Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) were outstanding in 2016 with their descendants of Superboy

The Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) have been one of the leading names in pigeon racing in The Netherlands for years, and they owe a lot to Superboy. This exceptional breeding bird showed his value once again in 2016.

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele (Teurneuzen, NL)

One day long distance champions

The name of this team, the Scheele Brothers, does not suggest that this is a father-son combination. And yet it is: this pigeon loft was formed by Adriaan and his son Jaap Schele, two ambitious fanciers that have been running one of the strongest pigeon breeds in The Netherlands for quite a few years now. They are particularly successful in the one day long distance. In 2016 they won the title of 1st Golden Provincial Champion in the long distance club of South Holland, for the 7th time in 10 seasons. They are also 1st Champion one day long distance in Province 1 Zeeland, and they finished in second place in the entire Zeeland province as well. This is largely thanks to the following achievements:

28-05-2016 NPO Issoudun     3,644 pigeons 5-17-26-37-46-96-98-111-146-etc. (21/13) 
09-07-2016 NPO Chateauroux  2,794 pigeons 16-17-18-20-26-44-53-54-56-63-etc. (33/22)
23-07-2016 NPO Limoges      1,698 pigeons 1-2-10-24-35-59-93-106-etc. (17/13)
06-08-2016 NPO Ruffec       1,335 pigeons 2-4-34-44-133-149-etc. (20/10)

To give you an idea of how important Superboy has been to this loft, we will take a look at the results from Limoges. The first three pigeons, winners of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd NPO, are all grandchildren of Superboy. We will take a detailed look at this invaluable pigeon and his role within the Scheele brothers loft.


Superboy, an exceptional pigeon

Superboy, Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL)

Click here for the full pedigree of Superboy. According to Jaap, Superboy is the best breeder they have ever had in their collection. He is usually paired to Dochter 666 of Henk Melis (Westkapelle, NL). We have dedicated quite a few articles to this outstanding pigeon, and we do not want to repeat ourselves. But Jaap told us about two possible new breeding pairs based on the line of Superboy, and we were obviously eager to know more about these two pairs.

Sonny x Cher, a new stock pair?

The new top pair Sonny x Cher

The still relatively young breeding pair Sonny x Cher has bred Sonny Boy and Soren, and they are also the grandparents of Tommy. NL14-3416408 Sonny Boy managed to achieve some excellent results in the NPO races in Province 1 Zeeland last year, winning a 1st NPO Limoges against 1,698 pigeons and a 4th NPO Ruffec against 1,323 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of Sonny Boy. Another successful son of this new breeding pair is Soren, the best yearling of Adriaan and Jaap in 2016. The descendants of Sonny x Cher have proven to be excellent breeders as well, as you can tell from the palmares of NL16-3615437 Tommy, a grandchild of Sonny x Cher. Tommy won a 1st Quievrain against 1,516 pigeons and a 3rd NPO Sens against 2,745 pigeons. He might be another future champion for Team Scheele. Click here for the full pedigree of Tommy. Now we understand why Jaap thinks this breeding pair has a lot of potential.

Jeroen Jr. x Hanny, a second top pair?

Racing Bird Tommy, which we just talked about, is not just a grandchild of Sonny x Cher. He is also a grandchild of that other promising new breeding pair in Jaap's collection: Jeroen Jr. x Hanny. Jeroen Jr. is a direct Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL); Hanny is a granddaughter of Superboy.

Jeroen Jr. x Hanny, another talented breeding pair

Jeroen Jr. x Hanny have bred quite a few talented racing birds as well. They are the grandparents of Tommy but they are also the parents of NL14-3416352 Timo, winner of a 6th Ace Pigeon National WHZB in 2014, his year of birth. He was awared this title based on the following list of achievements:

 5th Quievrain 1,399 pigeons 
 4th Auby-lez-Douai 1,000 pigeons 
13th Roye 1,496 pigeons 
16th Quievrain 1,059 pigeons 
25th Breuil-le-Vert 1,397 pigeons


Timo added a few more top results to his palmares as a yearling, including a 1st Pont-St.-Maxence against 3,552 pigeons, a 3rd Sens against 6,129 pigeons and a 14th NPO Châteauroux against 2,542 pigeons. This pigeon knows how to win early prizes, just like his young brother NL16-3615380. His best results are a 2nd Pontoise against 3,720 pigeons, an 8th Auby against 1,373 pigeons and a 13th Peronne against 1,882 pigeons. He is quite a promising racing bird as well - the pedigree of Broer Timo can be found here.

And Timo has proven to be quite a talented breeding bird as well: his son NL16-3615384 won a 1st against 1,730 pigeons from Auby this year, as well as a 7th NPO Gien against 2,052 pigeons. This is a high value bloodline indeed. Click here for the pedigree of Son Timo.


Superboy has proven to be quite an invaluable breeder in several other lofts as well. One of his best references comes from the Van Hertem-Schuurmans combination (Neerpelt, BE), where Superboy is now the grandfather of several ace pigeons and even an Olympiad Pigeon:

1st National Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB with Jelson 
1st National Chateauroux Jaarlingen 2013 with Girly
Olympiad Pigeon Budapest 2015 with Laura

A promising future

Adriaan and Jaap Scheele are more than happy with their Superboy, an exceptional breeder across many generations. We introduced you to two promising new breeding pairs, and the talented young birds that they bred so far. The Scheele brothers will be more than happy with this bloodline, which might enable them to add another NPO win to their palmares in 2017. We will be keeping an eye on this loft. Adriaan and Jaap, many congratulations on another fantastic season. See you next year.