Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) lives up to his name with teletext prizes from Châteauroux and Albi

Arie Dijkstra has shown to be a very capable fancier when the going gets tough. He has won two teletext prizes in the two national sectoral races from Châteauroux and Albi.

Arie Dijkstra showing the wing of his teletext hen Savannah

Always ready

Arie Dijkstra is the kind of fancier you can count on in the important races. He had set his mind on not one but two races last weekend: the only national one day long distance race in the sector in Châteauroux, and the multi-day national race in the sector with an afternoon release in Albi. The town of Oudwoude is located in the very north of the province of Friesland, which means the pigeons had to cover one of the longest distances in each of these races. The one day long distance pigeons covered 784km from Châteauroux and 1084km from Albi. The racing birds of Dijkstra have shown once again that they are more than capable: they did a great job in both these races, eventually winning two teletext prizes as well.

NL15-1163273 Savannah, 2nd sector 4 Châteauroux (8026 p.)

Savannah, 2nd Sector 4 Châteauroux

The chequered one year old hen NL15-1163273 Savannah was released on Saturday morning at 7am in Châteauroux, along with over 44,000 pigeons from The Netherlands. Arie Dijkstra competes in Sector 4, in a group of 8,026 pigeons. His pigeon Savannah arrived back home in Oudwoude after nine hours with a velocity of 1441 m/min. Within Sector 4 he was only beaten by a pigeon of D&P Soepboer (Burgum, NL). Arie's pigeons arrived home quickly after another, and he managed to win a 35th and 46th prize in the sector as well. Savannah has won quite a few prizes already, including a 28th from Weert (5,586 pigeons). Savannah, whose pedigree can be found here, is a daughter of breeding pair DV0147-12-388 Enzo x NL09-4216328 Lilly, and this pair has already bred three first prize winners.
Her sire Enzo comes from Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE). The sire of Enzo is a full brother of DV0147-10-92 Muller (1st Ace Pigeon National One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel 2013-2015). Lilly is a daughter of Aries' renowned pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel. Two other descendants of Leonardo x Tinkelbel have made it into the top 10 of the NPO race from Châteauroux: they finished in 8th and 10th place for Albert Timmerman (Steenwijk, NL) and Theo Pander (Joure, NL) respectively.

NL13-1581496 Ravi, 4th in sector 4 Albi

Ravi, 4th Sector 4 Albi

Arie Dijkstra was already victorious earlier in the day: he had basketed two pigeons for the national sectoral race from Albi, including his prize winner NL13-1581496 Ravi. This chequered cock has won quite a few prizes already, and he illustrates how versatile the Dijkstra pigeon breed really is. Ravi had already won a first prize in the sprint race from Zutphen, a first prize in the multi-day long distance race with morning release from Orange, and he now adds a 4th prize in Sector 4 in the multi-day marathon race with afternoon release from Albi to his palmares as well. This is his list of achievements so far:

Zutphen   Entente C          126 km     1 - 4,697 p.
Albi      Sector 4          1085 km     4 - 1,612 p.
          Sectoren 2 t/m 4              9 - 8,199 p.
Orange    Sector 4          1023 km    11 - 1,596 p.
Aurillac  Sector 4           968 km    81 - 3,146 p.

The sire of Ravi is BE12-4310453 Pancho 453, which comes from Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE). The two grandfathers of Pancho 453 both won the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance KBDB (BE99-4262210 Pancho in 2004 and BE01-4094638 Champion in 2005). The dam of Ravi is Bencha (NL12-1000942). Click here for the pedigree of Ravi.


There are no secrets to Arie's racing approach. He races in full widowhood but the partners were shown to the racing birds before being basketed for Châteauroux, which is unusual. Once every two weeks there is a 40km training flight, and the pigeons fly for about two hours when they are trained at home. His medical approach is also very straightforward: the pigeons get a paramyxo and paratyphoid treatment before the season, and an occasional tricho treatment, and that's about it. When they get home from a race, the pigeons get herbal tea with onions and garlic for three days, and Arie adds lethicin oil, roosvisee ​juice, glucose, beer yeast and vitamin or mineral powder to the feed from time to time as well. Still, it is your breed's level of quality that makes all the difference.

Leonardo x Tinkelbel

Savannah shows how important the breeding pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel is to this pigeon family. Their descendants have won an impressive 49 top 10 prizes in NPO races up until 2015, including five victories. They have also won a number of cars in one loft races, as well as the title of 1st and 2nd National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance and 4th Ace Pigeon National One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel. The pair continues to play an important role in 2016 as well, especially in the one loft races: Kenny Rhodes (USA) wins a 1st, 8th, 12th and 13th prize and a car in the Hot Spot Car Race of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race, all with grandchildren of this breeding pair. In addition, Erik Reijnen (NL) wins the final race of the Algarve Great Derby in Portugal with a grandchild of Leonardo x Tinkelbel.

Always there

Arie Dijkstra shows once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. We wonder which races he will be targeting next. Arie is always on top of his game.