Gevaert-Van Schoorisse (Ronse, BE) - a household name in pigeon racing!

This loft won a 1st Nat. Bourges in 2006, a 1st Nat. Argenton in 2012, and nine first prizes in Zone A2 in recent seasons. Their pigeons did great in other lofts as well, winning national first prizes for Freddy Van Sterthem (1st Nat. Argenton), Vos-Jennes (1st Nat. Bourges) and De Bruycker-De Craene (1st Nat. La Souterraine). These achievements are the result of 30 years of pigeon racing at the highest level.

A close call

Every beginning fancier will inevitably have a few ups and downs in his first few seasons, and Jean-Pierre was no exception. One day he had had enough, and he was thinking of quitting. He got rid of every mediocre pigeon and he was left with just one racing bird: Zwarte Ketelair (BE86-4109737), a pigeon of Lieven De Ketelair originating from a crossing of Achiel Leus from Lede and Medart Baute from Kaprijke.

One single pigeon does not get you very far so the fanciers from Ronse had to start looking for good quality hens that could be paired to their Zwarte Ketelair. They ended up in the loft of middle distance champion Andre Dierick from Rumbeke, who used to really dominate the middle distance competition with such pigeons as Crack and Sultan. It proved quite a great combination! Combined with hens of Dierickx, Zwarte Ketelair started breeding a long list of top quality first prize winners and cracks. It was the cornerstone of a highly successful career in pigeon racing.

From then on the level of performance started to improve considerably. The pigeon family of Jean-Pierre and Carine changed dramatically, suddenly turning into a nationally renowned breed. They started winning first prizes and top results on a weekly basis. They initially competed in the sprint competition but they gradually evolved towards the middle distance and the longer middle distance. A few more pigeon breeds were successfully introduced later on as well.

Gevaert-Van Schoorisse, a household name

This loft is all about excelling, dominating, and winning. It has become the trademark of the Gevaert-Van Schoorisse pigeons. Their top quality breed has made a reputation in many countries. 2006 was a record breaking season with no less than 50 first prizes, besides of course their national victory from Bourges. The ability to win first prizes is an innate characteristic of this pigeon breed, which has showed its potential season after season, especially in recent years. They managed to win 19 first prizes both in 2010 and 2012, and they won 21 first prizes in four different seasons (2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015)! The outstanding sprint and shorter middle distance racing birds were capable of winning first prizes in the longer middle distance as well: this loft won two national first prizes and they were very close to a third national victory as well:

1st Nat. Bourges YL    12,898 p. ’06 (with Poupol 070/05)
1st Nat. Argenton YL    7,046 p. ’12 (with Raketje 277/11)
2nd Nat. Châteauroux   18,251 p. (2nd fastest of 37,836 p.)

Click here for their national top 10 prizes.

In addition, they won no less than nine national first prizes in the zone: four first prizes from Argenton, three from La Souterraine and one from Bourges and Châteauroux. Two of them were won in the race from Argenton 2015 (old birds and yearlings). Click here to reread the report on their double zonal victory.

As we said, several other fanciers have won national first prizes with the help of this pigeon breed:

  • Freddy Van Sterthem: 1st Nat. Argenton olds in 2009 (the dam is a direct Gevaert-Van Schoorisse from the line of Zwarte Ketelair)
  • Vos-Jennes: 1st Nat. Bourges young birds in 2012 (the sire is a grandson of Poupol, 1st Nat. Bourges for Gevaert-Van Schoorisse)
  • De Bruycker-De Craene: 1st Nat. La Souterraine olds in 2015 (the dam is a granddaughter of Plekke, 1st interprov. 5,862 p. for Gevaert-Van Schoorisse)

Letting other fanciers achieve great results with your pigeons is still the best way to highlight the breeding and racing potential of your pigeon family.

The successful Raketjes bloodline

The Zwarte Raket bloodline is one of the pillars of this pigeon family. Zwarte Raket originates from stock sire Zwarte Ketelair from his mother's side, combined with the line of Sultan of André Dierick. His sire comes from the pigeon family of Jo Schutjes.
The Zwarte Raket BE05-4274170 was a great racing bird and winner of many first prizes. He is the sire of Raketje, the national winner from Argenton.

-Raketje BE11-4207277

Palmares 2012
Argenton II   Nat.   7,046 p. 1
Ecouen        Club     216 p. 1
Montluçon     Club     163 p. 1
              Prov.  5,333 p. 9
            N.Zone   7,828 p. 12
              Nat.  22,873 p. 237
Argenton I    Club     247 p. 1
              Prov.  5,548 p. 17
            N.Zone   8,476 p. 24
              Nat.  22,384 p. 69
Bourges I     CFW    4,760 p. 22
            N.Zone   5,193 p. 44
              Nat.  16,859 p. 69
Angerville    Club     259 p. 3
Angerville    Club     346 p. 4
Vierzon       Prov.    761 p. 13

Other outstanding descendants from this excellent bloodline include:
-Halfzus Raket BE14-4223721: 1st Pont 389 p., 1st Pont 216 p., 3rd Pont 404 p., etc. (pedigree)

Het Vuil Raketje BE14-4223744

-Vuil Raketje BE14-4223744: 1st Souppes 1,241 p., 8th Nat. Chateauroux 5,868 p., 25th Nat. La Souterraine 2,548 p., 42nd Nat. Argenton 2,418 p., 62nd Nat. Issoudun 2,212 p, 320th Nat. Bourges 14,496 p. (pedigree)
-Kleinzoon Zwarte Raket BE14-4223609: 2nd Argenton 312 p., 5th Argenton 786 p., 7th Montargis 748 p., etc. (pedigree)

Black Beauty Raket BE11-4207112

-Black Beauty Raket BE11-4207112 (a grandson of Raketje 132/99) is the winner of:

1st Best Pigeon of Belgium from Châteauroux 2012-2013 (PIPA ranking)
Winnaar acht keer top 100 Nat. Zone
4th Nat. Zone Châteauroux 4,390 p.
6th Nat. Zone Châteauroux 735 p.
11th Nat. Bourges 16,859 p.

Click here for the palmares and the pedigree of Black Beauty Raket.

Another top class breeder is Bruine Raket BE10-4319748, a full brother of Zware Raket from the same dam (Raketje 132/99), paired to Witkop Sproetje Redbull BE09-2042130, a full sister of Redbull (8 first prizes). Some of his most successful descendants include:

Witkopje Redbull BE14-4223704

-Witkopje Redbull BE14-4223704

Argenton II      Zone    456 p. 2   (behind loft mate)
                 Nat.  2,418 p. 12
Châteauroux III  Zone  1,441 p. 30
                 Nat.  5,868 p. 129
Châteauroux II   Zone  5,641 p. 89
La Souterraine II Nat. 2,548 p. 130
Bourges II       Zone  2,976 p. 258
Argenton I       Zone  5,877 p. 280
La Souterraine I Nat.  6,205 p. 470

She won a prize in eight consecutive races this season! Click here for the pedigree of Witkopje Redbull.

-Sproete Redbull BE14-4223593 (pedigree)

Chateauroux III  Zone  1,441 p. 5
                 Nat.  5,868 p. 26
Bourges II       Zone  2,976 p. 38
La Souterraine I Nat.  6,205 p. 47  (1st club 226 p.)
Châteauroux II   Zone  5,641 p. 376
Argenton I       CFW   1,426 p. 121             

-As Witkop BE13-4188050
1st Ace Pigeon middle distance 2013 in Ronse with a 3rd Angerville 320 p., a 5th Angerville 556 p., a 9th Gien 799 p., a 6th Bourges 114 p., a 9th Angerville 143 p., etc.
As Witkop is paired to Blauw Argentonneke BE13-4188055 from the line of Chipo (winner of a  1st Argenton 148 p., a 2nd Nat. Zone Châteauroux 609 p., etc.). He is the sire of a number of top class yearlings in 2015, including BE14-4223561 (1st Pont 565 p., 2nd La Souterraine 226 p., 5th Châteauroux 248 p., 8th Bourges 120 p., etc.), her nest brother BE14-423562 (3rd Souppes 1,241 p., 7th Toury 259 p., 9th Châteauroux 248 p., etc.), and the BE14-4223501 (3rd Guéret 226 p., 7th Pont 238 p., 15th Bourges 446 p., 15th Pont 428 p., 16th Toury 1,173 p., etc.).

Poupol and Zwarte Superbol

Poupol, the national winner from Bourges 2006 originates directly from the line of Zwarte Ketelair. His sire Grote Bol 449/00 is a grandson Zwarte Ketelair. One of the current top breeders is Halfbroer Poupol BE07-4073080, which is also a son of Grote Bol, and who bred two great nest sisters when paired to Blauwke 986/08 Aelbrecht (Bak 17 bloodline of Marcel Mermans):
-Poupolleke 628 BE14-4223628 (pedigree)

Argenton II     Zone    546 p. 1
                Nat.  2.418 p. 8

Poupolleke 629 BE14-4223629: 9th Nat. La Souterraine

-Poupolleke 629 BE14-4223629 (pedigree)

La Souterraine  Nat.  2,548 p. 9
Châteauroux III Zone  1,441 p. 40
Argenton II     Nat.  2,418 p. 55
Tours 2014      Zone  6,327 p. 76

Olympic Ballon BE11-4207292

Zwarte Superbol BE05-4274145, a son of superbol 360/96 (a grandson of Zwarte Ketelair), is in turn the sire of Olympic Ballon BE11-4207292, winner of seven first prizes (pedigree and palmares), including:

 8th Olympiad Pigeon Allround 2015
14th Nat. Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB 2014
 1st Nat. Zone La Souterraine 544 p.
 3rd Nat. Zone Bourges 3,409 p.

Vuil Raketje BE14-4223744, whose palmares can be found earlier on in the article, is a half-sister of Zwarte Superbol 145, the sire of Olympic Ballon.
The Bliksem Bol BE02-4345081, a grandson of Zwarte Ketelair, is the sire of Grote Bolle BE13-4188242 (pedigree), winner of a 1st Nat. Zone 247 olds and an 8th Nat. Argenton 1,759 p. in 2015.

Grote Bolle BE13-4188242: 1st Zone Argenton olds, 8th Nat. Argenton

Spoetnik BE07-4074904: 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB

Spoetnik BE07-4074904 deserves a place among these highly talented racing and breeding birds as well:

-Spoetnik BE07-4074904

 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB
 1st Vierzon 2,489 p.
 8th Châteauroux 8,189 p.
30th Nat. Bourges 10,906 p.
44th Nat. Bourges 27,506 p.

Click here for the pedigree and the list of achievements (part 1 and part 2).

A successful bloodline for over 30 years

A successful pigeon loft is almost always based around a solid pigeon breed. This is the only way to have a long and successful career at national level. The Gevaert-Van Schoorisse combination is no exception; their Zwarte Ketelair proved an invaluable stock breeder. We are 30 years later and his descendants continue to play an important role at national level, breeding new prize winners every season. It shows the breeding potential of this phenomenal bloodline season after season.