Rigorous routine of Paul and Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) pays off

In the last few seasons Paul and his son Jelle Roziers have been among the very best partnerships in the national races for young birds. It appears that their rigorous routine has paid off: they were able to reach the provincial podium three times in five young bird races!

The fanciers from Bevel in Antwerp know exactly what to do. Jelle is the decision maker in this loft. He is the manager and the trainer of the pigeon family. His father Paul is there to assist him whenever necessary; he is basically Jelle’s right-hand man.  Over the years they have turned into proficient young bird fanciers. They are known for breeding a lot of pigeons every season. They have their own pigeon breed but they also use pigeons from Luc Houben and team Noël-Willockx, which are subject to a rigorous regime. The weakest birds are left behind and only the really strong pigeons can earn a place in their loft in Bevel.

We were eager to learn more about this so called rigorous regime. It is actually rather simple: their young birds have to complete flight after flight after flight. The entire team is basketed every single week from the middle of June, when they were basketed for the shorter middle distance races from Angerville. Then came the provincial flight from Orléans, followed by seven national races in a row. They are basketed every weekend but they are released every day of the week as well, from Ittre (50km) or from Quiévrain (100km). Paul and Jelle have to make sure their pigeons are strong enough to cope with this so they leave nothing to chance when it comes to caretaking. Their pigeons are fed according to a scheme provided by Matador, in combination with Backs nutritional supplements. They carefully watch their pigeons’ health as well so they consult their veterinary surgeon every week. However, a treatment is given only if there is a health problem.

“We have quite a few really successful pigeon fanciers in our neighbourhood so we cannot afford to relax for a weekend. That is why we have opted to put our pigeons to the test very often. Only the pigeons that are strong enough to cope are useful in our loft. With this approach we intend to breed a very strong racing pigeon in the future with which we can really excel”, says Jelle.

Their approach seems to be paying off: they have won a great number of prizes this season. Let’s have a look at their achievements in the 2013 young birds’ season. They have used the same racing team every week:

Middle distance races:

06/07 Angerville (368 km)
Union Antwerp – ZAV 2,729 p.
7-9-11-68-116-117-144-155-167-208-234-245-260 39/97

13/07 Orléans (409 km)
Union Antwerp – ZAV 1,474 p.
2-6-10-12-24-49-56-59-60-64-81-93-99-100-101-102-108-112-116-142 38/84
Provincial 4,262 p.
3-12-25-27-50-120-136-141-142-149-208-239-247-248-250-254-270-285-311-382-421 39/84

National races:

27/07 Bourges (480 km)
Provincial 2,629 p.
3-20-85-89-103-110-119-123-126-127-144-161-163-168-195-237-245-257 36/71
National zone B2 4,016 p.
3-17-79-83-96-102-109-119-120-139-162-164-200-246-253-268-276-301-308-360-374 36/71
National 18,478 p.
39-80-271-284-323-334-361-386-393-394-442-498-502-517-608-738-764-817-840-953-970 39/71 

03/08 Châteauroux (427 km)
Provincial 1,468 p.
3-28-34-43-44-45-47-65-66-75-84-90-96-110-112-117-127-131-135 45/69
National zone B2 1,725 p.
National 12,071 p.
672-674-701-818-832-892-926-1013-1025-1130-117 49/69

10/08 Argenton (556 km)
Provincial 2,847 p.
32-41-52-64-113-116-121-173-182-184-195-220-228-229-232-240-248-250-254-284 45/65
National zone B2 3,809 p.
349-360-362-370-376 37/65
National 19,303 p.
1149-1165-1207-1214-1244-1260-1292-1502-1777-1779 45/65

17/08 Issoudun (504 km)
Provincial 2,635 p.
2-8-24-40-44-57-64-131-132-133-148-178-179-225 40/61
National zone B2 3,340 p.
2-8-23-41-45-58-70-155-156-158-175-201-202-253 36/61
National 16,615 p.
1448-1452-1641-1642 40/61

24/08 La Souterraine (593 km)
Provincial 1,641 p.
37-39-42-132-146-… 30/57
National zone B2 2,315 p.
51-55-60-212-234-321-322-332-338 25/57
National 13,089 p.
324-335-349-1192-1290-1700 23/57

The pigeons are called inside with something that looks like a tennis racket. Every second counts!

Queen L

We have had five national races and only 100 pigeons in Belgium have been able to win prizes in all five races. The Roziers family has no less than eight pigeons with five prizes in five races. It is a fact that they have a large racing team but this is an impressive achievement nonetheless! Paul and Jelle Roziers have gained international recognition with their outstanding hen Queen L. This was an excellent racing pigeon and she is the dam of numerous successful descendants and top prize winners, both in the loft in Bevel and in many other lofts. No less than six of the eight pigeons that have won five prizes in five races are (great) grandchildren of this exceptional breeding hen. Queen L is an integral part of this pigeon breed and she can be found in the pedigrees of nearly all P & J Roziers pigeons.