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Roziers-Xiang (Bevel, BE) suffers narrow defeat in national young birds' race from Bourges

The Roziers-Xiang combination from Bevel was very close to winning a national first prize from Bourges II young birds. They were only 0.90 m/min slower than the eventual national winner Rik Hermans. It was a close call indeed.

Jelle Roziers and Green Xiang, PIPA Agent for China, have been working together since 2015 as Roziers-Xiang. Jelle is a renowned young birds' fancier, and his team was all set for the first important young birds' race of the season. In Bourges II Jelle and Green were just 13 seconds slower than the eventual winner Rik Hermans. They have never been closer to winning a national first prize than last weekend.

Illinois, BE16-6060648

It was the chequered hen Illinois that finished in second place national from Bourges (479km) against 27,980 young birds. She showed some great form one week ago as well, winning an 8th prize in the interprovincial race from Vierzon (476km) against 3,108 young birds.

The pedigree of Illinois shows that she is closely related to the most fundamental bloodlines in the Roziers pigeon family. Her sire is a direct pigeon of Team Noël-Willockx (Baasrode, BE), who paired the bloodline of their stock cock 118 to the line of Queen L (a stock breeder for Roziers). It proved an excellent combination. The dam of Illinois is a direct Houben, and an inbred pigeon to their stock breeder Rivaldo. You can find the pedigree of Illinois here.

Queen L, the stock dam of Roziers-Xiang

The pigeons of Roziers-Xiang have shown some great form in recent weeks. You can tell from their results in the past two weeks that the racing team from Bevel is on a roll.

30/07/’16 Vierzon 476 km
Fondclub Bevel 346 p.
3-4-10-11-12-13-16-18-22-26-28-32-33-... 33/81, 13 in top 10%
Union Antwerp 611 p.
3-4-14-15-16-17-19-21-27-37-40-46-47-57-58-59-61-... 36/81, 17 in top 10%
Provincial 1,533 p.
5-6-31-32-33-34-37-41-56-74-78-87-88-104-106-107-109-117-122-128-145-148-... 38/81, 22 in top 10%
Interprovincial 3,108 p.
7-8-39-40-41-42-48-53-73-100-104-114-115-138-140-141-146-157-162-171-196-200-207-208-212-... 38/81, 25 in top 10%

06/08/’16 Bourges 479 km
Long distance club Bevel 657 p.
1-7-8-9-13-16-18-19-26-30-46-58-59-... 31/75, 13 in top 10%
Union Antwerp 1,503 p.
2-26-27-28-33-42-44-45-63-72-105-130-135-... 33/75, 13 in top 10%
Provincial 4,166 p.
2-46-48-49-55-76-78-80-117-134-218-275-281-369-414-415-... 38/75, 16 in top 10%
National 27,980 p. (Preliminary results)

76/156 per 3 (48.72%)
41/156 per 10 (26.28%)
17 descendants of Queen L in top 100 (Inter.) Provincial against 3,637 p. on average

We are looking forward to the upcoming national young birds' races!