Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) take 1st NPO limoges, their second consecutive NPO victory

Two weeks after their marvellous NPO win from La Souterraine the Scheele Brothers claim another first prize: their racing bird Herman came out first in Province 1 Zeeland in the NPO race from Limoges.

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele (Terneuzen, NL)

Two consecutive NPO victories

The Scheele Brothers put in an impressive performance last weekend, claiming a first prize NPO in Province 1 Zeeland for the second consecutive week. We told you about their victory on 24th of June from La Souterraine just recently, which was won by Lars NL15-3509831. That same Lars has now finished in 35th place NPO, which is another great result indeed.

Herman, 1st NPO Limoges

The victory in the NPO race from Limoges in Province 1 was an easy target for NL15-3532781. His name is Herman, named after the renowned fancier Herman Calon, which the Scheele Brothers obtained this pigeon from. Jaap told us this was a deliberate investment. Their first prize winner was bred by Herman Calon from the line of fellow fancier Willem de Bruijn. One of the best breeders in the Scheele Brothers pigeon loft is a son of Jeroen. He is the sire of Timo (6th National Ace Pigeon YBs), which is in turn the sire of Lars, winner of a 1st NPO La Souterraine two weeks ago. Click here for Herman's pedigree.

Herman, 1st NPO Limoges

Herman has quite a few top results on his palmares already, including most notably:

1st  Limoges NPO 2.086 pigeons
4th  Roye        7,705 pigeons
4th  Orleans     2,664 pigeons
25th Niergnies   7,207 pigeons
25th Peronne     4,830 pigeons

10th NPO so far

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele are true champions in the one day long distance NPO. Jaap was proud to tell us that this was already his 10th NPO victory since 2009, which is quite impressive. Here is an overview:

1st NPO         Chateauroux          3,677 p.      
1st NPO         Poitiers             2,183 p.     
1st NPO         La Souterraine       3,469 p.     
1st NPO         Argenton             3,973 p.    
1st,2nd,3rd NPO Argenton             3,372 p.     
1st NPO         Chateauroux          2,628 p.     
1st,2nd,3rd NPO Bourges              4,278 p.    
1st,2nd NPO     Limoges              1,698 p.    
1st,3rd NPO     La Souterraine       2,711 p.       
1st NPO         Limoges              2,112 p.   

The team has also won the following victories since 2009:

1st,2nd NPO Province       Orleans J.D.     3,967 p. 
1st NPO Province 1         Orleans J.D.     6,842 p.  
1st Province 1             Sezanne          8,785 p.  
1st Province 1             Ablis            7,889 p. 
1st,2nd,3rd,4th Province 1 Orleans          5,149 p.  
1st,2nd,3rd,4th Province 1 Orleans          4,927 p. 
1st,2nd,3rd,4th Province 1 Sens             6,650 p. 
1st Province 1             Mantes-la-Jolie  6,328 p.
1st Province 1             Fontenay         3,104 p. 

Where does it end?

The Scheele Brothers are having a fantastic season. They have been able to get their pigeons really motivated, and this has resulted in two first prizes NPO so far. This is a great feat. Is that it, or can we expect them to achieve another great result in the near future? Only time will tell. Adriaan and Jaap, many congratulations on a marvellous result.