Jos Vercammen loft (Vremde, BE) achieves double national success with the old birds from Gueret

The Vercammen loft has finished this season with a first and second prize at national level. This is a wonderful achievement many fanciers will be jealous of. The old birds of Jos and Lars Vercammen were victorious in the flight from Gueret, the last race of the national calendar.

We all know that Jos and Lars are one of a kind. They are capable of achieving spectacular results in the provincial or national classics of the longer middle distance or shorter long distance when you least suspect. For instance, they managed to win a first and second national from Bourges against over 37,000 young birds in 2009. It seems the two fanciers from Vremde thought it was time for another top performance and they were able to take two first prizes in the closing classic of the 2013 racing season. This time their old birds did exceptionally well in the race from Gueret.
These are the achievements of the old birds: first and second national, four pigeons in the national top 10, 14 pigeons in the national top 100 and no less than 28 prizes with 32 basketed old birds! The young birds were very successful as well, with three prizes in the national top 100 and 10 prizes per ten at national level. However, they were not as successful as the old birds: 17 prizes were won with 64 basketed young birds. We think the excellent results of their young birds will be overshadowed by the remarkable results of the old birds! These are the full results of the Jos Vercammen pigeon family in the final race from Gueret:

Gueret Prov  514 old birds:
1-2-4-5-13-14-16-18-26-30-31-32-37-50 (25/32)
National 2,656 old birds:
1-2-5-9-27-28-34-40-56-62-64-66-67-75-111-132-155-161-180-196-252 (28/32)

Gueret Prov 1,899 young birds: 8-9-17-41-42-146-196-238 (17/64)
National 11,894 young birds:
36-37-66-161-164-518-697-843-989-1068-1249 (17/64)

1st + 2nd National Gueret Old birds

The first two national prizes were won by hens that were raced with a youngster that was fed with seeds only. They were clocked at 15:58’08” and 16:00’19” respectively, completing 590.840km with a velocity of 1413.04 and 1405.70 m/min. They were the two fastest old birds at national level!

The national winner is called La Perla and she had not been basketed for many races this season, because she arrived five days late after the very first interprovincial race from Blois on the second weekend of May. They let her stay in the loft for a few weeks to make sure she was fully recovered. She then joined the other racing pigeons and she was paired, so that she could be basketed in a perfect nest position for the last national classics of the season. She was carefully trained and she was basketed in great fitness and in a perfect nest position with a seed-eating youngster. This allowed her to take the national win! She had already won a top prize from Gueret as a young bird last season:

-La Perla BE12-6196185

’13 Gueret Prov    514 p. 1
           Nat   2,656 p. 1
’12 Gueret Club    457 p. 9
           Nat  16,988 p. 294

She originates from a combination of the stock bloodlines of Jos Vercammen. His pedigree includes some of the most well-known Vercammen pigeons, such as Mitu, Beckham, Deco, Raul, Lou etc. La Perla is a good example of a first prize winner that was bred from other first prize winners:
Sire: Hunter BE10-6052176
Winner of a first from Argenton against 120 pigeons, 14th S-nat. Montluçon 1,426 p, 38th Nat Bourges 20,544 p, 40th N.Zone Argenton 1,546 p. etc.  He is a son of Toledo BE06-6270370 x Lizzy BE04-008251600.
Dam: La Bomba BE10-6052045
1st Melun 1,281 p. (fastest of 3,278 p.), 2nd Vierzon 363 p. and 6th S-Nat 6,257 p, 2nd fastest Dourdan 5,688 p, 16th Intprov Blois 2,746 p, 61st N.Zone Montluçon 6,083 p. etc. She is a daughter of Simon BE07-6221572 x Sherryl BE03-6287192.
Click here for the pedigree of La Perla

The second national prize from Gueret was won by Zwart Panterke, an impressive racing hen. This was her third top prize already, after having won a number of prizes per 10 and per 20 earlier on. This pigeon was obviously very motivated when she was basketed from her nest: she has won three national top prizes from thee different nest positions already.

-Zwart Panterke BE12-6196023

’13 Gueret   (590 Km) Nat  2,656 p. 2 (after loft mate)
’13 Issoudun (504 Km) Nat  5,670 p. 36
’13 Nevers   (476 Km) Nat  2,918 p. 42

She has some excellent origins as well: she is, for instance, a half sister of Polar (First Prov. and first Nat. Zone Tulle 3,448 p., 7th Nat. Tulle 10,251 p.) and Tiger (1st Dourdan 1,430 p, 6th intprov. Blois 2,746 p.)

Sire: Lukaku BE09-6249986
A great breeding cock and a son of Amaretto BE07-6221019 x Dina BE08-6144028 (a daughter of Barco).
Dam: Safina BE08-6174613
A daughter of top class breeder Leeuw BE03-6277418, which won the title of 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB. Leeuw is also the sire of Ad (First Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB, first Olympiad Pigeon Nitra) and grandfather of Alladin (First Nat. Bourges and fastest of 64,621 pigeons in 2009).
Click here for the full pedigree of Zwart Panterke

It must be great to finish the season with such a great result. It was yet another highlight in the very successful career of Jos and Lars Vercammen and it was probably not their last. This loft stands for top results with top class pigeons. Their pigeons are tough to beat when they are in good shape; the race from Gueret is the perfect example. The racing season has come to an end and 2013 has been a splendid season for the pigeon loft from Vremde. Congratulations Jos and Lars and the Vercammen family!