Saban Saatdüzen (Tessenderlo, BE) claims an impressive national win from Argenton I

The racing season has come to an end a while ago, and we think this is the time to take a look back at a particularly successful season of Saban Saatdüzen, arguably one of the most well known fanciers in the province of Limburg (Belgium).


The pigeons of Jos Gastmans (including a son of De Poot) and an excellent breeding pigeon of Charel Voorts (Pulle) have contributed significantly to the recent successes of this pigeon breed. Over the years the Saatdützen pigeon family was further improved with the introduction of pigeons of Jean Meulemans (Affligem), Gaby Vandenabeele (via Mark Van Daele) and Leo Heremans. Saban lives for his hobby: he owns an impressive collection of great breeding pigeons and he has an impressive palmares.


This hen was bred from the lines of Gaby Vandenabeele, from a grandson of the famous Wittenbuik x dam "Superbreeder" BE04-3234531. She stems from a son of Asduif BE06-6413072 of Gust Jansen from Beerse x a sister of "De Jan" BE07-6043922 of Leo Heremans from her mother’s side. Click here for the pedigree of VifkeVifke managed to take the national victory from Argenton I against 7691 old birds this season, and she has won several other prizes as well: you can find her list of achievements here.

It goes without saying that Vifke is one of the key players in this loft, but Saban has several more talented pigeons in his collection. His hen BE12-5061509 finished in second place in the PIPA ranking for best old birds in the Belgian national races of 2014 with seven prizes. Click here for the palmares of BE12-5061509In addition, the hen BE13-5064205 took a fourth prize in the PIPA ranking for best one year old in the Belgian national races of 2014 with seven prizes. Click here for the palmares of BE13-5064205.


Besides Vifke, the cock BE06-5011458 is another important member of the team of Saban Saatdüzen, who calls this pigeon a super class breeder and racing pigeon. Saban won a 1st provincial Bourges I against 1652 old birds in 2008, a 24th national Argenton against 5297 pigeons in 2007, a 21st national Argenton against 5208 pigeons in 2008, a 7th semi national Montluçon against 7302 pigeons and several more top results with this cock. This highly successful racing bird turned out to be a great breeding pigeon as well.

Best results of 2014 at national level

Old birds

31/05/2014 Bourges, 22663 olds:    19, 69, 112, 235, 288, 313, 389, 480, 586, 605, 913, 
                                   1666, 2247, 2257, 2409, 2991
05/07/2014 Argenton, 7691 olds:    1, 27, 89, 189, 352, 372, 457, 557, 747, 938, 1046, 
                                   1059, 1305
07/07/2014 Limoges, 7176 olds:     40, 167, 315, 1051
09/08/2014 Chateauroux, 4316 olds: 49, 133, 232, 238, 574, 592, 669
16/08/2014 Argenton, 3671 olds:    70, 87, 155, 257, 276, 296, 397, 422, 438
23/08/2014 Tours, 3947 olds:       23, 62, 80, 150, 225, 307, 438, 585, 747, 846, 905

Click here for the results of the old birds' team in 2014.


31/05/2014 Bourges, 24019 yearlings: 100, 120, 724, 820, 841, 1283, 1401, 2075, 2251, 
                                     3194, 3550, 4133, 4249, 4725
05/07/2014 Argenton, 9970 yearlings: 76, 376, 490, 524, 815, 1048, 1176, 1651, 1733, 
02/08/2014 Bourges, 10141 yearlings: 98, 426, 1040, 1539, 1661
16/08/2014 Argenton, 4505 yearlings: 46, 80, 150, 235, 253, 271, 394, 459, 469
23/08/2014 Tours, 3947 yearlings:    23, 62, 80, 150, 225, 307, 438, 585, 747, 846, 905

Click here for the results of the yearlings' team in 2014.

The national victory from Argenton I in 2014 did not come as a surprise, as he had already won a first national Bourges old birds with Simsek one year ago. In addition, he had three one year olds (BE12-5061509, BE12-5061559 en BE12-5061522) finish in the national championship longer middle distance 2013, including his first and second nominated. One of them settled for second best one year old longer middle distance at provincial level. 2012 was also an excellent season for the fancier from Tessenderlo, as he won a first provincial Montluçon yearlings with Peru. He also won 16 first prizes in national races and two first prizes in the sprint competition, making for an impressive list of top results.


His racing approach is based on an increasingly popular method: the old birds are raced in total widowhood, which increases the rate of return of any pigeon loft. On the contrary, the young birds are basketed only for Momignies and Soissons, to prepare them for their future careers as one year olds. Click here for some of the best results of the young birds' team in 2014.