Jos Pepping (Egmond aan den Hoef, NL) wins first international Agen yearlings

Jos Pepping won a great prize last weekend; it is a reward for his hard work and his excellent results in the last few years. His cock Daan managed to win the first international prize in the yearlings’ category from Agen over a distance of 987km. This first international prize yearlings was not the only impressive performance this weekend. Several pigeons landed at 23:00 am in the loft in Egmond!

In April we published a report about Jos as well, and we said that it would not be long before this ZLU star could make an international breakthrough. Jos showed his potential with this impressive international result.

The pigeons were released from Agen at Sunday morning 8:40, after a two day delay. The pigeons from Belgium and The Netherlands achieved an average speed of approximately 1,150 m/min in the shortest distances. It was time to do the maths. It was clear that a pigeon had to arrive before 22:15 if it wanted to be among the fastest birds. The pigeon Daan arrived at 22:12’17” and he was clocked as the fastest of 4,381 yearlings at international level. The average speed was 1,216 m/min. This is quite an impressive achievement for a yearling, especially over such a long distance! Click here for the pedigree of Daan NL12-1485259.

His first old bird arrived thirty minutes later, winning a 12h national prize in the old birds’ category. Shortly after 23:00 am it was time to celebrate in the lofts of Pepping. No less than seven pigeons arrived in a short period of time. Jos turned on his car lights so that the pigeons could find their way to the loft in the dark. He also had to use a ladder to pick up a pigeon that had landed on the shed at one o’clock.

22 old birds and 38 yearlings were basketed and ten pigeons were back home already at 1:14 am. His pigeons have performed exceptionally well last weekend:  17 pigeons had landed that night in North Holland, ten of which belonged to the team of Jos Pepping!  These early arrivals resulted in the following national prizes:

Agen - Bordeaux  yearlings  national 987 km: 1, 2, 28, 73, 155, 156, 239 and 243 etc.
Agen - Bordeaux  old birds  national 987 km: 12, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 232 etc.

Last year he saw the results of the Batenburg-Van de Merwe pigeons and he thought to himself: I would like to achieve such results one day as well. He did not have six pigeons in the national top 19 but he managed to achieve a result that makes him one of the great stars in the grand distance.


Daan has been trained in a remarkable way. This pigeon had never been basketed as a yearling, just like the others pigeons in this loft.

He was basketed right from his first training flight this season, as well as for the other training flights this season. He was also basketed in Hank for a short flight from Angerville (500km) later on. In addition he was raced in a demanding one day long distance flight from Orléans as well. In between these races he was also basketed for a 100 km flight eveyr week, with the Pyrenees’ club. This is a group of enthusiastic pigeon fanciers from the neighbourhood. 

Daan was raced with three-days-old eggs in the basket. The cocks of Jos seem to perform at their best with this approach.

Jos had some excellent results from Pau (14 June) this season as well:

Pau   1098 km   national  7, 14, 51, 276, etc. (12/15)

His performance from Agen shows that Jos has had a wonderful start in the ZLU races. He has now basketed seven pigeons from Barcelona. His team seems to be in top form and we look forward to the next impressive performance from this loft.