The Van Langen brothers (De Lutte, NL), the Dutch general champions of 2014, have had another splendid season in 2015

2015 has been a wonderful season for the Van Langen brothers, who have won top prizes across all disciplines. Expectations were high for Rene and Peter this season, and they managed to meet these expectations, having won great prizes and championship titles.
Het jaar 2014 was een superjaar voor Gebr. van Langen. In allerlei competities waren ze bovenaan te vinden. Van Rene en Peter werd dan ook in 2015 weer veel verwacht. Verwachtingen die ze volledig waargemaakt hebben met geweldige prestaties en vele kampioenschapstitels.

Rene and Peter van Langen (De Lutte, NL)

Rene and Peter have become an established name in pigeon racing in The Netherlands in recent seasons. They successfully managed to specialise in the sprint, the middle distance, the young birds' races and the natour competition. This is an overview of their championship titles in the biggest races:

2011: 1st Sprint champion nominated Province 9
2012: 2nd Sprint champion not nominated Province 9
2013: 1st Sprint champion not nominated Province 9
2014: 1st Sprint champion not nominated Province 9
2014: 1st Middle distance champion nominated Province 9
2014: 1st Sprint champion nominated Province 9
2014: 1st Middle distance pigeon with NL11-1303267 Province 9
2014: 1st National Champion middle distance
2014: 1st Best fancier WHZB/TBOTB

Once again the great champions in the Rayon in 2015

The fanciers from De Lutte have had another great season. They managed to become 1st champion not nominated in their Rayon (CC1, district 2, Province 9) in all the disciplines that they competed in. We have listed their titles below:

1st Champion Sprint not nominated CC1 
1st Champion Middle distance not nominated CC1
1st Champion Young birds not nominated CC1
1st Champion Natour not nominated CC1
1st Champion Middle distance nominated CC1
3rd Champion Sprint nominated CC1
4th Champion Natour nominated CC

It takes pigeons that perform at a consistent level to win championship prizes. Rene and Peter have finished up high in the pigeon championships this season as well:

2nd and 4th Duifkampioen Vitesse
1st and 4th Duifkampioen Midfond
4th, 5th and 6th Duifkampioen Natour
1st and 3rd Ace Pigeon general

These are quite impressive results; they have a palmares to be proud of.

Great results in 2015

It takes a lot of great results in the races to win these champion titles. Rene and Peter rely on a racing team raced in double widowhood, for which they use 27 pairs. It is worth noting that many prizes have been won with their team of hens. The following overview should give you an idea of the level of performance this season:

25-04-2015 Duffel (sprint)    1,943 pigeons 1-10-69-94-96-197-202-etc. (39/16)
02-05-2015 Isnes (sprint)     1,707 pigeons 3-6-7-8-12-13-14-17-41-42-74-110-112-116-119-121-
                                            124-143-144-148-etc. (40/30)
17-05-2015 Peronne (mid-dist) 1,555 pigeons 9-10-14-24-29-43-45-53-58-60-61-62-79-89-90-
                                            94-etc. (35/24)
30-05-2015 Chalons (mid-dist) 1,034 pigeons 1-8-9-12-20-34-35-36-59-68-87-102-etc. (32/17)
06-06-2015 Isnes (sprint)     1,041 pigeons 3-6-8-9-16-18-30-36-45-46-59-91-92-101-122-
                                            139-etc. (30/19)
01-08-2015 Deurne (YBs)       2,008 pigeons 6-7-8-9-10-13-14-15-16-18-22-24-25-26-27-36-37-
                                            39-etc. (59/28)
29-08-2015 Deurne (natour)    1,391 pigeons 8-9-10-11-12-15-16-22-23-24-25-34-36-42-66-68-69-
                                            70-71-72-etc. (42/34)
05-09-2015 Deurne (natour)    1,240 pigeons 3-6-14-15-22-24-27-38-46-60-64-67-89-92-93-95-98-
                                            99-etc. (46/36)
12-09-2015 Tongeren (natour)  1,027 pigeons 7-11-14-15-17-21-27-32-51-75-93-etc. (18/15)

They have achieved high prize percentages, as high as 80% in the four Natour races! Their percentage in the sprint and the middle distance reached almost 60% on average.

The origins of their breed

This pigeon breed was initially founded on Janssen pigeons ( Arendonk, BE), which they obtained in 1994 in a nearby auction. Their current stock sire NL96-1580149 Magic Man is an exponent of this Janssen breed. Magic Man was a great racing bird and winner of several first prizes, after which he developed into an excellent breeder as well. He is for instance the sire of NL00-1356644 Magic Woman. Click here for the picture of Magic Man.

Magic Woman is the grandmother of Miss Perfect, Fallon and Anne. Fallon and Anne are two nest sisters with a proven record. Fallon was substitute Olympiad Pigeon for The Netherlands in 2015, finishing in 4th place in category A sprint in The Netherlands. Fallon became 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint in CC De Grensstreek, and 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance in the entire Province 9 in 2014. She also won the title of 11th National Ace Pigeon middle distance at national level that sesaon, and this title played an important role in the national middle distance championship as well.

The Van Langen brothers have started to obtain a round of ten pigeons of Kas & Karel Meiers (Ootmarsum, NL) on a yearly basis. These pigeons originate from the Heremans-Ceusters breed, and Rene and Peter have been pairing them to their exisiting breed with great success. In addition, they successfully introduced a number of pigeons of Jan and Leanne van de Pasch (Grubbenvorst, NL). In October 2013 the two fanciers also paid a visit to the loft of Stefaan Lambrechts (Berlaar, BE), and a group of pigeons from this Belgian top loft was obtained as well. The fanciers will find out next year if this introduction has been successful as well.

Heremans-Ceusters pigeons meet the expectations

The Heremans pigeons are introduced on a yearly basis and some of them are used in the racing team, while the others are transferred to the breeding loft. The pigeons have done really well in both cases. The combination of the old Magic bloodline with these Heremans pigeons has given many outstanding youngsters, and many of their current racing birds are related to the Heremans breed. Rene and Peter's collection includes descendants of nearly every famous Heremans breeder, including De Jan, De Olympiade, Rossi, Spinneke, etc. We take a closer look at of some of their descendants, which are now part of the breeding team.

NL08-2115622 Phantom

This great looking cock developed into an excellent breeding pigeon for Rene and Peter. Phantom is bred from BE07-6379874 from his father's side, from the bloodline of the world famous Olympiade BE01-6455003 of Heremans-Ceusters. The dam is BE07-6371141 Geschelpt Gertje, a daughter of of their stock pair.

NL09-1797907 Feelin Blue

This blue coloured hen is not only a wonderful looking bird but a wonderful breeder as well. She had a brief career as a racing bird, winning a 1st Strombeek against 376 pigeons and a 3rd Strombeek against 430 pigeons, after which she was transferred to the breeding loft. She was paired to Phantom, with which she bred the two nest brothers NL10-1232045 Blue Star and NL10-1232044 Dean. The two brothers have already shown their value in the breeding loft, having bred several top class racing birds. A good example is NL12-1195375 Terena, a daughter of Blue Star. Terena did great both in 2014 and 2015, having won many top prizes. Click here for the full list of achievements of TerenaClick here for the picture of Terena. They also bred NL12-5201782 Gordana, a daughter of Feelin Blue, and she is a promising pigeon as well. Click here for the palmares of Gordana.


BE10-6358014 Denali

The great looking blue coloured witpen hen comes directly from Leo Heremans (Vorselaar, BE). She is a daughter of the renowned Roeper Pair. The sire of Denali is BE07-6369515, a son of BE02-6113220, the world famous De Jan, which was paired to BE03-6192536 Natalia. Natalia was 1st Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance Union Antwerp in 2004 and 10th Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB in 2005. The dam of Denali is BE07-6399401, a direct daughter of Olympiade BE01-6455003 paired to a sister of Nieuwe Rossi. Click here for the pedigree of Denali.

Ready for next season

Rene and Peter have shown to have an outstanding collection of pigeons. They have so many top quality pigeons both in their racing and breeding loft, so we assume they will continue to perform at a high level in the next few seasons. They are very motivated about trying to get the most out of their career, and we are eager to see what 2016 will hold in store for them.