1st National Zone A2 Tulle marks a new success for DVV Pigeons (Moortsele, BE)

De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte Pigeons (or DVV Pigeons in short) is having another really strong season. Top class racing bird Magic Bart adds yet another provincial and zonal victory to the team's impressive palmares, claiming a first prize from Tulle.

DVV Pigeons with Johan De Vroe, Rudi Vandeputte, Tom Van Gaver and Marnik Van Gaver

A solid team

De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte Pigeons is a household name in pigeon racing. They stand for an invaluable pigeon family that has been achieving great results in the lofts in Moortsele, where Johan De Vroe (young birds) and his neighbours Marnix & Tom Van Gaver (olds and one year old cocks) race in their own lofts in Lemberge, as well as in the lofts of Rudi Vandeputte, who races a team of hens. Pigeon racing is a team effort, where everyone performs a set of tasks, and everyone focuses on a particular discipline. The main goal is to win national, zonal and provincial first prizes, as well as provincial and national championship titles. This project has been a major success, since the team has been able to win several top prizes every single season.

BE15-4211670 Magic Bart, 1st National Zone A2 Tulle (2,370 pigeons) / 16th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2016

Magic Bart is one of the leading stars of the De Vroe Van Gaver racing team. He has quite a palmares, which now includes a 1st National Zone A2 Tulle of 2,370 pigeons (8th National of 7,447 pigeons). In addition, Magic Bart became 16th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Yearlings Long Distance in 2016 as a one year old. He won a 26th National Montluçon of 10,753 pigeons, a 3rd Provincial Bourges II of 1,963 pigeons, a 46th National Zone A2 Bourges III of 1,890 pigeons, a 55th National Zone A2 Bourges I of 5,014 pigeons and an 84th National Zone A2 Argenton of 6,694 pigeons. It resulted in an 11th place in the General National Championship KBDB 2016, and it attributed to winning the title of 12th National Champion Yearlings Long Distance KBDB 2016.

His pedigree is quite special. His dam is a 100% Bart Geerinckx and a daughter of Miss Magic, 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2011 and winner of a 1st Interprovincial Montrichard of 4,049 pigeons. Tom borrowed her from Karen and Koen Huys from Deerlijk in the spring of 2015, before returning her after a few months. Koen obained a round of eggs of Bart Geerinckx just before the start of the 2011 racing season, after which Miss Magic became an Olympiad Pigeon. Koen then purchased some vouchers of DVV Pigeons, which included some talented birds, so it was agreed that Tom could use this hen for a few months. In fact, the descendants of this hen have been quite successful in the loft of Karen and Koen Huys as well. Team DVV Pigeons has nothing but praise for Karen and Koen Huys, who lent them this talented hen. The dam of Magic Bart is a full sister of the sire of Smart Lady of Benny Steveninck. 

The sire of Magic Bart originates from some of DVV Pigeons's stock breeders, including Provinciaal 109/019 (1st Provincial Orleans of 5,002 pigeons) and The Princess (11th National Bourges of 41,783 young birds.

Click here for the fantastic pedigree of Magic Bart, which bred an excellent racing bird as well: 715/2016 won a 12th National Argenton of 19,592 pigeons for Marc Van Haute.

A few of the other champions in this loft

This racing team boasts quite a number of talented racing birds, and it would be impossible to include them all in this report. But some of them do deserve a mention:

BE13-4142684 Ricky, potential top prize winner in PIPA ranking long distance (5 prizes) in 2017 

He is one of the big stars in this team, having won several top results in 2017 as well:

 167th Nat. Tulle of 8,020 pigeons
  32nd Nat. Limoges of 14,937 pigeons 
 384th Nat. Jarnac of 5,045 pigeons 
 246th Nat. Brive of 9,126 pigeons 
1208th Nat. Limoges II of 9,102 pigeons 

He played an important role in winning a first prize in the National Championship Long Distance KBDB 2016. He has quite a palmares: he became 9th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance in 2014, 4th Best Pigeon PIPA ranking (5 prizes) in 2015, and 8th Best Pigeon PIPA ranking Long Distance (5 prizes). He has won a 28th National Limoges (15,009 pigeons), an 88th National Jarnac (3,879 pigeons), etc.

The sire of Ricky is a 100% Rik Cools, from Molleke. The dam is a direct daughter of the Dreampair of DVV Pigeons and a full sister of Vroeke (1st National Bourges 2008), Tom I (3rd National Zone A2 La Souterraine), De Prinses (11th National Bourges 2008), etc. The Dreampair are the parents and grandparents of at least 80 top class pigeons! Click here for the pedigree of Ricky.

BE15-4211687 Dark Blue, another potential prize winner in the PIPA ranking long distance (5 prizes)

Dark Blue will hardly miss a prize. This is his palmares for 2017 so far:

 36th Prov. Vierzon of 7,056 pigeons
705th Nat. Bourges of 23,028 pigeons
191st Nat. Brive of 9,126 pigeons
699th Nat. Cahors of 5,638 pigeons 
119th Nat. Limoges of 9,102 pigeons
225th Nat. Jarnac of 5,045 pigeons
270th Nat. Tulle of 8,020 pigeons

He became 17th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Yearlings Long Distance in 2016 thanks to a 22nd National Jarnac (3,904 pigeons), a 51st National Brive (5,929 pigeons) and a 172nd National Issoudun (11,984 pigeons). A full sister of Dark Blue has won a 69th National Tulle of 10,128 pigeons for Rudi Vandeputte.

The sire is a direct Rik Cools from his best bloodlines (Falco, Mathilde, Victor, etc.). The dam is a direct Vandevoorder-Verlinden (Baaigem, BE). This pair has bred quite a few prize winners, including Deep Blue, 't Frivooltje, and they are the grandparents of Caro. Click here for the pedigree.

Some of the team's best results

We have only included some of the very best results in the three lofts:

Old and one year old cocks

Toury (336 km)   
Club - 710 olds: 1-2-3-18-22-23-40-41-43-58-61-63-64-... (46/80)
Club - 477 yearlings: 1-2-12-24-35-36-44-47-... (29/52)
Limoges Nat. (635 km)               
Club- 297 olds: 2-3-8-13-17-21-23-25-... (10/22)
Nat 14,937 olds: 27-32-289-413-622-687-722-821-1357-... (10/22)
Chateauroux Prov. (485 km)                     
Club 214 Old birds: 5-25 (2/3)
Club 208 YLs: 1-2-5-6-7-10-13-15-17-19-... (26/41)
Prov. 3,409 olds: 43-... (2/3)
Prov 4,067 yearlings: 2-3-119-126-136-144-170-180-235-245-293-329-344-375-378-... (24/41)
Brive Nat. (665 km)                    
Club 209 olds: 2-5-8-11-... (12/15)
Nat 9,126 olds: 40-196-246-303-525-... (13/15)
Chateauroux Prov. (485 km)                      
Club 181 olds: 5-... (5/5d)
Club 337 yearlings: 1-4-5-6-10-11-13-18-20-32-... (28/38)
Prov. 2,860 olds: 40-... (3/5)
Prov 4,740 yearlings: 19-57-66-72-136-147-152-215-231-395-...(23/28)
Tours Prov. (451 km)                      
Club 128 yearlings: 8-10 (2/2)
Prov 2,718 yearlings: 244-265 (2/2)
Jarnac Nat. (650 km)                      
Club 84 olds: 2-5-8-... (7/10)
Club 95 yearlings: 2-3-6-... (12/24)
Nat 5,045 olds: 92-107-185-225-270-384-...(8/10)
Nat 5,053 yearlings: 68-87-278-354-421-439-... (13/24)
Tulle Nat. (620 km)
Club 165 olds: 1(2e)-2(1e)-3(3e)-6-15-... (6/12)
Club 243 yearlings: 6-15-17-21-22-23-... (15/23)
Nat 8,020 olds: 8-167-270-384-660-... (6/12)
Nat 10,128 yearlings: 230-560-591-658-671-739-743-745-... (15/23)

Young birds (for Johan De Vroe)

Noyon 797 ybs: 5-7-14-15-18-20-21-25-36-37-43-44-47-48-50-52-55-56-60-... 59/95 (per 3)
Toury 903 ybs: 4-5-6-8-14-15-22-52-53-55-56-57-61-62-63-65-74-77-78-89-90-... 45/100 (per 3)
Toury 544 ybs: 4-7-12-16-23-24-26-30-33-35-37-39-45-49-... 49/100 (per 3)
Toury 570 ybs: 1-2-6-18-20-28-29-34-37-40-52-53-55-57-... 46/95 (per 3)
Orleans 249 ybs 2-6-7-9-10-11-12-13-14-16-17-19-20-23-24-... 38/89 (per 3)
Orleans 5307 ybs: 6-48-50-66-67-74-76-80-90-125-126-133-164-211-219-221-230-251-272-
                 309-312-345-374-389-406-495-504-514-... 46/89 (per 4)
Blois 167 ybs: 1-2-3-5-7-9-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-20-21-22-23-25-... 38/89 (per 3) 
Blois 5564 ybs: 24-50-71-77-87-113-202-204-210-221-226-231-262-271-291-338-342-438-465-
               466-470-474-492-493-501-541-546-... 46/89 (per 4)

Hens (for Rudi Vandeputte)

Toury 338 Km :
327 Yearlings:  3–11–13–14–... ( 14/22)

Châteauroux 487 Km
385 Yearlings:  2 – 8 – 10 – 13 – 27 – ... (13/24)
255 Olds:  2 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 15 – ... (22)

Châteauroux  487 Km
475 Yearlings: 1–2–3–18–22–24–27–27–... (22)
255 Olds: 2–4–12–21-25–... (17)

24 june Argenton  515 Km
294 Olds: 5–8–10–16–18–... (19)

02 july Tours  458 Km
210 Yearlings: 1–9–11–16–18–...  (11/20)

29 july Tulle 622 Km
205 Yearlings: 2–3–4–8–12-14–18–... (12/17)
1729 Yearlings: 13–14–52–85–115–144–195–207–368–433 (10/17)

Click here for a more extensive overview.

The art of breeding and racing

The members of DVV Pigeons are clearly fanciers with a plan. Each one of them is committed to a certain discipline, in which they feel at home and which they know inside and out. They all get great results, and they rely on the same pigeon family: the invaluable breeding loft of De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte. This is a coordinated team that revolves around Tom, Marnik, Rudi and Johan. No doubt their names are to appear in the national championships and the PIPA rankings later this season!