Auctions Ending: Jewels of the Sky 2, Barcelona Special, Jelle Roziers, Marijke Vink, Joël Verschoot and Freialdenhofen & Sons

This weekend 6 auctions will end. On Saturday 27th of December the auction of Barcelona Special, Jelle Roziers, Marijke Vink and Joël Verschoot will end. The auctions of Jewels of the Sky and Freialdenhofen & Sons will end on Sunday 28th of December.

Jewels of the Sky - Part 2

PIPA came up with the concept of Jewels of the Sky exactly ten years ago. As PIPA continued to bring together pigeons from the world’s best fanciers in a single auction, Jewels of the Sky eventually became the company’s number one pigeon auction, drawing widespread attention from buyers and sellers alike. Some of the greatest names in this year’s Jewels of the Sky auction include: Benny Steveninck, Chris Hebberecht, Bart & Nance Van Oeckel, Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Jespers-Vanderwegen, Norbert Ally, Kris Cleirbaut, Jan Hooymans, Batenburg-Van de Merwe, Koen Minderhoud, Cor Leijtens, Harm Vredeveld, Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. We bring you nothing but the very best fanciers from The Netherlands and Belgium in a top quality auction. What did you expect?

Freialdenhofen & Sons (DE): yb from best breeders

Exclusive couples made for PIPA auction

Father and sons Freialdenhofen are probably the most successful fanciers when it comes to winning national first prizes in Germany. Their impressive Forrest Gump pigeon breed has become a household name in the international competition as arguably one of the most successful pigeon families in the history of our sport.
An impressive 10 national victories and several international top 10 results have been won in 2012, including a well deserved international victory from Pau. Freialdenhofen & sons now auction a group of youngsters from their most successful pigeons in what promises to be one of the major auctions this season. This is a collection of pigeons from one of the best lofts at international level.

Barcelona Special

Close family of top Barcelona pigeons

The international classic from Barcelona has been the highlight of the season for many years now. Only the strongest pigeons are able to compete for the top prizes in this number one classic, and every national and international winner receives international acclaim.

PIPA contacted the owners of some of today’s most successful Barcelona champions and we asked them to auction a number of their youngsters. The result is quite a spectacular pigeon auction!

Jelle Roziers (BE): Oklahoma Special

Incl. Oklahoma Junior, 4. Nat. Ace KBDB GMD YB 2014

The champions from Bevel bring you five youngsters of super class cock Oklahoma, the outstanding pigeon that was 2nd best young bird of Belgium over 7 national races in 2013. The highlight in this auction is without doubt Oklahoma Junior, a direct son of Oklahoma x Texas Girl and winner of the title of 4th nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance young birds KBDB 2014. He will be sold in auction along with his nest sister, two half brothers and another half sister. This is a super class collection with pigeons heavily based on Queen L.

Marijke Vink (NL)

Topracers + YB from best breeders

The amazing Marijke Vink has come up with an impressive pigeon collection that will be sold exclusively on PIPA. In this auction we have racing birds from such renowned pigeons as Verdi, Demelza and Louis, as well as young birds from Marijke’s best breeders, including of course her top pair Tips x Geschelpt Kannibaaltje. We also bring you pigeons from the best of Gerard Koopman and from Eijerkamp’s famous Ché bloodline. This is an exclusive PIPA auction from a super class pigeon family.

Joël Verschoot (BE): Topbreeder/topracer + yb from best breeders

Incl. mother 1. National Brive 2013

The way in which Joël Verschoot managed to become one of Belgium’s best fanciers in recent seasons is nothing short of impressive. 2013 was his best season ever, winning the title of 2nd general champion of Belgium KBDB for the second time in three years, while claiming two national victories, from Bordeaux-Agen and Brive. In the meantime he also won a second nat. La Souterraine with the amazing hen Annelies. Instead of selling his greatest champions he moved them to his own breeding loft, where they provide a solid basis for the future. PIPA eventually convinced him to sell his outstanding hen Annelies, along with Super class breeder Aske 1, which is the dam of Cees, his national first prize winner from Brive. Some additional youngsters from exclusive combinations of national winners and his best breeders will be sold as well. This is a top class collection with pigeons that can really make a difference!