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The Marcelis sprinters of Eric Berckmoes (Brecht, BE) demonstrate their skills in the extreme middle distance

The sprint pigeons of Albert Marcelis used to complete a sprint race every weekend. Eric Berckmoes now baskets these same champions for the extreme middle distance. Eric closed a wonderful season with a well deserved title of 3rd Nat. Champion KBDB Extreme Middle Distance Old Birds 2013!

Amke (BE11-6289163)

Amke is the most appealing pigeon of the Berckmoes family in 2013. She illustrates the qualities that all Marcelis pigeons have in common. She took part in 12 of a total of 14 national longer middle distance races and she won 12 prizes. In addition she successfully completed six training races as well, which is really phenomenal.

07/04 Merchtem           (47km)     24/172
21/04 Noyon             (224km)     63/327
28/04 Noyon             (224km)    110/620
04/05 Melun             (327km)   11/1.647
11/05 Dourdan           (382km)  257/1.799
18/05 Dourdan           (382km)   24/1.309
25/05 Bourges I         (496km)   36/3.153   National Zone B1
01/06 Châteauroux I     (544km)  255/3.270   National Zone B1
15/06 Montluçon         (572km)   21/2.545   National Zone B1
22/06 Guéret I          (607km)  124/1.736   National Zone B1
29/06 Argenton I        (572km)    7/2.038   National Zone B1
27/07 Bourges II        (496km)  124/9.639   National
03/08 Châteauroux       (544km)     10/476   National Zone B1
10/08 Argenton II       (572km)     99/730   National Zone B1
17/08 Issoudun          (520km)     75/636   National Zone B1
24/08 La Souterraine II (609km)   43/4.144   National
31/08 Nevers            (493km)     49/243   National Zone B1
07/09 Guéret II         (607km)   94/2.656   National 

2013 was not her first outstanding season. As a yearling she pushed the rest of the team forward, resulting in a total of 13 prizes in the longer middle distance. You can take a look at Amke's results of 2012 here. She is a granddaughter of Donkere 18 (8 first prizes and first Ace Pigeon 2001-2002-2003) and a great-granddaughter of Sprint (22 first prizes, 1st Olympiad Pigeon Lievin 2003, 3rd nat. Ace Pigeon 2002, 5th nat. Ace Pigeon 2000) and she is well capable of arriving home at great speed. Her sire is Smash (6092346/08). This cock was given to him by Serge Van Elsacker after the theft in Eric’s loft in 2009. This shows that champions help each other out even though they are opponents. Click here for the pedigree of Smash.

Anita (BE11-6289030)

Would Serge have had any idea about the amazing breeding qualities of Smash? It would make him an even bigger champion. In fact Eric has a full sister of Amke in his loft as well. She is called Anita and she managed to win 12 national top prizes as well. In contract to her sister however she won five prizes instead of six in the preparatory races, which is still impressive of course. The list of achievements of Anita in 2013:

14/04 Quiévrain         (114km)     21/352
21/04 Noyon             (224km)     33/327
28/04 Noyon             (224km)    185/620
04/05 Melun             (327km)   81/1,647
18/05 Dourdan           (382km)   32/1,309
25/05 Bourges I         (496km)    5/3,153   National Zone B1
01/06 Châteauroux I     (544km)  356/3,270   National Zone B1
15/06 Montluçon         (572km)  148/2,545   National Zone B1
29/06 Argenton I        (572km)   39/2,038   National Zone B1
06/07 La Souterraine I  (609km)   76/1,113   Provincial
27/07 Bourges II        (496km)  302/1,412   National Zone B1
03/08 Châteauroux       (544km)     20/476   National Zone B1
10/08 Argenton II       (572km)     70/730   National Zone B1
17/08 Issoudun          (520km)    110/636   National Zone B1
24/08 La Souterraine II (609km)  560/4,144   National
31/08 Nevers            (493km)     50/243   National Zone B1
07/09 Guéret II         (607km)  347/2,656   National 

3rd National Champion Extreme Middle Distance and 30 x top 20 national zone B1!

Amke and Anita were both raced in all 14 national middle races and they both managed to win no less than 12 prizes, something only three pigeons have managed to do: the two pigeons of Berckmoes and the BE11-2085333 of Jef Vanwinkel! Eric Berckmoes has also won the title of third National Champion KBDB 2013 Extreme Middle Distance Old Birds thanks to the consistent performance of Amke and Anita.

Amke and Anita were not the only successful pigeons in the loft of Berckmoes this season. Various descendants of Sprint and Donkere 18 have managed to finish in the top 20 in zone B1 no less than 30 times. A total of 146 prizes were won per 10 with 222 basketed pigeons, exceeding the maximum of 56 prizes. The results per 10 were even more impressive: 95 prizes per ten were won, while Eric was allowed to win only 23 prizes. These are the best results of his racing team of 2013:

Quiévrain (114 km):       352 p.: 1-2-4-5-8-9-18-19-20-21-...             (17/30)
Noyon (224 km):           327 p.: 5-9-13-17-18-20-21-22-26-28-32-33-...   (21/30)
Melun (327 km):         1,647 p.: 11-13-18-58-81-112-113-117-119-...      (18/30)
Dourdan (382 km):       1,308 p.: 13-24-32-37-40-49-50-82-90-92-...       (17/30)
Bourges I (496 km):     3,153 p.: 5-11-36-40-49-50-82-90-92-...           (17/30)
Châteauroux I (543 km): 3,270 p.: 6-28-33-41-150-176-188-202-210-255-...  (15/19)
Montluçon (572 km):     2,545 p.: 8-10-21-40-46-60-88-120-148-163-255-... (14/21)
Guéret (607 km):        1,736 p.: 5-11-57-58-99-105-123-124-139-...       (13/22)
Argenton I (572 km):    2,038 p.: 7-34-37-39-41-48-51-90-126-...          (12/17)
Bourges II (496 km):    1,412 p.: 28-33-34-55-76-84-96-120-...            (14/25)
Châteauroux II (544 km):  476 p.: 4-8-10-17-18-20-24-...                  (14/19)
Issoudun (520 km):        636 p.: 4-9-36-41-42-43-51-58-60-...            (15/21)
Nevers (493 km):          243 p.: 1-5-6-13-20-...                         (10/18)

Albert keeps a close eye on his pigeons from behind his trophies

Some time off

During our visit Eric told us he was glad the season is over. Fourteen national races in a single season is quite demanding for the pigeons but also for the fancier. The fanciers with the biggest motivation are the ones that will be the most successful. Keep in mind that Eric is now taking care of the pigeons of the late Hilare Verhellen ('s-Gravenwezel, BE) as well. With his drive and his experience he is bound to make great results in the extreme long distance too. We are looking forward to it.