Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) wins first prov. Souillac with the cock that won a first prov. Montélimar!

Thanks to this victory he is again one of the favourites for the title of National Ace Pigeon Long Distance again with the lowest coefficient in two national races.

The closing race from Tulle will be all or nothing. He needs to achieve a third top prize in this race to have a chance of winning the title of National Ace Pigeon Long Distance and thus extending his title of last year. This shows once again that the Wilson Dekens pigeon family is a group of really strong and powerful long distance racers. His pigeons are potential winners in every race they are basketed for.
We have been running through their results of the past few seasons and our attention was drawn to the fact that the widower’s team of Wilson and Lydie seem to be at their strongest in the month of July, towards the end of the racing season. Is this related to their approach, their preparation, a loft that is optimised for the summer or is it a combination of factors? We have seen quite a few amazing performances at this time of the season and this season is no exception..

Double provincial winner

The winner of the provincial win from Souillac, Monti, has now won the first provincial prize from Montélimar as well. He is also expected to win a 9th national. This is his list of achievements:

-Monti BE10-4031613

In 2011:
Angerville      436 p. 30
Vierzon Prov  4,366 p. 300
Chateauroux   6,148 p. 223
        Zone 10,587 p. 587
        Nat  25,263 p. 1072
Argenton Pro  4,948 p. 235
        Zone  8,000 p. 423
        Nat  19,782 p. 817
In 2012:
Pont            252 p. 19
Vierzon   Pro 5,893 p. 126
Perpignan Nat 6,661 p. 1485
In 2013:
Bourges         284 p. 85
Montélimar Pro  741 p. 1
         Zone   803 p. 1
         Nat  5,952 p. 9 
Souillac Pro  1,250 p. 1
         Nat  5,272 p. 9
Libourne Pro  1,480 p. 246
         Nat  6,658 p. 772

He is a son of Zwarten Sterken paired to Geschelpt Brinkman BE07-4351153, two grandchildren of the superior stock dam of Wilson Dekens Goed Geschelpt BE03-4210983. She is the dam of Jordy and great-grandmother of New Ace. This means that Monti is an inbred pigeon originating from the outstanding stock dam of the Wilson Dekens pigeon family. The apple does not fall far from the tree.
Click here for the pedigree of Monti.

His sire was an excellent racing pigeon as well:
-Zwarten Sterken BE07-4046731

In 2008:
Vierzon Prov 2,003 p. 121
     I.Prov  5,076 p. 202
St.Vincent I 1,581 p. 349
       Nat   8,393 p. 1936
St.Vincent II  145 p. 9
       Prov  1,448 p. 66
       Nat   7,356 p. 270
     I.Nat   8,612 p. 304
In 2009 :
Chateauroux    467 p. 25
       Prov  3,840 p. 94
Barcelona Pr 2,395 p. 192
       Nat  13,502 p. 1024
     I.Nat  27,669 p. 2259
In 2010:
Blois  Prov  2,595 p. 83
Vierzon Prov 7,030 p. 105
Montauban Lok  116 p. 1
       Prov  1,291 p. 5
       Zone  2,597 p. 10
       Nat   6,654 p. 13
Tarbes Int  15,035 p. 2778
In 2011:
Blois  Prov  3,600 p. 44
Pau    Nat   2,279 p. 185
     I.Nat   8,555 p. 741
Perpignan      185 p. 25
       Nat   5,591 p. 709
     I.Nat  15,192 p. 1973
In 2012:
Limoges Nat 13,781 p. 957
Montauban Pr 1,383 p. 206
        Nat  6,822 p. 864

It will be an exciting day for the fancier from Zingem, where the Wilson Dekens pigeons are supposed to arrive after the race. Can he do it? Many fanciers are wondering if the Dekens family will be able to win the title of National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2013 next weekend. Wilson and his wife Lydie are curious as well and they would really love to win this title again; we wish them good luck! It all depends on their pigeon Monti, he knows the answer to this question. It will be all or nothing in the race from Tulle. He already has two provincial victories in 2013 so this has been a splendid season for this amazing long distance racing pigeon. Can he win the title of ace pigeon? We will probably know the answer on 3 August. We wish Wilson and Lydie many congratulations on last week’s provincial win!