Wilson Dekens (Zingem, BE) is the proud winner of 1st Provincial and 1st Zone A from Montélimar

The pigeon family of Wilson Dekens had already achieved international acclaim with their title of First National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2012 and last weekend they added another impressive victory to their list of achievements: the provincial victory from Montélimar.

Last weekend Wilson and his wife Lydie proved that they have a really strong and versatile collection of long distance racing pigeons. Jordy and New Ace, two of their greatest stars, were sold to an Asian fancier in the last few seasons. In most lofts this would be a serious loss and it would greatly influence the performance of that loft. In fact some fanciers might not be able to reach that level of performance ever again. This is not the case for the pigeon loft of Wilson Dekens, which does not seem to be affected at all by this loss of top quality pigeons: there is an excellent team of young birds ready to take the place of the (aforementioned) first and sixth national ace pigeon long distance KBDB. They have the qualities to equal (or even better) their list of achievements.

So the fancier from Zingem did not have to wait long for a new success, although he did not have a trouble free start to the season. On 4 May the old birds raced their first middle distance flight from Angerville. Due to continuous bad weather and weather forecasts the entire group of racing pigeons stayed at home on 11 May and Wilson only wanted to basket four pigeons for the race from Vierzon, which is regarded as an important test for the national from Limoges. All pigeons except for the Vierzon birds were basketed for Bourges after a three week recovery period and the results from Bourges were great. This was the first sign of the team’s great fitness. Wilson was hopeful and he decided to basket 12 birds for Limoges (four from Vierzon and eight from Bourges) and they achieved an impressive 9 out of 12 at provincial level (five pigeons per ten). Last weekend three racing pigeons were selected to race from Montélimar and they achieved an impressive local, provincial and zonal victory! The last few weeks have shown us that the Wilson Dekens pigeons feel at home in bad weather conditions, with great results in the races from Bourges, Limoges and Montélimar. These are extra strong long distance pigeons and the Monti (BE10-4031613) was the first of them to win a top prize in 2013: a provincial and zonal victory from Montélimar. This is his list of achievements and his pedigree:

In 2011:
Angerville        436 p. 30
Vierzon  Prov.  4,366 p. 300
Châteauroux     6,148 p. 223
         Zone  10,587 p. 587
         Nat.  25,263 p. 1,072
Argenton Prov.  4,948 p. 235
         Zone   8,000 p. 423
         Nat.  19,782 p. 817
In 2012:
Pont              252 p. 19
Vierzon Prov.   5,893 p. 126
Perpigan Nat.   6,661 p. 1,485
In 2013:
Bourges           284 p. 85
Montélimar Prov.  741 p. 1
           Zone   803 p. 1
           Nat. 5,952 p. 9  

He is a son of Zwarten Sterken paired to Geschelpt Brinkman BE07-4351153. These are both grandchildren of the outstanding stock dam of Wilson Dekens, the Goed Geschelpt BE03-4210983. Goed Geschelpt is for instance the dam of Jordy and the great-grandmother of New Ace.

Click here for the full pedigree of Monti.

-Zwarten Sterken BE07-4046731

In 2008:
Vierzon Prov.    2,003 p. 121
        I.Prov.  5,076 p. 202
St.-Vincent I    1,581 p. 349
        Nat.     8,393 p. 1,936
St.-Vincent II     145 p. 9
        Prov.    1,448 p. 66
        Nat.     7,356 p. 270
        I.Nat.   8,612 p. 304
In 2009 :
Châteauroux        467 p. 25
       Prov.     3,840 p. 94
Barcelona Prov.  2,395 p. 192
       Nat.     13,502 p. 1,024
       I.Nat.   27,669 p. 2,259
In 2010:
Blois  Prov.    2,595 p. 83
Vierzon Prov.   7,030 p. 105
Montauban         116 p. 1
       Prov.    1,291 p. 5
       Zone     2,597 p. 10
       Nat.     6,654 p. 13
Tarbes I.Nat.  15,035 p. 2,778
In 2011:
Blois  Prov.  3,600 p. 44
Pau    Nat.   2,279 p. 185
     I.Nat    8,555 p. 741
Perpignan       185 p. 25
       Nat.   5,591 p. 709
     I.Nat.  15,192 p. 1,973
In 2012:
Limoges   Nat.  13,781 p. 957
Montauban Prov.  1,383 p. 206
          Nat.   6,822 p. 864

This is without doubt a very strong family of long distance pigeons and they have demonstrated their qualities with quite a few other excellent results and top prizes as well, some of which deserve special mention: the partnership Van Driessche-Boone won the second international prize from Narbonne 2012 with a long distance pigeon that was bred from a brother of Monti! Another brother of Monti won 96th Nat. Narbonne against 6,933 pigeons and 109th International Narbonne against 11,000 pigeons. A full brother of Zwarten Sterken won 65th national against 6,933 pigeons and 73th international against 11,000 pigeons in that same race from Narbonne! This is a pigeon family you can count on. They are capable of winning top results at the long distance, both at national and international level.

The results of the last three weeks have shown that the pigeons of Wilson Dekens are in high spirits this season. Wilson can look forward to the great classics from Cahors, Montauban etc. with great confidence. Many congratulations Wilson and Lydie!

The achievements of 2013 up to now

04/5 Angerville  365 old birds:
9-12-30-53-54-55-68-75-89… (15/32)

18/5 Vierzon  Prov  6,420 old birds:
21-480-1115 (3/4)

25/5 Bourges  Prov  3,470 old birds:
18-39-40-84-146-195-267-282-283-317-359-388-412-441-538-575… (20/28)

01/6 Limoges  Prov 3,610 old birds:
126-201-252-291-318-437-527-751-777 (9/12)

08/6 Montélimar  Loc  49 old birds: 1-6-17 (3/3)
Prov  741 p.: 1-76 (2/3)
Nat Zone A  803 p.: 1-121 (2/3)
Nat  5,952 p.: 9-470 (2/3)