Loft Jos Vercammen (Vremde, BE) wins 1st Zone B1 and 1st Prov. Issoudun and Chateauroux in two weeks' time

Jos and Lars had to settle for second place at national level in both races. It was a great ending to a successful 2015 season.

Jos and Lars Vercammen got close to a spectacular win in the last two racing weekends on the national calendar. Unfortunately they failed to take a national old birds' victory, having to settle for second twice. This must have been a frustrating feeling. Luckily enough the national victory was won in a different province or zone, which means they were still the winners of a 1st provincial and 1st Zone B1. It adds up to an already great palmares!

We take a look at the overall results of their old birds' team in the last two classics of 2015:

06/9 Chateauroux Prov  290 olds:
1-8-12-15-20-21-26-34… (17/29)
Zone B1  ??? olds: 1
National 1,987 olds: 2-17-40-61-78-82-96-130-161-175… (18/29)

29/8 Issoudun Prov. 347 olds: 1-17-23-24-29-43-44… (15/28)
Zone B1  615 olds: 1-19-28-29-35-49-50-57-78-79… (15/28
National 2,212 olds: 2-79-117-119-159-202-204-223… (15/28)

The two winning pigeons originate from the line of super class breeder Barco BE01-6387350. Vespa, the winning hen from Chateauroux, was also the second pigeon from Issoudun (19th prov. and 79th national). In addition, she was the sixth fastest pigeon overall from Chateauroux.

-Vespa B13-6026245 (hen)

  1st N.Zone B1 Chateauroux (527km)  (06/09/2015)
 2nd Nationaal Chateauroux (527km)     1,987 p. ’15
19th N.Zone B1 Issoudun (504km)          615 p. (29/08/2015)
79th Nationaal Issoudun (504km)        2,212 p. ’15
 8th Provincial La Souterraine (593km)   315 p. ’15
24th N.Zone B1 La Souterraine (593km)  1,222 p. ’15
47th Nationaal La Souterraine (593km)  3,184 p. ’14
76th N.Zone B1 Argenton (555km)        1,825 p. ’14
93rd N.Zone B1 Issoudun (504km)        3,340 p. ’13
94th N.Zone B1 La Souterraine (593km)  1,921 p. ’14
13th Sourdun (305km)                     613 p. ’14

Her sire is a grandson of Barco; her dam is a granddaughter of super breeder Beckham.
Click here for the full pedigree.

The winning hen from Issoudun is called Eva. She won a top prize in the race from La Souterraine I in scorching temperatures and in the race from La Souterraine II one week later. These were the first of seven consecutive national races. She was then forced to take a break due to a few broken primaries. When the feathers had grown back she competed twice in Noyon to prepare for the upcoming classics. She eventually won a 1st prov., a 1st Zonal and a 2nd national from Issoudun. She was clocked as the fourth old bird from Chateauroux one week later, which resulted in a 15th prov. and a 61st national.

-Eva BE14-6175226 (hen)

 1st N.Zone B1 Issoudun (504km)        615 p.
 2nd National Issoudun (504km)       2,216 p.
30th N.Zone B1 La Souterraine (593km)1,740 p.
15th Chateauroux (526km)               581 p.
76th N. Zone B1 Chateauroux (526km)  7,877 p.
11th Souppes (357km)                 1,478 p.
61st National Chateauroux (527km)    1,987 p.

Eva is a grandchild of Elektro BE08-6174630 from her father's side. Elektro has developed into an exceptional breeding pigeon in recent seasons. His descendants have been winning top prizes with ease, which shows this breed's potential. Her dam is a granddaughter of the iconic breeders Barco and Deco.
Click here for her pedigree.

Jos and Lars Vercammen had a great season finale, winning a 1st prov. and a 1st zonal both in Issoudun and Chateauroux. It has been a satisfying few weeks for them, although they failed to take a national first prize. Let this be the objective for next season. We are already looking forward to an exciting 2016 season. Congratulations!
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