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The high-mileage pigeons of Eric Berckmoes (Brecht, BE)

Eric Berckmoes had another splendid season in 2013 and took the title of 3rd National Champion KBDB Longer Middle Distance with an impressive 30 national top 20 prizes in Zone B1.

Eric Berckmoes has been a pigeon racing enthusiast all his life. He managed to become national and even world champion in the junior competition. His parents then moved from Schoten to Brecht and Eric could not have guessed the impact of this move on his future career as a fancier. The pigeon loft of fellow fancier Albert Marcelis, who dominated the sprint competition at the time, was only a few houses away. Eric got a lot of support from Albert, who even went so far as to give Eric his Olympiad Pigeon Sprint 2003 from Liévin, the world famous Sprint BE97-6549507. He decided to give his Donkere 18 BE97-6549518 to Eric as well and these two pigeons were to become the cornerstones of the Berckmoes pigeon family. They have a share in today’s achievements as well.

Impressive numbers

The (great-)grandchildren of these two stock sires have had a splendid 2013 season, taking home the title of 3rd Nat. Champion KBDB Longer Middle Distance Old Birds. A total of 222 pigeons have been basketed this season and they have won a total of 146 prizes per 4, as well as an impressive 95 prizes per 10. No less than 30 top-20 prizes have been won in the national races in Zone B1! Click here for some of the best results of 2013.

Anke and Anita win top prizes over a distance of over 16,000 km in 2013!

The two stars of the excellent 2013 season are without doubt full sisters Anke (BE11-6289163) and Anita (BE11-6289030), which have both completed all 14 national longer middle distance races of 2013. Both Anke (no prize from Poitiers and Guéret I) and Anita (no prize from Poitiers and La Souterraine I) have won 12 prizes in 14 races! No more than three pigeons have managed to win 12 prizes in the 14 national races in Belgium this season:

1st Eric Berckmoes with Anke BE11-6289163, 70.73 coefficient
2nd Jef Vanwinkel with BE11-2085333, 91.38 coefficient
3rd Eric Berckmoes with Anita BE11-6289030, 124 coefficient

We have also noticed that no more than 14 pigeons in Belgium have been able to win 11 prizes at national, zonal or provincial level. Anke was also the best pigeon with 11 national prizes, with a coefficient of 50.57. Anita was ranked seventh with a coefficient of 103. Eric has a third pigeon in the ranking with 11 prizes in 14 races as well: his pigeon Ambi BE11-6289268 finished 14th. If we include the training flights leading up to the nationals, Anke and Anita have won top prizes over a total of 8,218 km and 7,905 km respectively. Ambi has a total of 6,635 km. This is quite an impressive achievement! The full list of achievements of Anke indicate that she has won prizes per 4 over a total distance of 20,494 km in three years' time. Anita (click here for Anita's full list of achievements) has won top prizes per 4 over a total distance of 15,760 km in three years' time. The full list of achievements of Ambi show that she has won top prizes in 12,060 km in three years' time.

Thanks to Sprint and Donkere 18 of Albert Marcelis

This shows that Eric has been able to convert the sprint champions of Marcelis into successful long distance racers. Anke and Anita are two grandchildren of Donkere 18 and great-grandchildren of Sprint from their mother’s side. Their sire is BE08-6092346, a direct Van Elsacker-Jepsen, which Serge had given to Eric after his pigeon theft in 2009. This means Eric saw a pigeon from his own Pantani bloodline return to its home loft. Click on the names for the pedigrees of Anke and Anita. Ambi is closely related to Sprint as well: her dam is a direct daughter of this amazing pigeon. The sire is a son of Favoriet of Marcelis, winner of 4 first, 4 second and 3 third prizes. He was paired to Axelle, a granddaughter of Sprint. Click here for the pedigree of Ambi.

The motivated fancier from Brecht in Antwerp had another outstanding season with impressive results. Can he do even better in 2014? We wish him all the best for next season!

When Albert Marcelis died 2004, Eric purchased his house to race pigeons