1890805, a full sister of Esmee.

A grand finale

Louis and Eugene Stabel have put the icing on the cake in the closing days of the 2017 racing season. They have been working hard to make a name for themselves in pigeon racing. The two fanciers have shown their potential with four provincial first prizes. Interestingly enough a nest sister of Orléanske claimed a 7th teletext prize in the province of East Brabant in that same race from Orléans, which once again shows the enormous potential of the Esmee bloodline of father and son stabel.