Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem, BE) close a great season with a provincial win from Chateauroux III olds

Their provincial first prize from Chateauroux III, the last national race of 2016, adds to a total of 3 provincial first prizes and 3 provincial second prize. The team has had a wonderful season indeed.

The pigeons of Gevaert-Lannoo have been on a winning streak this summer, winning first prizes in the club on a weekly basis. They have obviously won quite a number of provincial, zonal and national top prizes as well, with an impressive 2 first and 3 second provincial prizes in July alone. Click here to reread the report that we published in July. They have continued to win first prizes in the club, and the team won their third provincial first prize of 2016 in Chateauroux III with the old birds. We take a look at their results in the past two weeks:

10/9 Chateauroux III Club 31 olds: 1-3-9 (3/3)
     Prov   351 olds: 1-9… (preliminary top 20 and 3/3)
     Nat  2,108 olds: 38-93-231 (3/3)
10/9 Chateauroux III Club 599 YBs: 4-19-42-76… (12/14 per 3)

03/9 La Souterraine II Club 63 olds: 1-5-6-8-10-11-12-18-21 (9/14)
     Prov  462 olds: 10… (9/14)
03/9 La Souterraine II Club 881 YBs: 2-10-20-21-60-117.. (8/14)
     Prov  4,390 YBs: 23-87… (top 100, and 7/14)

The pigeon that managed to win a third provincial prize in 2016 was Perle, and she is one of a kind. She had already won a 1st club from La Souterraine I in early July, as well as a 6th zone and a 82nd National. Perle has quite a list of achievements, including most notably:

-Perle BE15-4146021

 1st  Prov Chateauroux III        351 p. ’16 
38th  Nat Chateauroux III       2,108 p. ’16
 6th  Zone A2 La Souterraine I  2,545 p. ’16
82nd  Nat La Souterraine I      9,580 p. ’16
20th  Zone A2 Argenton II         965 p. ’16
21st  Zone A2 La Souterraine II   588 p. ’16
23rd  Prov Bourges              1,963 p. ’16
25th  Prov Blois                1,193 p. ’16
31st  Prov Issoudun             2,874 p. ’15
120th Nat Issoudun             11,984 p. ’15
55th  Zone A2 Montluçon         2,724 p. ’16
223rd Nat Montluçon            10,753 p. ’16
81st  Prov Argenton II          2,733 p. ’15
439th Nat Argenton II          11,223 p. ’15

Sire: Bliksem Rik BE11-3123594
A direct Rik Cools bred from Schone Bliksem BE04-3001609 (a son of the iconic breeder Bliksem 062/98 Gaby Vandenabeele x Fryda 770/99, stock hen of Cools-Blancke) x Marieke BE08-3037512. Marieke is 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’08, and a granddaughter of two famous pigeons: Bliksem Vandenbeele and Aske Cools-Blancke.

Dam: Zus 41 Kaafje BE10-4275441
She is a full sister of super class hen Kaafje, one of the leading names in the Gevaert-Lannoo pigeon family. She is a daughter of Dikke Antoon BE05-4325774 x stock dam Chateauke BE05-3202164 (which comes from Chateauke, 1st Prov. Chateauroux 7,347 p. of the Cools-Blancke pigeon family).

Like we said, the small racing team of Gevaert-Lannoo houses an impressive number of first prize winners and cracks. These include such top class racing birds as Perle, Prince 26, Alonsa, Rambo Junior, Spencer, and many others. Another prominent member of the team is Princess 95, an exceptional hen that is likely to win a top prize in the provincial ace pigeon championships middle distance later on.
This is a dream team founded on a group of breeders with a proven record. This pigeon family stems from nothing but champions!