Loft Bastiaenssens (Snellegem, BE) wins 1st National Argenton against 19,925 yearlings

Their winning pigeon was also the fastest of a total of 32,112 pigeons. Special thanks go to Hans' mother Lydia, who is mainly responsible for the caretaking in this loft.

Snellegem, a small town in the province of West Flanders in the neighbourhood of Bruges, has become quite a well known place among pigeon fanciers thanks to the palmares of Marc Pollin. This town now has two famous pigeon fanciers, thanks to the national victory of the Bastiaenssen loft. Make no mistake: this loft already had a solid reputation, having won several championship and ace pigeon titles. This pigeon family is led by Hans and his mother Lydia. Together they took over the loft from his father, who passed away in 2002. Three years ago they made a comeback, after selling their entire collection of old birds. Hans and Lydia wanted to make a fresh start with nothing but young birds from 2012.

It proved a successful comeback, and their national win from Argenton was a crowning achievement. Hans and Lydia witnessed how their national winner took a steep dive towards the landing board. They usually do not show their hens before the race but Hans to make an exception for this race. This might have given their pigeons the motivation they needed to win this national first prize.

They clocked their national winner at 12'39'03", which completed 521.684km with a velocity of 1452.96 m/min, making him the fastest of all pigeons in the race. This cock was basketed as first nominated, which shows that the fanciers had great confidence in this pigeon.

-1st Nat Argenton BE14-3025246

 1st  Nat Argenton 19,925 YL (fastest of 32,112 p.)
14th  Clermont        249 p.
32nd  Clermont        644 p.
482nd Chateaudun    4,072 p.
703rd Tours         2,122 p.

He was bred from a pairing of two yearlings:

Sire: BE13-3018509
Originates from a Grandson Barca BE12-3019001 (Barca was the moral winner from Barcelona 2004 of Jozef Devriendt) x ‘102/09’-duivin (bred from Dochter Dikken 102/05, a direct Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke).

Dam: BE13-3018510
Bred from Son Broer Black Pearl BE12-3019144, winner of a 6th Chateauroux 93 p., a 37th Blois 521 p., a 67th Prov. Chateauroux II 745 p., a 76th Zone Bourges 1,331 p., and a 820th Nat Argenton 12,187 p. (from Broer Black Pearl 617/10 x Dochter 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Young Birds KBDB 2003 690/10; the old lines of his father) x De 041 BE12-3019041. She is also bred from Dochter Dikken 102/05 Vandewildemeersch Vyncke, a full sister of the 102/09, the grandmother of a 1st Nat. Argenton from his father's side.
Click here for the pedigree and palmares

Excellent results with the old birds

The pigeon breed of Hans and Lydia comprises a total of 34 racing birds (16 olds and 18 yearlings), 22 of which were basketed fro Argenton. Besides their national yearlings' victory, the loft of Bastiaenssen also had a great day with their old birds, since each of their six basketed pigeon were clocked per 10 at national level. They were clearly one of the strongest pigeon families in Belgium:

Argenton club   145 olds: 4-6-10-22-34-42 (6/6)
   National  12,187 olds: 70-168-232-526-820-1163 (6/6)

Argenton club   224 yearlings: 1-22-33-35-54-70-84 (7/16)
   National  19,925 yearlings: 1-1356-2286-2355-3783

The national race from Argenton was the first national flight for their team of yearlings. This means they still had a lot to learn. Pigeons are usually basketed every two weeks but they had a three week break prior to Argenton. Apparently, it was a welcome break: the pigeons regained strength and managed to claim a national first prize, along with an excellent overall results from the old birds' team.
Congratulations Hans and Lydia!