G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) close the 2017 season with an impressive encore

A long continuous beep was the prelude to an unprecedented string of results in The Netherlands. No less than 33 pigeons were clocked within less than half a minute, and they were in fact the fastest of 13,649 pigeons!

Gerard and Bas Verkerk have quite a few remarkable achievements on their palmares but the extended beep caused by 33 (!) pigeons arriving simultaneously from Peronne almost deserves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Winning the first 33 prizes against 2,149 pigeons with the 33 fastest of 13,649 pigeons is unprecedented. It was the icing on the cake at the end of the natour competition. Click here to reread our PIPA article discussing their success story and why they basket so many pigeons.


With a one day delay the pigeons were released from Peronne (267km) on 10th of September at 11:30am. Just over 13,500 pigeons from South Holland raced back home driven by a strong tailwind, with speeds of over 110 km/h. Bas: "The first four pigeons arrived at the loft at 1:48pm but the searing wind kept them from landing. A group of another 29 pigeons got back just half a minute later, and after circling the loft a few times our clocking system registered 33 consecutive birds. It turned out they were the fastest of the whole lot!"

10-09-2017 Peronne 267 km, 2,149 p.
66x top 100 and 165/316 (95x 1:10)
And the 1st through to the 33rd fastest of 13,649 pigeons

The fastest in Peronne 13,649 p.

The first prize in Peronne was won by young bird NL17-1277385, a hen from breeding hen Tinkel Bell, which is on her way to becoming a highly renowned breeder. Tinker Bell also bred the 1st Asse-Zellik 3,636 p. on 19th of August (and winner of a 5th NPO La Souterraine 4,783 p. earlier on), and this clearly shows why Bas would never sell his best racing birds. This is Tinker Bell's own palmares:

       1st fastest prov. Meaux     32,917 p.
       8th NPO Bourges              9,576 p.
       9th snelste prov. Nanteuil  13,814 p.
       2nd Substitute Olympiad Yearlings 2015

The sire of the winner from Peronne is Ferrari, a proven breeding cock from 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Blue Champ x the legendary Olympic Solange (6x 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon and Olympiad Pigeon). Click here for the pedigree of the fastest from Peronne 13,649 p.

The breeding potential of Solange really shows in the pedigrees of the 33 first pigeons:

1st Peronne - Daughter Ferrari (son Blue Champ x Olympic Solange) x Tinker Bell, see pedigree
2nd Peronne - Daughter Elize’s Last x Replica (daughter Icarus x Olympic Solange)
3rd Peronne - Daughter Hunter x Replica (daughter Icarus x Olympic Solange)
4th Peronne - Daughter Flintstone x Olympic Bibi
5th Peronne - Daughter Dotan x Bonita (daughter Bulldozer x Olympic Solange)
6th Peronne - Daughter Goofy x Magic Adora (Koopman-see previous article)
7th Peronne - Daughter Bradley x Expectation (daughter Bulldozer x Olympic Solange)
8th Peronne - Son Recovery (son Computer John x Olympic Solange) x Katja
9th Peronne - Daughter Stranger (son Computer John xOlympic Solange) x Eyelar
10th Peronne - Daugther Solo Star (son Bulldozer x Olympic Solange x Jorihe (Comb. van Wanrooij)
11th Peronne - Daughter Justin x Olympic Sofie (sire of New Sensation is a half brother Olympic Solange)
12th Peronne - Son Hunter x Nena
13th Peronne - Daughter Invictus x Eye Catcher (sister Olympic Solange)
14th Peronne - Laetitia from Mila x Katja
15th Peronne - Direct Freek Smit son of Denzel x Ayden
16th Peronne - Son of son Dedication x daughter Solo Star
17th Peronne - Son Dirty Harry (son Mission Impossible x Olympic Solange) x Nena
18th Peronne - Daughter Snowflake (De Bruijn) x Pip (daughter Goofy x Olympic Solange)
19th Peronne - Daughter Dagobert Duck (Donald x Olympic Solange) x Top Girl
20th Peronne - Daughter son Bulldozer x Feline x Ace Isabelle
21st Peronne - Daughter Dagobert Duck (Donald x Olympic Solange) x Top Girl
22nd Peronne - Daughter Recovery (son Computer John x Olympic Solange) x Katja
23rd Peronne - Daughter Dempsey x Kiki-Kate (daughter Atlantis x Feline)
24th Peronne - Daughter Dirty Harry (son Mission Impossible x Olympic Solange) x Silvermist
25th Peronne - Daughter Topper Harley x Olympic Valerie
26th Peronne - Daughter Bradley x Hot Shot (Bulldozer x Eye Catcher)
27th Peronne - Daughter Solo Star (son Bulldozer x Olympic Solange) x Jorihe (Comb. van Wanrooij)
28th Peronne - Daughter Gavin x Expectation (Bulldozer x Olympic Solange)
29th Peronne - Son Prince (Reedijk-Jongekrijg) x Olivia
30th Peronne - Daughter Knock-Out (Bulldozer x Olympic Solange) x Sieka
31st Peronne - Daughter New Sensation (half brother Olympic Solange and sire of Olympic Sofie) x Jessie
32nd Peronne - Daughter Topper Harley x Olympic Valerie
33rd Peronne - Daughter Ronunbel x Romy

Olympic Solange, stock breeder of G. & S. Verkerk

Bas: "Freek Smit surprised me on my birthday with two youngsters of his champions:
the 740 and 840. 
Can you guess my age? The 740 was among my first pigeons from Peronne"

1st Ace Pigeon natour entente: Laetitia

The impressive display of strength of team Verkerk in the natour competition enabled them to win the first four prizes in the pigeon championship entente as well. The leader in this ranking and the star of team Verkerk in 2017 is racing hen NL16-1525989 Laetitia. "We were surprised to see her take the lead", Bas explains. "She had dropped her fourth primary the Friday before basketing, even though the third was still less than a quarter in length. This means she was missing one and three fourths of her primaries." Still, she was able to win a prize 1:100, making her a likely candidate for a top 3 prize in the PIPA rankings for national ace pigeons yearlings and allround.

The sire is Milo, a pigeon of good friend Dempsey Dong from China, which Bas bred his first descendants from. Milo is a direct Verbree and winner of a 1st NPO Bourges 5,181 p. and a 19th NPO Vierzon 6,066 p. He is a crossing of Verkerk x Derwa.
The dam is Katja, winner of a 4th NPO Chateaudun 11,572 p. (behind three loft mates) from top class racing and breeding bird Sven (half brother Solange) x Bonita (top class daughter of Bulldozer x Solange). Click here for the pedigree.

2nd ace pigeon: NL17-1277386

Sire: Dirty Harry, a youngster of top class pair Mission Impossible (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon) x Olympic Solange (6x 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon and Olympiad Pigeon).
Dam: Lieke, top class racing hen and 7th Nat. ace pigeon allround TBOTB 2013 and 8th Nat. ace hen WHZB 2013. Lieke is also the dam of a 2nd NPO Vierzon 11,506 p. and she comes from Pole Position (best Verkerk pigeon 2009) x Kate (3rd Nat. yearling allround TBOTB 2008).
Click here for the pedigree.

3erd ace pigeon: NL15-1706468

She was also the fastest from Peronne of 4,709 pigeons
Sire: Miracle, an excellent racing bird from Sole Mio x old stock hen Magic Amore. This makes Miracle a half brother of Solange. He bred the winner of a 1st Argenton 3,778 p. & a 4th NPO 6,926 p., as well as a 5th Prov. Nanteuil 8,986 p. He is the grandfather of Olympic Bibi, Olympiad Pigeon Budapest 2015.
Dam: Jorhie, a direct Van Wanrooy Comb. from De Poppel (2x 1st NPO and top breeder) x Koninginneke (stock breeder).
Click here for the pedigree

4th ace pigeon: NL17-1277281

An excellent young bird from a half brother x half sister of the two talented sisters Kiki Kate & Lola Lily:

      - Kiki Kate
            1st Nat. ace pigeon middle distance and one day long distance PIPA ranking 2015
            10th Nat. ace pigeon allround PIPA ranking 2015
            3rd NPO & 4th Nat. Chateauroux 37,571 p.
            5th prov. & 5th fastest of Pont-St.-Maxence 32,967 p.
            7th prov. Sens 11,608 p.
      - Lola-Lily
            1st NPO Bourges 9,576 p.
            14th Nat. ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB 2015

Sire: a son of Bulldozer (3rd Nat. ace pigeon long distance WENC 2006 and super class breeder) x Feline (1st substitute Olympiad Nitra 2013 and the dam of Kiki Kate, Lola Lily, Sylvie, Special One etc.)
Dam: Ace Isabelle, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance one day long distance Fondspiegel 20016 & 2017 and daughter of Atlantis (super class racing bird and the sire of Kiki Kate and Lola Lily) x Olympiad Pigeon 2015 Olympic Bibi.
Click here for the pedigree.

The Verkerk pigeons finished in 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-6th-8th-9th-10th in the ace pigeon championship natour entente with 35 pigeons in the top 50.