Auction endings: Gebr. Van Toor, Gerard Koopman, Mark Gilbert, Freialdenhofen & Sons, Flavigny-Wozniack and Middle Distance Auction

This weekend 6 auctions will end. On Saturday the 28th of December Middle Distance Auction and Flavigny-Wozniack and on Sunday the 29th of December Gebr. Van Toor, Gerard Koopman, Mark Gilbert and Freialdenhofen & Sons.

Gebr. Van Toor (NL)

Unique Heremans collection with a.o. 5 super children Olympiade

Their impressive level of performance was rewarded with a first Nat. Championship title sprint NPO in 2013. Henk, Jan and Dennis van Toor have joined forces and their collaboration proved a major success, largely thanks to a collection of excellent pigeons. These fanciers are particularly fond of the Leo Heremans breed and they have several youngsters of Olympiade, as well as youngsters from such iconic pigeons as the 400-duivin, Tongerke, Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske, etc. These pigeons have bred a successful new generation, including winners of first prizes and top prizes against more than 10,000 pigeons! The Van Toor brothers will be selling their best breeders and racers on PIPA. This is without doubt the finest collection of Dutch pigeons!

Gerard Koopman (NL)

44 young birds from the best breeders

One of our traditional PIPA auctions is that of Team Koopman’s round of young birds. It is not surprising that this has become one the highlights of the auction season; every season again the level of quality of this auction is really impressive. Team koopman had a phenomenal season in 2013, starting with a 1-2-3-4-6-8 NPO Breuil le Vert and closing with a 1-5-8-9- NPO Pithiviers. He also managed to win seven top ten places in the NPO races from Sens and Chateauroux. This was a typical Koopman season. This auction includes pigeons that are closely related to his stars of 2013, as well as his best pigeons from previous seasons.

Mark Gilbert (U.K.)

23 young birds from his best breeders

Mark Gilbert is the living proof that England has become an important player at international level. The loft of Mark is without doubt one of the best extreme long distance families in Europe, with several international victories. Insiders are already familiar with the names of Southfield Darkie, Southfield Melissa, Southfield Supreme, Southfield Karen and Southfield Dream. This excellent basis is heavily influenced by Euro Diamond and the Mistral lines of Brockamp. This collection is synonym to quality and that is what this young birds’ auction is all about.

Freialdenhofen & Sons (GE)

30 young birds from the best breeders

They were already considered among the best international long distance fanciers but the 2013 season was even more impressive for the Freialdenhofen family, which performed at an amazing level: they won the first national prize from Agen/Bordeaux and Barcelona! Fanciers from around the world were impressed by this performance. The iconic Forest Gump proved an important stock bear and he continues to improve his reputation with excellent references. In this PIPA auction we have young bird from his best breeders and racers.

Flavigny-Wozniack (FR)

best racers & breeders

Séverine & Mickael Flavigny-Wozniack are managing the best pigeon loft of France of the 5 last years. This young couple is only living for the pigeon sport and they exerced a total domination on the French pigeon sport with, among others, 1st National General Champion of France '08 & '09, 1st National Champion Heavy Middle Distance France '12, 1st National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance France '12, 2nd National General Champion of France '12, 3rd National General Champion of France '10, etc. Their loft, mainly built on the best Belgian lines like Pros Roosen or De Rauw-Sablon, contains several performance pigeons from which the best one is without doubt 'Rocky II', 1st National Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance '12 and 7x top 10 in more than 2.000 pigeons. After an intensive practice of our sport, they decided to have a break and they will sell their best racers and their best breeders on PIPA. A 5 stars occasion to purchase the best pigeons from France! THIS AUCTION ENDS ON SATURDAY !

Middle Distance Auction

Top middle distance lofts offer birds from their best breeders & racers

The middle distance is a discipline that demands a lot from a pigeon. You need a lot of speed but strength and perseverance can make a difference as well. The middle distance is the toughest distance in most sports and the middle distance pigeon is without doubt an excellent basis for a versatile and successful team. They can be paired to your existing breed to make your sprint pigeons a bit tougher or to make your long distance pigeons faster or you can simply use them to perform better in races from 350 to 550km. In this PIPA auction we have the finest middle distance pigeons on offer. THIS AUCTION ENDS ON SATURDAY !