Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) is Champion One Day Long Distance in Entente "Hoekse Waard en omstreken"

The renowned Koopman pigeons of Marijke Vink have continued to show their value in 2015. Marijke won the title of 3rd Champion one day long distance in Province 5 South Holland, and she became 1st Champion of the one day long distance in the entente “Hoekske Waard en omstreken”.

Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL)

Goals reached for 2015

Marijke’s objective for 2015 was to try and perform as best as she could in the one day long distance races of Province 5 South Holland. She started the season with only 17 widowers, and her impressive results have proved that Marijke is still a force to be reckoned with in 2015. The race from the French city of Ruffec (715km) was the highlight of 2015, after a great season in which Marijke won the title of one dya long distance champion in Entente Hoekse Waard.

Results one day long distance 2015

She performed at a consistent level in the one day long distance of the Entente “Hoekse waard en omstreken”. Marijke’s pigeons managed to win a top prize in every single race:

24-05-2015 Blois       2,310 pigeons 3-12-23-114-225-294-427 (17/7) 
06-06-2015 Vierzon     1,640 pigeons 4-5-13-39-85-148-170-184-386 (12/9)
20-06-2015 Bourges     1,358 pigeons 10-15-82-133-164-168-190-285 (10/8)
18-07-2015 Chateauroux   922 pigeons 4-9-18-33-40-86-108-148-205 (17/9)
01-08-2015 Ruffec        777 pigeons 3-5-8-10-14-15-16-20 (10/8)

A Koopman based breed

As most of you know, Marijke is fortunate to have a collection of outstanding Koopman pigeons, and she continued to reap the benefits of these pigeons, which she obtained following her very first visit to Gerard Koopman back in 1988. This breed continues to define her current collection of top quality pigeons in Mookhoek. You are probably familiar with her super class breeding pair Tips x Geschelpt Kannibaaltje, although Marijke thinks the best breeder she has ever had was Aladin. Her current champion Gerard is another exponent of this exceptional breeder. In this article we will be taking a closer look at these pigeons.

NL12-1597920, Gerard

Gerard, Marijke Vink's new star

This great looking cock has really come to the fore in recent seasons. The sire of Gerard is NL11-1722096 Second Aladin, a son of NL08-1522926 Verdi x NL05-1375996, a daughter of Aladin. Verdi is a grandson of Aladin, the super class breeder that will be discussed later on. The dam of Gerard is NL10-1666499 Sanne, a daughter of Louis x Demelza (daughter Louis). Demelza was a great racing bird as well, winning a 3rd NPO Blois against 15,172 p. and a 4th NPO Orleans against 12,047 pigeons. Gerard’s best results include:

2nd  Peronne 18,538 pigeons
2nd  Sens    14,517 pigeons
5th  Peronne  2,741 pigeons
5th  Bourges  2,329 pigeons
9th  Peronne  9,929 pigeons
10th Bourges  1,316 pigeons
17th Ruffec   4,133 pigeons

This palmares shows that he is an exceptionally talented racing bird indeed. Click here for Gerard's pedigree, which explains why he is such a successful pigeon.

NL08-1522926, Verdi

Verdi, top class breeder for Marijke Vink

Verdi is probably the most important pigeon in Marijke’s current team of breeders, and he originates from the line of Aladin as well. His sire is a direct son of super class breeder Aladin, and his dam is a daughter of Che (Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL)). You can find the pedigree of Verdi here. This champion has won:

 1st Orleans          1,276 pigeons
 1st Pommeroeul         783 pigeons
 1st Orleans          1,276 pigeons(and 4th NPO 10,660 pigeons)
 4th Chalons          2,486 pigeons
 5th Strombeek        4,036 pigeons
 8th Strombeek        4,103 pigeons
 9th Peronnne         3,331 pigeons
10th NPO Bourges      8,579 pigeons
29th NPO Chateauroux  7,355 pigeons

Aladin, best breeder ever?

A lot has been said about this top class breeder. Marijke believes that Aladin is the best breeder worldwide: “I have bred so many talented young birds with the help of his bloodlines, which makes me think this is the best breeder I have ever come across!” Marijke had made the right choice when she had to sell her entire pigeon collection: she kept 18 late young birds which were all closely related to Aladin. When she made her comeback, she managed to achieve great results with the help of these young birds: she won for instance the championship one day long distance in Province 5 South Holland both in 2009 and 2010.

The most famous son of Aladin is probably Tips, who has bred several first prize winners with different hens. It would be impossible to name them all. Tips bred a number of super class birds when paired to Geschelpt Kannibaaltje, including most notably Farah Diba. This top class pigeon became 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance WHZB and 1st Western European Countries Cup long distance in 2013. Another son of this pair is Reza, which is widely considered to be the best middle distance pigeon ever, having won first prizes against 28,332, 21,892 and 10,589 pigeons. Marijke has also bred the NL07-1802146 from a full brother of Tips. This pigeon is now called Domela and has won the following prizes:

1st NPO Bourges 2009 8,579 p.
1st Mariembourg 2007 4,332 p.
3rd Moeskroen        2,620 p.
4th NPO Chateauroux  8,201 p.

Aladin has demonstrated his potential in other lofts as well, including that of Gerard Koopman, who recovered a daughter of Aladin in 2005, which was bred when Aladin was paired to his own granddaughter Farah Diba. Gerard Koopman gave this breeding hen the name of Marijke, and he bred Doran (1st NPO Orleans 9,670 p.) and Varella (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon one day long distance Fondspiegel 2007) from this hen. Another pigeon that joined Gerard’s team in Ermerveen was Miss Mookhoek. She comes directly from Tips x Geschelpt Kannibaaltje. Miss Kookhoek was paired to Cassius (from Kleine Dirk x Anneies), and together they bred Daydream, winner of a 1st NPO Ablis against 8,519 pigeons in 2009. And the list goes on.

The road to success

Marijke relies on breeding pigeons from the same key bloodlines, which you can tell from Gerard's pedigree. This means she continues to look for top quality pigeons within her existing breed, which has enabled her to achieve great results season after season. 2015 was no exception: she managed to excel in the races of the one day long distance, her favourite discipline. Congratulations Marijke!