Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) has a new Olympiad Pigeon in his loft with Olympic Violetta

Guido Loockx has no less than four Olympiad Pigeons on his impressive palmares, the first one being his stock pigeon Pantani, Olympiad Pigeon in Blackpool in 1999. Then came Mrs. Blue Sky (Dortmund '09), Kai-Mook (Poznan '11) and now Olympic Violetta (Budapest '15).

The town of Tessenderlo is home to several pigeon families and there is a lot of competition in this area. Tessenderlo is home to two national top lofts, that of Agy Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae (formerly known as Verreckt-Ariën) and that of today's host Guido Loockx. Many fanciers are fighting for the first prizes and the earliest arrivals every weekend, both in the club and at provincial or national level. This fierce competition keeps the two top lofts on top of their game, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of selection.

Pantani leads the way

Guido took over the loft from his father in 1984, and he moved to a newly built loft in Tessenderlo in 1990, which was the start of his national success story. The birth of his amazing Pantani in 1996 was a breakthrough moment in his career. This pigeon enabled Guido Loockx to gain an international reputation, winning a 1st Nat. Bourges II against 10,872 p. and a 1st Prov. Bourges I against 2,936 pigeons in 1998. Pantani was 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB that season, and he finished in 5th place at the Versele-Laga world championship. He represented Belgium in the Blackpool Olympiad in 1999.
Guido wisely decided not to sell his successful Pantani but to give him a special spot in the breeding loft instead. This proved a defining decision for his pigeon family. This invaluable pigeon has had an enormous impact on the further development of this breed, as he turned out to be an exceptionally talented breeding pigeon. A number of his descendants followed in his footsteps, including:

-Prinses: 1st Nat. Bourges 14,207 p. in 2004
-Rossini: 1st Nat. Argenton 5,001 p. in 2007
-Mrs Blue Sky: Olympiad Pigeon 2009 in Dortmund

This list only includes the national winners and an Olympiad Pigeon; we should not forget the countless provincial first prize winners and other cracks that have been bred from this outstanding Pantani bloodline!

All Olympiad Pigeons are related to the noble Pantani bloodline

It has been said many times that first prize winners, ace pigeons and even Olympiad Pigeons are usually related to equally successful pigeons, and the Olympiad Pigeons of Guido Loockx are no exception. Each one of them is closely related to the bloodline of Olympiad Pigeon Pantani. We will discuss the four Olympiad Pigeons in Guido's collection in closer detail:

-Stock pigeon Pantani BE96-6038445

Olympiad Pigeon All-round 1999 in Blackpool
1st Nat. Bourges II against 10,872 p. in 1998
1st Prov. Bourges I against 2,936 p. in 1998

-Mrs Blue Sky BE06-5010619

Olympiad Pigeon Long Distance 2009 in Dortmund
Granddaughter of Pantani. Click here for the full pedigree of Mrs Blue Sky.

-Kai Mook BE08-5002089

Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance 2011 in Poznan
Stems from an inbred granddaughter of Pantani (hen from Son Pantani x Daughter Prinses; Prinses is a granddaughter of Pantani) x a cock of Patricia Verhaegen. Click here for the full pedigree of Kai Mook.
Click here for her impressive palmares

The fresh 2015 Olympiad Pigeon Budapest originates from the Pantani bloodline as well.
-Olympic Violetta BE12-5060663

Olympiad Pigeon 2015 Cat. H in Budapest
24/05/14 Gien              prov. 4588 olds: 7
31/05/14 Bourges I         prov. 3143 olds: 35
07/06/14 Chateauroux I     prov. 2280 olds: 58
21/06/14 Montluçon         prov. 1508 olds: 166
12/07/14 La Souterraine I  CFW   1363 olds: 52
09/08/14 Chateauroux II    Nat   4316 olds: 4
30/08/14 La Souterraine II Prov   521 olds: 3
                           Nat   3148 olds: 28
25/07/13 Bourges II        prov  1374 YL:   84

She is a half sister of Rossini (1st Nat. Argenton 2007); her pedigree needs no further explanation.
She is a grandchild of Blauwe Bliksem (son of G. Vandenabeele's Wondere Bliksem) x Violette from her father's side. This pairing has proved its value in many other lofts as well. Their grandchildren have been very successful:
- Rihanna: Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2013 for Thibaut-Boons from Sombreffe
- Gina: 1st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance KBDB 2008 for Deno-Herbots from Leefdaal.
She originates from several provincial first prize winners from her mother's side, as well as the legendary Wittenbuik Vandenabeele. The dam of olympic Violette was also the dam of Rossini, winner of a 1st Nat. Argenton 2007. Her great-grandfather is stock sire Pantani (1st Nat. Bourges II 1998), whose bloodline can be found in nearly every Guido Loockx racing bird. Click here for the full pedigree of Olympic Violetta.

We are genuinely impressed with the number of cracks, successful first prize winners, ace pigeons and Olympiad Pigeons that have been bred from the line of Pantani. Olympic Violetta has again highlighted the value of this breed, a breed that is nowhere near its full potential, and that is ready to have another outstanding season in 2015!

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