A spectacular result from La Souterraine for the Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL)

The racing team of the renowned Scheele Brothers combination from Terneuzen had a blast in the one day long distance race from La Souterraine last weekend. A group of 2,711 pigeons had been basketed for this race in Province 1 Zeeland, and the Scheele Brothers have managed to win no less than three top 10 placings: 1st, 3rd and 10th.

The Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL)

NPO win

A group of 2,711 pigeons were basketed in La Souterraine at 7:15am on Saturday 24th of June, including 27 talented racing birds of the Scheele Brothers. Their Lars claimed a first prize NPO with a velocity of 1522 mpm. On top of that, they also won a 3rd NPO and 10th NPO as well. They were particularly pleased to add another NPO win to their palmares in 2017, after having already won a first prize NPO from Limoges in 2016.

Lars, 1st NPO La Souterraine

The pigeon that claimed victory was NL15-3509831 Lars, a blue coloured cock that Adriaan and Jaap have raced in double widowhood. He has completed all 12 races so far, and he has won a top result in each of them. His best result prior to this victory was a 7th against 1,403 pigeons from Pont-St.-Maxence and a 25th against 1,304 pigeons from Quievrain. Lars is a son of their current champion Timo. Click here for the pedigree of Lars.

Timo, outstanding racing and breeding bird for the Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL)

Timo has won 12 prizes in 12 races this season as well, and these are his best results of 2017 so far:

16th – 1,304 p. Quievrain
15th – 1,492 p. Roye
13th – 1,043 p. Niergnies
3rd  – 1,374 p. Issoudun (and 39th NPO against 6,607 pigeons) 
7th  -   836 p. Fontenay (and 48th against 4,126 pigeons)
16th –   593 p. Argenton
9th  –   750 p. Orleans  (and 17th against 4,265 pigeons)
13th –   389 p. La Souterraine (and 50th NPO against 2,711 pigeons)

Timo's picture includes an overview of his best results in recent years, which resulted in the title of 6th National Ace Pigeon YBs WHZB/TBOTB in 2014. He is an excellent racing bird, and on top of that he is also the sire of Lars, 1st NPO winner from La Souterraine.

Ashley, 3rd NPO La Souterraine


Jaap thinks Ashley is a a great looking hen. She is one of the household names in this racing loft. "She's just a great racing bird", Jaap explains. She had already won a 1st NPO Orleans against 3,967 pigeons as a young bird, and she did great in 2017 as well:

5th   -  1,492 p. Roye
9th   -  1,306 p. Chevrainvlliers
76th  -  4,265 p. Orleans 

She is a half sister of Argenton, winner of five teletext prizes in the one day long distance. You can take a look at Ashley's pedigree here.

47je, 10th NPO La Souterraine

Blue coloured hen NL14-3416347 Het 47je won a 10th NPO La Souterraine. It is the second teletext prize of her career, after winning a 5th NPO Issoudun against 3,644 pigeons. She returned home injured a few weeks after that but fortunately she managed to return to the racing loft, where she has already won 11 prizes in 12 races so far. This is her palmares for 2017:

2nd  –  1,419 p. Niergnies  (and 1st of 412 p.)  
14th –  1,043 p. Niergnies
5th  –  1,374 p. Issoudun 2017
5th  –  3,644 p. NPO Issoudun 2016
5th  –  1,000 p. Auby
18th -  1,399 p. Quievrain
10th -    705 p. Arras
10th –  2,711 p. NPO La Souterraine

She is another highly talented racing with many great seasons to her name. She comes from the line of the renowned Superboy of the Scheele Brothers. Click here for the pedigree of the 14-347.

Best results of 2017

Quievrain  1,304 pigeons: 3-4-5-6-13-16-17-1925-26-27-etc. (64/33)
Auby       1,354 pigeons: 2-4-12-13-14-32-33-46-etc. (78/42)
Niergnies  1,419 pigeons: 2-4-5-6-14-24-25-35-etc. (78/42)
Roye       1,492 pigeons: 1-2-5-6-7-10-15-20-21-22-24-29-etc. (73/54)
Niergnies  1,043 pigeons: 3-4-5-6-10-13-14-16-18-19-etc. (65/41)
Roye         957 pigeons: 2-3-4-5-etc. (34/25)
Argenton     593 pigeons: 1-3-5-9-12-15-16-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-29-30 -etc. (27/23)
Orleans    4,265 pigeons: 2-5-6-13-17-18-27-32-42-44-45-46-47-50-51-54-55-etc. (55/44)

As you have just witnessed, Adriaan and Jaap perform really well across all disciplines. They often have many early arrivals in a single race, often with high prize percentages as well. This is what makes the Scheele Brothers one of the strongest pigeon teams of The Netherlands.

A great season so far

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele have added yet another NPO win to their palmares. We are impressed with the way they manage to perform at such a high level for years in a row. The first championship title of this season has been awarded, and the two brothers have become 2nd Not Nominated in the sprint championship in Province Zeeland. They also claim a well deserved second place in the General Championship. On top of that, racing bird Timo claims a second place in the General Pigeon Championship. We will see in the next few weeks which other championship titles the Scheele Brothers will be adding to their already impressive palmares. We will keep you posted about their championship results in the course of the 2017 season. We congratulate Adriaan and Jaap on a great NPO victory, and we wish them the best for the second half of the season.