Racing Team ADK (Tielt-Winge, BE) wins a 1st Provincial three weeks in a row

The pigeons from Houwaart are clearly in excellent form, having won first prizes at club level in all the most prominent races on the calendar. It also resulted in three provincial victories in three weeks' time, from Limoges, Jarnac and Libourne. Could they win a fourth consecutive first prize as well?

A successful fancier like Pascal Ariën knows how to run a team of racing birds, how to get them in great form and how to get them to excel in the most important national classics of the season. He founded his team in 2004 and has won an impressive 58 provincial first prizes since. His best seasons were 2009 and 2010, when he claimed 20 provincial victories in two years' time in the province of Limburg. Since his new start in Houwaart (Tielt-Winge, BE) he has managed to win 12 provincial first prizes in 2015 and 2016 in Flemish Brabant. 

Racing Team ADK continues to deliver in 2017. The team took a number of club victories in the classics from Bourges olds, Chateauroux olds & yearlings, Argenton yearlings, Limoges olds & yearlings, Jarnac olds, Libourne olds & yearlings, and so Pascal knew that a provincial first prize was to be expected any time soon as well. At first the team had to settle for second provincial from Chateauroux (10/06) but then they went on to win three consecutive first prizes from Limoges olds, Jarnac olds and Libourne yearlings.

It seems the racing birds have reached peak fitness fairly late in the game, which Pascal thinks was caused by the recent bird flu outbreak. Since the birds had to be kept indoors in the spring he had to adapt his regular winter training scheme. This caused his pigeons to get fit a few weeks later than usual but they eventually hit their stride, and how!

In the end of last year the team invested heavily in the further development of the pigeon family, by moving all of the best racing birds, including the world class generation of 2014, to the PEC breeding loft. This is a golden generation that stands for a considerable quality improvement but this move also weakend the existing racing team. Fortunately a new generation of racing birds has come up to take over the current team of racing birds, as you can tell from the three consecutive provincial first prizes.

1st Provincial and 3rd Nat. Limoges olds

The first in a series of three victories was won by Granddaughter New Freddy 114, which as her name suggests originates directly from stock breeder New Freddy, crossed with a granddaughter of two top class pigeons and iconic breeders: Gladiator (B. Geerinckx) and Chipo (B. Steveninck).

-Granddaughter New Freddy 114 BE15-4013114

 1st  IProv Limoges  2,362 p.
 3rd  Nat Limoges    9,073 p.
68th  IProv Limoges  1,567 p.
118th Nat Cahors     5,640 p.
230th N.Zone Bourges 5,801 p.

She is a daughter of the highly talented breeding bird New Mister Olivia BE13-4176421 (son of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2010 New Freddy BE09-5052387 paired to Olivia BE03-6415299, the favourite breeding hen of the late Pros Roosen). The dam is Super Sister BE12-6042515, a direct Bart Geerinckx. She is a great breeding hen and the dam of a 1st Intprov. Vierzon 4,457 p., 3rd Nat. Limoges 9,073 p., 16th Nat. Bourges 36,307 p., 32nd Prov. Tulle 1,106 p., 64th Intprov. Vierzon 8,177 p., and 69th Nat. Chateauroux 10,442 p. (and a daughter of Wittekop Gladiator BE05-5062111 x Dochter Chipo BE05-4323802).
Click here for the full pedigree of Granddaughter NF 114.

In that same race from Limoges the one year old cock Brother Porsche 112 BE16-4129112 wins a 38th Nat. Limoges against 10,565 yearlings. One week later he wins a 188th Nat. Jarnac 5,053 p. He is a direct son of the new 'wonder pair' of the PEC, which consists of Wacko Freddy BE13-4173517 (grandson of ace pigeons New Freddy, Olympic Wacko and Norma) x Lieve BE13-6143659, a Geerinckx hen (a daughter of the iconic Geerinckx bird Gladiator x Schoon Witpen Willy). Click here for the pedigree of Brother Porsche 112.

Wacko Freddy x Lieve, which is now known as the Porsche pair, is the PEC's new stock pair. Their breeding potential showed in a high number of super class pigeons, including most notably Porsche 911, the team's new flag bearer, as well as the two sisters Boxster and Nestsister Boxster. Their palmares says it all:

-Porsche 911 BE14-2230911

 5th Nat Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YLs KBDB ’15
 7th Nat Chateauroux 25,710 p.
11th Nat Bourges     21,522 p.
52nd Nat Montluçon   16,982 p.
38th N.Zone Argenton  5,327 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Porsche 911

-Boxster BE14-2230972

8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB 2015
2nd Best YL of Belgium over 3 long distance races in 2015 – PIPA ranking
11th Nat Brive  9,049 p. ’15 (1st Prov)
42nd Nat Jarnac 4,167 p. ’16 (1st Intprov)
46th Nat Brive  5,952 p. ’16
72nd Nat Tulle  8,621 p. ’15

Click here for the pedigree of Boxster

-Nestsister Boxster BE14-2230971

 1st Soissons         381 p.
38th IPro Jarnac    1,322 p.
70th N.Zone Limoges 2,946 p.
81st Nat Brive      5,952 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Nestsister Boxster

Besides, racing bird Spyder 005 is showing to be another talented racing hen in the yearlings' team bred from Wacko Freddy x Lieve. This is her palmares so far:

-Spyder 005 BE16-4129005

 9th Prov Vierzon     1,942 p.
29th Prov Blois       3,122 p.
42nd Nat Argenton    22,319 p.
84th Prov Chateauroux 1,724 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Spyder 005

In the young birds' team we had a number of Porsche descendants that showed their potential in the first preparatory races of the season as well. It shows that Wacko Freddy and Lieve are one of the PEC's truly unique breeding pairs indeed. They were paired to each other in 2014 and 2016 and they managed to breed five talented racing birds right away, which shows that this is a great pair. It goes without saying that this couple and their descendants from the Porsche line will be playing an important role in the future, with Porsche 911 as the leading name. If you want to take a closer look at the origins of Wacko FreddyLieve and Porsche 911, you can reread the report that was published a few weeks back.

Meau wins 1st Provincial Jarnac

This race was an easy target for the leading lady of the old birds' team of Racing Team ADK: racing hen Meau.

-Meau BE15-4013028

 1st  Prov Jarnac        430 p. ’17 
20th  Nat Jarnac       4,732 p. ’17
 9th  Prov Vierzon       734 p.
52nd  Nat Libourne     3,928 p. ’17
72nd  Nat Bourges     36,307 p.
75th  Nat Limoges      9,073 p. ’17
76th  Prov Chateauroux 3,386 p.
137th Nat Cahors       5,640 p. ’17

Unfortunately, the official national results from the WPROL have not been published in time, which prevents us from calculating the intermediate standings and rankings. Still, if we take into account Meau's preliminary coefficient in the four national long distance races of 2017, and compare them to 2016, she would have been holding a first place, as the best long distance pigeon of Belgium over 4 national races. Needless to say, this would make her one of Belgium's best pigeons in 2017 as well, although we still have to wait for the official results to determine her place in the 2017 rankings. 

She is a half sister of the 16th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2015 from her father's side (and winner of a 1st Prov. and 15th Nat. Tulle 8,621 p., 6th N.Zone Limoges 3,089 p., 49th N.Zone Jarnac 2,234 p., 53rd N.Zone Limoges 2,946 p.). She is a daughter of Lange Mo BE12-5158619 (a grandson of super class hen Moluca and stock dam Lang Lowet for Verreckt-Ariën), paired to New Freddy 244 BE14-6303244 (which as her name suggests is a daughter of stock breeder New Freddy x Anneke, a direct daughter of Kaasboer Van de Wouwer, and the dam of Palme d’Or, the dam of no less than two 1st Nat. Ace Pigeons Longer Middle Distance KBDB: Amalia and Nikolaas)
Click here for the impressive pedigree of Meau

1st Prov. Libourne yearlings

Third time's a charm but perhaps the fanciers from Houwaart might just as well aim for a fourth consecutive win. Their third provincial first prize was won in Libourne, this time with racing bird Yearling 169, an outstanding hen with a great pedigree.

-Yearling 169 BE16-4129169

 1st  Prov Libourne   463 p.
12th  Nat Libourne  3,948 p.
61st  Nat Jarnac    4,800 p.
110th Nat Argenton 22,645 p.
112th Prov Blois    3,122 p.
127th Nat Limoges  10,565 p.

This is a promising pigeon indeed, a pigeon with a lot of strength in her wings. Her pedigree shows a glimpse of her enormous potential.
Her sire is Son Nikolaas BE15-4013079, a talented cock from a joint breeding with Great Wall (from 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2013 Casaert-Senechal Nikolaas BE11-9065429, owned by Great Wall x New Freddy Amalia 405 BE13-4176405, a daughter of two 1st Nat. Ace Pigeons Longer Middle Distance KBDB New Freddy en Amalia). The dam is Dochter Fyther Gloria BE15-4013198, obtained from Ali Obaed and a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele (from 1st Nat. Agen 5,507 p. Fyther BE11-4291405 x Gloria BE11-4291462, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’13; two direct Vandenabeele pigeons raced in the lofts of Bert Van Den Berghe).
Click here for the pedigree of Yearling 169

New Freddy's footprints

The influence of New Freddy, the invaluable stock breeder of the PIPA Elite Center, on the international pigeon racing competition has reached huge proportions. The three brand new provincial first prize winners of Racing Team ADK are direct descendants of this world class pigeon as well, which highlights once again the enormous potential of this highly successful bloodline. Click here for our most recent list of achievements of New Freddy's descendants.

It was thanks to a swift decision of one Nikolaas Gyselbrecht that New Freddy could be kept in Belgium. Imagine how big a loss it would have been for the European continent if this pigeon had been sold to the Far East right after his title of 1st National Ace Pigeon. His references as a breeding bird are almost matching up with that of that other iconic breeder Kannibaal, which is quite unique!

In addition, the Porsche pair Wacko Freddy and Lieve, and their direct son Porsche 911 are ready to follow in his footsteps. This is a breed with a bright future ahead!