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2013 is another impressive season for G. Lindelauf & Son (Vijlen, NL)

Gerard and Piet Lindelauf won the first prize in the loft championship sprint old birds in Entente Heuvelland and they finished in second in the young birds’ championship.

Father and son Lindelauf have been performing at a top level thanks to an excellent collection of pigeons based on the line of the Janssen brothers. One of the indispensable pigeons in this loft is NL94-2082163 Wonderboy. This cock was champion middle distance in district Limburg as the winner of a 1st Etampes 11,500 p, a 1st Orléans 5274 p. and a 1st Sens 837 p. He soon turned out to be an excellent breeding pigeon as well: he is the grandfather of, for instance, the 1st National Orléans 1999 against 130,000 pigeons. Most of today’s best racing and breeding pigeons of Lindelauf are descendants of Wonderboy. Click here for an overview of the breeding results of Wonderboy.

Gerard and Piet Lindelauf

The greatest results of 2013 were won with the young birds. High prize percentages, combined with top results have led to an impressive list of achievements. 

What follows is an overview of the best results of 2013 with the young birds in Entente Heuvelland:

13/7 Charleville 146 km  3,376 p. 21-24-37-49-55-72-77-81-99-etc.(34/61)
20/7 Rethel      181 km  3,551 p. 5-7-31-32-33-34-36-61-80-91-etc.(35/59)
28/7 Charleville 146 km  2,723 p. 11-25-26-27-29-30-31-32-33-36-42-45-46-48-77-etc.(38/56)
04/8 Reims       220 km  3,315 p. 10-11-13-21-32-35-40-41-44-46-47-52-66-69-93-etc.(41/54)
11/8 Sezanne     281 km  2,262 p. 28-43-45-46-52-54-56-61-70-71-74-97-100-etc.(35/53)

The young bird game

The young birds are darkened in a remarkable way: they are darkened for the first 13 weeks but only in the evening. To make sure the lofts are darkened for 13 straight hours darkening starts earlier in the evening as the days shorten. From mid June, darkening is gradually stopped over three weeks, after which the pigeons are not lightened. The young birds are not separated, which means they can be raced from the nest later in the season. The pigeons with a nest are obliged to join the daily training flight as well. Pigeons are trained approximately ten times before completing their first race and there is also a weekly training flight during the season when possible. The pigeons’ nutrition consists of a Beijers sports mixture.

Heuvelland Champ

Gerard and Piet have the pigeon champion young birds in Entente Heuvelland in their loft: the NL13-1544937 Heuvelland Champ. This young cock managed to win seven consecutive prizes, including an impressive 37th Charleville 3,376 p. And a 48th Charleville 2,723 p. The sire of this champion (the DV01769-09-673 De Bonte Drapa) is a grandson of DV01769-02-638 Champ (Andreas Drapa) both via his sire and his dam. The dam of Heuvelland Champ is NL09-1551713 Happy; she is a granddaughter of NL01-5155742 Het Mirakel (Grandson Wonderboy).  
Click here for the pedigree of Heuvelland Champ.


The influence of NL94-2082163 Wonderboy becomes obvious when we take a look at some of today’s champions, including the NL08-1920359 Keizer. This cock is a son of NL01-5155742 Het Mirakel. Het Mirakel is a grandson of Wonderboy and he was an excellent racing pigeon, winning a 1st Laon 21,108 p, a 1st Mettet 6,476 p, a 1st Ciney 996 p. and a 1st Reims 789 p. He is now sire and grandfather of quite a few great racing pigeons. Het Mirakel is a full brother of NL02-5241328 De Lorris, NPO winner and a splendid breeder for C & G Koopman later on. De Lorris is sire of Magic Man, 1st National Le Mans Region North 15,252 pigeons. This makes Keizer one of the best breeders in the loft of Gerard and Piet today. Click here for the breeding references of Keizer and his sire Het Mirakel.

NL08-1920359 Keizer

Click here for the pedigree of Keizer. A picture of his eye can be found here.


Another star in Vijlen is NL09-1551606 Goldrush. This pigeon managed to win many prizes in 18 races, before proving himself as a successful breeding pigeon in 2012 and 2013. The sire of Goldrush is NL02-5241325 De Adonis, a double grandson of Wonderboy. Goldrush’s best results include a 1st Rethel 152 p, a 4th Pithiviers 12,034 p. and a 12th Charleville 16,469 p.

NL09-1551606 Goldrush

Click here for the pedigree of GoldrushClick here for a close-up of his eye.

Gerard and Piet Lindelauf have had their share of success in pigeon racing. They won, for instance, the title of National Loft Champion Sprint, as well as the title of National Ace Pigeon in the same category. In addition, their pigeon Mirakel claimed the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint WHZB. Their pigeon breed is full of quality so we expect them to win another top prize at any moment.