Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem-Deinze, BE) close a wonderful 2013 season with a great provincial old bird victory in the final race from Gueret!

This is another great result after their first national prize from Chateauroux old birds in Zone A2 earlier this season. By the end of the 2013 season they had a total of 20 first prizes! They have a really small racing team, which makes their achievements even more impressive.

It is no secret that Paul Gevaert and his assistant Carlos Lannoo like working with a very small collection of pigeons. There is room for only 12 pairs of old racing pigeons (12 cocks and 12 hens), which are raced on total widowhood. So this was the number of old birds they started the 2013 season with (including 4 late birds of 2012). In fact they only had 8 cocks and 10 hens left after the national race from Poitiers. They also have a team of 26 young birds. It seems rather difficult to complete the entire provincial and national calendar (18 weekend races) with such a small collection, if not impossible. Still, Paul and Carlos have been competing in all the national races of the season and in some cases they really overpowered the rest of the field. This is quite an amazing feat. They won the first two and three prizes and sometimes even the first five or six prizes regularly, which illustrates the amazing qualities of their pigeons. They were able to give their opponents a hard time week after week! Click here for the results of 2013.

As a result, they received a visit from the anti-doping agency on 30 May 2013, when they were basketing their pigeons for the race from Chateauroux. Their pigeons obviously returned a negative test; no banned substances had been used but what else could we expect? The Gevaert-Lannoo pigeon family is based on pigeons with excellent origins that are closely related to Gaby Vandenabeele.
That is their secret to success: their breeding loft houses nothing but pigeons with excellent origins. Their descendants are put to the test regularly and in the end only the very best descendants are kept in the team. In fact good is not good enough for the fanciers from Meigem. If you really want to make it to the top you will have to work with pigeons that are better than the others. Paul and Carlos are very hard on their pigeons but the result is a very small collection of true super class pigeons! They have what it takes to outsmart their opponents.

True winners

These are outstanding champions that fight for victory in everything from the sprint competition to the national longer middle distance, week after week and in all possible circumstances. This type of pigeon is quite rare; they would do anything to satisfy their fancier. The Gevaert-Lannoo partnership has been able to gather an amazing collection of this type of pigeon.
Let’s take a closer look at the enormous potential of their pigeon family in Meigem-Deinze, starting with the winners of the first Nat. Zone Chateuaroux and the first Prov. Gueret, which are closely related: they are both grandchildren of stock dam Chateauke and the sire of one of the two (Bliksem CEO) is also the grandfather of the other one.

-Blauwe Blikkaaf BE11-4246087

Chateauroux N.Zone   735 p. 1
Blois       Lok      244 p. 3
            Prov   1,085 p. 6
Clermont    Lok      207 p. 3

This is one of the great stars of 2013 and these are his parents:
Sire: Bliksem CEO BE04-3230979
A direct Gaby Vandenabeele from the world famous Bliksem BE98-3158062 x Venus BE00-3200601.
Dam: Kaafje BE07-4270406
An amazing racing pigeon from Meigem that has become an even better breeding pigeon. She has won:

1st Ace Pigeon in the two Flanders 2009
La Souterraine Nat  4,459 p. 3
Bourges        Nat 16,771 p. 8
Bourges      3-Pro    446 p. 1
Chateauroux    Club   326 p. 1
Ablis          Club   830 p. 1
Blois          Pro  2,352 p. 2

Kaafje is a daughter of Dikke Antoon BE05-4325774 x stock dam Chateauke BE05-3202164 (the dam of the 1st Nat. Zone Bourges, 2nd Nat. Bourges, 3rd Nat. La Souterraine, 8th Nat. Bourges, 9th Nat. Argenton and several first prize winners)

Click here for the full pedigree of Blauwe Blikkaaf

Benny Steveninck has achieved great results with this bloodline as well: he won the First Nat. Zone Poitiers in 2013 with Speedy, bred from a full sister of Blauwe Blikkaaf. This is no coincidence.

-Flandrien BE12-4175035

Gueret         Prov   393 p. 1
               Nat  2,626 p. 8
Clermont       Club   311 p. 1
Issoudun       Club   102 p. 1
               Pro    682 p. 8
Argenton       Club 1,021 p. 6
               Pro  6,097 p. 20
               Nat 25,949 p. 82
Ecouen         Club   248 p. 4 etc…

Sire: Goen Kweker 03 BE03-4384258
A 100% Sylvain D’Hondt (via Frank Degheest), and a great breeding sire: he sire the sire of quite a few first prize winners (see pedigree)
Dam: Blauwe Prinses BE10-4275511
A daughter of top class breeder Bliksem CEO BE04-3230979 x stock dam Chateauke BE05-3202164.
Click here for the full pedigree of Flandrien

One of the other pigeons that played a key role in today’s success story of the Gevaert-Lannoo pigeon family is without doubt top class breeder King Gaby BE07-3034700. He is a son of King 516/99 x Mona 721/04 (a daughter of Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele x Fryda Cools-Blancke and the dam of Chateauke 622/01, winner of a 1st Prov Chateauroux 7,347 p, which is in turn the dam of their stock dam Chateauke). This King Gaby is the sire of Crayonnée Plastron, which won the title of 1st Prov and 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2010. He is also the grandfather of the 1st Prov Blois 2,776 p. for Lannoo-Ballegeer. At the moment, the breeding loft of Paul and Carlos houses quite a few excellent descendants of King Gaby, including:

- Master King BE12-4175097 (a summer youngster of 2012)

La Souterraine Club     65 p. 1
               Prov    568 p. 10
               Nat   4,144 p. 39

-King Noë BE13-4035037, winner of five prizes, at least per ten, including:

Nevers         Club    282 p. 1
               Prov  2,104 p. 8
Orleans        Club    396 p. 2

-Kingston BE13-4035038, winner of 8 prizes, at least per ten, including:

Issoudun       Club    497 p. 2
Angerville     Club    262 p. 2

King Gaby is also a half brother of top class hen Gloria, which won a first Nat. Zone Limoges against 5,738 pigeons in the loft of Bert Vandenberghe, a great fancier from Wortegem-Petegem.

Bright future ahead

Is is better to have a small group of top quality pigeons than to have a large group of average ones. That is why the Gevaert-Lannoo partnership emphasises quality above quantity: they will always focus on a select team of great racing birds. They are prepared for the future with this impressive collection of talented breeders and racers. Each one of them is either a top prize winner or a breeder of top prize winners! 2013 was another great season, if not their most successful ever. The pigeons of Gevaert-Lannoo were once again outstanding! 


2nd Nat Bourges    old birds    19,084 p.     (24/05/08)
3rd Nat La Souter  old birds     4,459 p.     (22/08/09)
4th Nat Gueret     young birds  14,362 p.     (10/09/11) 
6th Nat La Souter  old birds     4,459 p.     (22/08/09)
6th Argenton       young birds  25,949 p.     (11/08/12)
8th Nat Bourges    yearlings    16,771 p.     (27/07/08)
8th Nat  Bourges   old birds    27,506 p.     (23/05/09)
8th Nat Argenton   old birds     4,782 p.     (11/08/12)
8th Nat Gueret     old birds     2,656 p.     (07/09/13)
9th Nat La Souter  old birds     4,459 p.     (22/08/09)
9th Nat Argenton   old birds     4,782 p.     (11/08/12)


1st Nat-Zone Bourges   old birds    5,472 p.   (24/05/08)
1st Nat-Zone Chateaur. old birds      735 p.   (03/08/13)
2nd Nat-Zone Vichy     young birds  3,412 p.   (10/09/05)
3rd Nat-Zone La Souter old birds      915 p.   (22/08/09)
3rd Nat-Zone Gueret    young birds  5,666 p.   (10/09/11)
4th Nat-Zone La Souter old birds      915 p.   (22/08/09)
4th Nat-Zone La Souter young birds  3,748 p.   (24/08/13)
5th Nat-Zone Bourges   yealings     3,921 p.   (27/07/08)
5th Nat-Zone La Souter old birds      915 p.   (22/08/09)


1st Prov Poitiers  yealings        738 p.     (30/07/05)
1st Prov Bourges   old birdss    3,276 p.     (24/05/08)
1st Bourges 3-Prov yearlings       446 p.     (26/07/08)
1st Prov Orléans   yearlings       312 p.     (08/08/09)
1st Prov  Gueret   young birds 	 3,103 p.     (10/09/11)
1st Prov Argenton  young birds   6,097 p.     (11/08/12)
1st Prov Argenton  old birds       687 p.     (11/08/12)
1st Prov Gueret    old birds       393 p.     (07/09/13)
2nd Prov Blois     old birds     2,710 p.     (10/05/08)
2nd Prov Blois     old birds     2,352 p.     (09/05/09) 
2nd Prov La Souter old birds       463 p.     (22/08/09)
2nd Prov Orléans   young birds   1,536 p.     (04/07/10)
2nd Prov Argenton  old birds       687 p.     (11/08/12)


2nd National Ace Pigeon   HF KBDB Youngbirds 2010
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon HF KBDB Youngbirds 2010
4th National Champion     HF KBDB Youngbirds 2010