Gaby Vandenabeele auction another great success! Most expensive young bird of Gaby Vandenabeele sold for 31,300 EURO

It was for the third time that Gaby Vandenabeele sold a group of young birds in an internet auction, and this online sale was another great success, just like the previous two auctions that took place on PIPA this year. In this auction he sold the most expensive Vandenabeele young bird ever, with a brother of Super Romeo being sold for 31,500 EURO.

This brother of Super Romeo was sale 1 in part 1, and was eventually sold to Germany, after three Chinese and one German fancier had tried to win the bet. Two full sisters of New Bliksem were the 2nd and 3rd most expensive pigeons in auction; they were sold to a Chinese and a German fancier for 13,200 EURO and 13,000 EURO respectively.

The average sale price for the 20 younsters was 9,175 EURO per youngster, resulting in an overall revnue of no less than 183,500 EURO. With this average Gaby Vandenabeele now holds 3 places in the top 4 of highest average for young birds' auctions:

The 20 young birds were sold to the following countries: China (7), Belgium (5), Germany (3), The United States (2), Iraq (1), Italy (1) and Taiwan (1).