Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem (Deinze, BE) discover two invaluable stock breeders in Lieske and Orlando!

These two breeding pigeons are a full brother and sister and two direct Gaby Vandenabeele hens. They are inbred pigeons to the legendary Wittenbuik, and they are grandchildren of Bliksem. They laid the foundation for a 1st National, 7 (inter)provincial first prizes and a 1st Zone here in Deinze, as well as a 1st National Ace Pigeon Title and a 1st National in other lofts.

Any pigeon fancier aiming to become successful in our sport needs a top quality pigeon breed, based on one or more stock breeders. As a fancier you need to be fortunate enough to come across such a stock breeder in your own collection, but you also need to be able to use this stock breeder to create new generations of talented racing and breeding birds. This is what sets you apart from the other pigeon breeds.

Two illustrious breeding pairs lead the way

The pigeon breed of Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem was founded only in 2006 but they had an impressive career start, mainly thanks to two illustrious breeding pairs: Tsaby 1 x Kim 1 (a daughter of stock dam Lieske) and Orlando x Nicofelia). The bloodlines of these world class breeders enabled the Vanrenterghem breed to become one of the top players at national level in Belgium. They have been breeding quite a few prize winners.

Their palmares already includes a national win from Gueret and several provincial and zonal first prizes, which goes to show that this is a pigeon breed with plenty of quality. We take a look at the most prestigious victories of the pigeon family of Geert and Annick:

1st Interprov. Argenton       4,544 p. in 2008
1st Interprov. Blois          4,094 p. in 2009
1st Interprov. La Souterraine   951 p. in 2010
1st Interprov. Tours          1,670 p. in 2011
1st National   Gueret        14,362 p. in 2011
1st Interprov. Montluçon        776 p. in 2012
1st Nat. Zone  Tulle          2,572 p. in 2013
1st Interprov. Vierzon        8,394 p. in 2014
1st Interprov. Villemandeur     180 p. in 2015
1-2-3-4 Prov. Orleans         3,578 p. in 2016

The breed has been performing really well not just in their own loft but in the lofts of many other fanciers as well. One of them is their main supplier Gaby Vandenabeele, who bred Super Romeo from ​Nicky ​(a daughter of Tsaby 1 x Kim 1). Super Romeo won the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB 2013. Fellow fancier Dirk Delodder won a 1st Nat. Argenton 11,223 young birds in 2015 with a granddaughter of Orlandor​ (a son of Orlando x Nicofelia). These are impressive results that are impossible to overlook.

Golden stock breeders Lieske and Orlando

Their breeding team is based for 90% on the world class pigeons of their main supplier Gaby Vandenabeele. Among these pigeons are stock dam Lieske​ and her full brother Orlando​, which both come straight from the loft in Dentergem (bred from Captain Blue x Nancy). Their sire Captain Blue is quite a renowned breeder; he is inbred to the legendary Wittenbuik, being a direct son of the iconic breeder Bliksem (grandson of Wittenbuik) paired to a daughter of Wittenbuik. In other words, the invaluable bloodline of Bliksem plays a crucial role in the racing team from Deinze, which has been doing really well in recent seasons.
The individual breeding achievements of the two stock breeders Lieske and Orlando need no further explanation.

Lieske BE06-4352099 is the invaluable stock dam that plays a fundamental role in this breed. She is the dam of:

-Kim 1 BE08-4281517
A daughter of Tauber x Lieske. She is an outstanding breeding hen just like her dam; she is the dam in the top pair ​Tsayb 1 x Kim 1​, which have bred:
Verona: winner of 1st Nat. Gueret 14,362 p. in 2011
Tsara: winner of 1st Interprov. Tours 1,670 p.
Nicky: the dam of Super Romeo: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB 2013 for Gaby Vandenabeele
Franny: winner of 4th Intprov. Tours 2,450 p., 45th Intprov. Tours 2,438 p., 75th Intprov. Tours 2,045 p. and the dam of Vilena: 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Vanrobaeys 2012
G-Power: winner of 5th Nat. Poitiers 12,379 p.
d’Eus: a crack and winner of a 35th Nat. Poitiers 12,379 p., 40th N.Zone Argenton 1,036 p., 70th N.Zone Gueret 2,891 p., 84th N.Zone Montluçon 4,766 p., 55th Prov. Orleans 3,790 p.
Douglas: 8th Prov. Limoges 2,594 p., 30th Intprov. Tours 4,503 p., 35th Intprov. Tours 3,375 p., 56th Nat. Souillac 7,760 p.

-Memphis BE08-4281549
A full brother of Kim1. He has bred several prize winning pigeons as well, including most notably:
Patriek: great racing bird and winner of a 1st Intprov. Vierzon 8,394 p., 2nd Intprov. Tours 1,252 p., 2nd Prov. Blois 762 p., 7th Intprov. Chateauroux 2,019 p., 11th N.Zone Argenton 1,036 p., 23rd Prov. Orleans 3,790 p., 28th Intprov. Vierzon 6,298 p., 60th N.Zone Chateauroux 3,150 p., 75th Prov. Issoudun 3,162 p.
Durango: 1st Best pigeon from Tulle in Belgium 2012-2014 over 3 years – PIPA Ranking, with a 28th Nat. Tulle 5,976 p. ’14, 64th Nat. Tulle 7,350 p. ’13, 204th Nat. Tulle 10,251 p. ’12…
Chardon: 3 x top-100 National, with a 20th Nat. Tulle 8,246 p., a 28th Nat. Souillac 7,760 p., a 63rd Nat. Tulle 6,817 p. etc.

-Brother Gabor BE09-4280723
He comes from Vertigo (a direct Vandenabeele, a grandson Wittenbuik) x Lieske. Brother Gabor won a 1st Prov. Blois 4,094 p.​and a 7th Prov. Tours 4,203 p. His direct youngsters have won 6 provincial or zonal top 50 prizes, a 103rd Nat. Gueret 11,894 p. and a 106th Nat. La Souterraine 11,236 p.
Brother Gabor was paired to his own dam when he bred Blue Boy BE12-4286514, and Blue Boy is in turn the sire of BE16-4072025, winner of a 1st Prov. Orleans 3,578 p. in 2016. This goes to show that Lieske has bred a provincial winner both in the third and fourth generation!

-Mr Gabor BE10-4275140
Top class racing bird and winner of a 39th N.Zone Chateauroux 4,390 p., a 40th N.Zone Montluçon 3,716 p., a 63rd Prov. Vierzon 8,394 p., an 88th Intprov Tours 2,625 p.

-Sister Gabor BE09-4280756
A great breeding dam and winner of an 11th Intprov. Blois 4,094 p. She is the dam of 7 provincial or zonal top 60 winners, and of a 70th Nat. Limoges 7,221 p.

-Venturi BE11-4245801
A top class racing bird, having won a 7th N.Zone Argenton 3,455 p., a 38th Nat. Tulle 10,251 p., a 60th N.Zone Tulle 2,432 p., etc.

Lieske's breeding value can be seen in the third (Super Romeo, Vilena, 1st Prov. Orleans 2016) and fourth generation of descendants. For instance, the team of Steyaert-Vd Meerschaut has been quite successful with a descendant from the fourth generation: racing bird BE16-4100415 won a 1st Bourges 496 p. (12 min lead) and a 21st N.Zone of 7,821 p., a 1st Argenton 622 p. (6 min lead) and a 44th N.Zone of 7,081 p.

The breeding line of Lieske has now reached its full potential, as you can tell from the results of 2016!

Orlando BE09-4280780, the loft's current stock breeder

He is a full brother of Lieske, and the stock breeder in the team's second stock pair Orlando x Nicofelia. Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem think this breeding pair has even greater potential, since they have been breeding highly talented pigeons every single season.

-Orlandor BE11-4245806
The number one breeder in this loft; he joined the breeding loft in 2015. He has quite an impressive list of achievements but he is particularly valuable as a breeder!

 1st N.Zone Tulle        2,572 p. ’13 
12th Nat Tulle           7,350 p. ’13
15th N.Zone Argenton     3,455 p. ’13
39th Nat Tulle          10,251 p. ’12
50th N.Zone Cahors       2,801 p. ’13
63rd Nat Cahors          7,140 p. ’14
72nd N.Zone Chateauroux  4,390 p. ’13
85th Nat Limoges II      7,221 p. ’14

Orlandor is the grandfather of Renate BE15-3095344, winner of a 1st Nat. Argenton 11,223 p. in 2015 for Dirk & Bart Delodder.

-Orlandia BE13-4035500
A full sister of Orlandor and winner of 3 national top 20 prizes: 14th Nat. La Souterraine 2,594 p. ’15, 18th Nat. Gueret 11,894 p. ’14, and 19th Nat. Montluçon 19,296 p. ’14. She joined the Vanrenterghem breeding team in 2016.

-Orlina BE14-4033127
Provincial winner: she won a 1st Prov. Villemandeur in 2015, and a 3rd N.Zone Bourges 1,380 p., a 3rd Prov. Vierzon 5.825 p., a 17th Prov. Vierzon 3,573 p., a 30th Nat. Issoudun 2,212 p., a 38th Prov. Chateauroux 3,894 p. etc. She is quite a racing hen indeed!

-Oleander BE14-4033028
A promising pigeon and winner of a 1st Region 598 p. and a 23rd Nat. Limoges 13,493 p. ’16, a 55th Prov. Blois 2,713 p., an 81st Prov. Issoudun 3,243 p., a 196th Nat. Limoges 6,272 p. ’15, etc.  

-Nico BE15-4236012
One of this team's future stars. He was quite successful as a yearling, winning for instance a 3rd N.Zone Tulle and a 29th Nat. Tulle 7,322 YL, a 95th Prov. Vierzon 2,095 p., a 367th Nat. Chateauroux 29,591 YL, a 156th Prov. Chateaudun 4,634 p., etc.

Another talented descendant of Orlando x Nicofelia made an appearance this season: Othalie BE16-4072077 won a 2nd Prov. Orleans 3,578 p. (behind a loft mate).
Woody BE15-4236184 (a grandchild of this pair) has proven to be a very capable yearling as well, having won 3 top results in 2016: a 4th Prov. Vierzon 2,095 YL, 10th Nat. Tulle 7,322 YL  (1st Club 367 p.), 90th N.Zone Chateauroux 9,969 YL and 130th Nat. Chateauroux 29,591 YL,  and a 118th Prov. Chateaudun 4,634 p.

Stock breeders Lieske and Orlando provided the basis for the two stock pairs of Vanrenterghem: Tasby 1 x Kim 1 and Orlando x Nicofelia. In addition, their invaluable bloodlines have given way to an impressive group of prize winners and champions. Lieske and Orlando are two phenomenal grandchildren of Gaby Vandenabeele's renowned Bliksem. They have provided this team with pigeons capable of winning prestigious first prizes and ace pigeon titles. This is a world class breed!

Tsaby 1: the stock sire of breeding pair Tsaby 1 x Kim 1