Arjan Beens (Genemuiden, NL) wins 1st National Perpignan against 6413 pigeons

Arjan Beens has won yet another national victory, and it raises the question whether any fancier has ever been more successful in the extreme long distance in The Netherlands.

Arjan and his national winner from Perpignan

A lot has been said about the impressive results of this expert marathon fancier. He has won an incredible number of top prizes in the overnight long distance since he started back in 2007, including six national or NPO victories, two of which were won in 2014. An additional 42 teletext prizes were won, four of which in 2014. This is just to illustrate the amazing talents of Arjan and his pigeon breed. It would not even be possible to include all championship titles at the highest level. Arjan competed in 11 marathon races this season, and he has won the following prizes at national or NPO level:

30/05 Brive NPO        895 km 2897 pigeons: 1-9-22-25-36-47-etc (24/47)
13/06 St Vincent Nat. 1136 km 3730 pigeons: 76-86-91-etc. (13/16)
20/06 Pau ZLU         1138 km 3020 pigeons: 23-32-36-46-etc. (8/11)
20/06 Perigueux Nat.   915 km 8398 pigeons: 6-61-113-etc (6/7)
27/06 Bordeaux ZLU    1019 km 5910 pigeons: 160-538-etc (6/19)
05/07 Barcelona ZLU   1280 km 2035 pigeons: 110-135-589 (3/4)
12/07 St Vincent ZLU  1138 km 3824 pigeons: 143-256-etc. (4/8)
18/07 Marseille ZLU   1058 km 4899 pigeons: 26-53-237-303-etc. (10/15)
26/07 Narbonne ZLU    1078 km 6650 pigeons: 24-84-100-216-225-226-etc. (12/19)
26/07 Cahors Nat.      999 km 6648 pigeons: 12-25-60-66-70-91-etc. (62/125)
01/08 Perpignan ZLU   1137 km 6413 pigeons: 1-77-97-221-etc. (preliminary results ZLU)

Arjan was the victor in a fairly difficult race from Perpignan on Saturday 1st August, taking the win against 6413 pigeons. Pigeons were released on Friday at 06:45 am, and his first pigeon was clocked at 06:34’29” the following morning. That pigeon was his Dinie NL08-2075702, who achieved a velocity of 1129 m/min.

Dinie, 1st National Perpignan

The sire of Dinie is a pigeon that the Hagens brothers (Achthuizen, NL) bred in 2001, and he was bred from the hen Sarina, born in 1995 and prize winner from Barcelona for three consecutive years, including a third national. Sarina was paired to her own sire Carcassonne, second Ace Pigeon ZLU 1995. This dam was obtained on Toppigeon via Ronald Geerdink (Hoogerheide, NL).

The dam of Dinie was bred by First Price Pigeons. He was bred from a son of De Jander, winner of a national first prize from Dax in 2001 for Huub Kivit, paired to a hen of C. and E. Moorman, winner of a first prize from Ruffec 2003 in sector 4. She was also purchased via Toppigeons. Click here for the full pedigree. Arjan has always had great confidence in his winning pigeon. In 2011, she was the fastest pigeon from Limoges in The Netherlands, but her chip ring was not functioning. In 2014, she was the fourth pigeon in the loft in the race from Pau, winning a 46th national. She finished in 827th from Marseille at national level, as the 9th pigeon in the loft. And now she takes an impressive national victory from Perpignan.

A map showing the first ten arrivals from Perpignan

The map above indicates the first ten arrivals, and the national victory was won over a record distance. The pigeons of Arjan had to cover an additional 152km compared to the ten earliest pigeons.

The fancier from Genemuiden races with a large team of pigeons. He has 51 pairs of old birds for this season, and he decides in advance which pigeons will be basketed for which races. To prepare for a marathon race, his pigeons are basketed every week for races with one night in the basket. If this is not possible, he brings them to Breda to release them there. His pairs are released as far as they can with eggs of 9 to 14 days old.  He had a team of 106 yearlings for Cahors, which took place one week before Perpignan. This was their first marathon race; they had completed a series of races including the day long distance competition shortly before that. These yearlings are less than one year old, because they are bred after the season. Many fanciers are amazed to see Arjan run such a large pigeon loft while managing a family of three children. Keep in mind that he takes care of a large collection of pigeons almost entirely on his own, while also having a full time job at Breman. In addition, he runs a website to keep us updated. This makes the amazing achievements of this top quality pigeon loft even more impressive. Arjan has been the man to beat in the marathon races in The Netherlands for many seasons now.