Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) breeds ace pigeons thanks to his new Oklahoma bloodline

Season after season Jelle Roziers proves himself as one of the top fanciers of Belgium in the young birds’ competition, and 2014 was no exception. His Oklahoma Junior wins the title of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance young birds 2014.

Jelle Roziers is often associated to Queen L, the number one stock pigeon in his loft, and breeder of generations of highly successful prize winners. These pigeons have done great both at home and in other lofts worldwide, which explains why his pigeon breed is entirely built around this world class breeder. It seems the descendants of Queen L have now given rise to a new super class bloodline: the Oklahoma family.

We all know that Jelle Roziers sticks to a tough training regime: only the very best will survive in Bevel. Every pigeon that falls through is dropped from the team, which means his pigeon breed consists of nothing but prize winners. These winners have been breeding great racing birds themselves, including of course Oklahoma BE13-6053068. This pigeon has won:

1st Ace Pigeon long distance Antwerp Union 2013
1st Ace Pigeon Antwerp Flying Club 2013
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Vanrobaeys-Duivenkrant 2013
3rd PIPA Ranking National Races Young Birds with 7 prizes 2013
4th PIPA Ranking National Races Young Birds with 6 prizes 2013
5th PIPA Ranking National Races Young Birds with 5 prizes 2013

As we said, Oklahoma is also related to Queen L: A granddaughter of Queen L, Deep Ocean BE12-6201072, had been paired to Washington BE10-6037958, a direct JLN Houben and grandson of Houben’s top racing and breeding bird Pinocchio BE98-6210287, which is in turn a son of Robin, 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Las Palmas, and a grandson of Houben’s Jonge Artiest.

Oklahoma Junior, 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2014

Once again, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as a son of Oklahoma has won the title of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance young birds 2014. Oklahoma Junior BE14-6085111 won this title thanks to the following results:

Guéret II (590km)         Nat.  53rd - 16,619 p.
Bourges II (479km)        Nat. 190th - 30,180 p.
Argenton II (555km)       Nat. 206th - 27,254 p.
La Souterraine II (593km) Nat. 307th - 18,588 p. 

These results have enabled him to win the following prizes:

1st Ace Pigeon Antwerp Long Distance Club 2014
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Vanrobaeys-Duivenkrant 2014
2nd PIPA Ranking National raes Young Birds with 5 prizes 2014
3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB Antwerp 2014
3rd Ace Pigeon Long Distance Antwerp Union 2014
4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance Young Birds 2014

The pedigree of Oklahoma Junior reveals that he is an inbred pigeon based on two outstanding breeders: Queen L of Roziers and Pinocchio of JLN Houben. We have talked about the sire of Oklahoma Junior earlier on in this article, and the dam is Texas Girl BE05-6166391, a daughter of Pinocchio x Queen L. This is a truly outstanding pedigree. Texas Girl is not only the dam of Oklahoma Junior, she is also the dam of Perfect Light (2nd nat. Bourges 2007), Sunrise Queen (12th nat. Bourges), Bumie (3rd semi nat. Blois), and many others. Click here for the pedigree of Oklahoma Junior.

An impressive palmares

We have taken a look at Jelle’s impressive list of achievements of 2014, and we wonder if any fancier has done better with his young birds in 2014. His performance in the provincial race from Gien, just before the start of the national young birds’ season, was a hot topic this season:

Gien (410km) Prov.: 6,446 young birds: 
1-4-5-12-17-22-24-25-26-33-34-38-41-52-58-63-68-84-85-88-97-...  (73/104)

He achieved a 70% prize percentage per 3, 40% per 10, 32% per 20 and he had 21 pigeons finish in the provincial top 100! He has really dominated this race. His overall results in the six national races are equally impressive, achieving an excellent overall prize percentage in the six national young birds’ races of 2014:

52% prizes per 3
33% prizes per 10
24% prizes per 20 
37 x in de top 100 at national level or in zone B national

Click here for a detailed overview of his results in the national young birds' races.

Click here to see an overview of worldwide references from Jelle Roziers.

Jelle left the renowned Laarhoeve in Berlaar in late 2011 to move to a new home in the town of Bevel. We have made an overview of his best results over the past three seasons in Bevel, which you can find here. It seems his tough training regime has really paid off!