Auctions Ending: N. van Noordenne, R&X Verstraete, H. Krüger, International Winners, H.P. Esser, N&E Didden and D. Van den Bulck

On Saturday the 13th of December the auction of Nico van Noordenne, R & X Verstraete, Hardy Krüger and International Winners will end. The auctions of H.P. Esser, N & E Didden and Dirk Van Den Bulck will end on Sunday the 14th of December.

R&X Verstraete (BE)

Children to most important breeders

There is no denying that Raoul & Xavier Verstraete have had a most impressive career in our sport at international level. The two fanciers have been at the top for almost half a century, end they provided fanciers from all over the world with unique breeding and racing pigeons.

A pigeon family with excellent breeding qualities is at the basis of their impressive career. Their loft is home to such modern day stars as Topstar, Xtra and Bijou; pigeons with a solid reputation that have had a significant impact on many other pigeon lofts. The most valuable pigeons in this family will be sold on PIPA in an exclusive high quality auction.

Hardy Krüger (DL)

Youngsters from the best breeders

German champion Hardy Kruger has found the perfect mix of national and international successes. His pigeon family has been performing at a top level in Germany for many years now, winning ace pigeon titles and important prizes.

In addition, Hardy’s renowned Da Vinci bloodline excelled in one loft races worldwide, and his Million Dollar Race winner Dressage Diva deserves special mention. His excellent results in these one loft races illustrate the versatility of his breed. A round of young birds from his magnificent breeding team will be offered for sale in a top class auction.

International winners - G&C Cooper & Freialdenhofen

Children/brothers/sisters to their international winners

The international competition is something fanciers form France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom really look forward to every season. There are only a few chances of winning an international first prize each year, and so every winner gets a lot of attention! In this special PIPA auction we proudly present you a number of youngsters and brothers and sisters of international winners. This is a great chance to obtain something special!

Nico van Noordenne (NL)

Some topracers/-breeders + youngsters from the best breeders

Nico Van Noordenne has been a highly successful fancier in The Netherlands for tens of years now. He started with a number of excellent pigeons including Kasai, which was his first stock breeder. He further improved his breed with the world class bloodlines of Ludo Claessens, Kees Bosua, G. & S. Verkerk and C. & G. Koopman (via Marcel Sangers), which formed the basis for his current collection of top quality racing birds.

Torero, winner of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance, became his number one stick sire, breeding many successful descendants. Nico Van Noordenne now offers some top class racing birds for sale, along with a selection of young birds from the best breeders and racers from one of the finest pigeon breeds in The Netherlands. 

Dirk van den Bulck (BE)

Complete race team + some breeders

Dirk Van Den Bulck surprised many by winning the national championship and the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint Young Birds KBDB. His titles were not a surprise as such, given his excellent achievements over the years, but his pigeons turned many heads by dominating the competition with an astonishingly low coefficient.

It was not his first great performance; the palmares of Dirk Van Den Bulck includes several Olympiad pigeons and national ace pigeon titles. His success story is founded on his old breed combined with the renowned bloodlines of Leo Heremans, Stefaan Lambrechts, Jos Cools and Haesendonckx, and it shows that Dirk’s pigeon loft is home to some of the best Belgian sprint pigeons. His entire racing team will now be auctioned exclusively on PIPA. This is an unprecedented collection of top quality pigeons from world famous bloodlines.

H.P. Esser (GE)

2 topracers + yb from best breeders

The German grandmaster auctions a limited group of young birds from his very best breeders. Hans-Paul is widely regarded as one of the most successful German fanciers, who competes for the most renowned (national) titles every season, while also being a main contender in one loft races.

He will be represented at the Budapest Olympiad again this season. Most of the pigeons in this auction originate from the bloodlines of top breeder ‘967’ and his stock pair 641 x 393, as well as the highly successful racing birds ‘As 241’, ‘Die 744’, and many others.

Nic & Eddy Didden (BE): Best racers & breeders

Incl. Kimi Barca, top Barcelona performer

Kimi Barca of Eddy Didden is considered one of the most successful pigeons from Barcelona in recent seasons, winning 4 marathon prizes in four races and two national top ten prizes in two seasons: a 7th Nat. St. Vincent (8th int.) and a 10th Nat. Barcelona (21st Int ).

This invaluable pigeon will now be offered for sale, along with a few top class pigeons bred from the best of Etienne Meirlaen. In addition, a unique full sister of the 1st international Marseille of Jos Joosen will be sold as well.