Scheele brothers (Terneuzen, NL) satisfied with eleven teletext notations in 2013

Terneuzen was the home of the legendary ghost ship The Flying Dutchman; today it is the home of Adriaan and Jaap Scheele, two fanciers with an international reputation. They managed to win no less than eleven top 10 prizes in Zeeland this season, in challenging weather conditions.

Father and son Scheel are widely known for dominating the field in the one day long distance. However, even the most experienced fanciers found it hard to be successful in 2013, because nearly every race took place in different and unpredictable circumstances. This makes their total of eleven teletext places this season even more impressive.

Teletext pigeons of the Scheele brothers 2013 

3rd  NPO La Souterraine  – 3,077 p. from Fast Boy (1st NPO Argenton) x Demi (1st prov. Ace Pigeon natour)
3rd  TT Pithiviers       – 6,340 p. from De 800 x Lea
4th  NPO La Souterraine  – 3,077 p. from De Argenton (G. & S. Verkerk x Jan Hooymans)
7th  TT Orleans          – 3,392 p. with Rita - a daughter Darco
7th  TT Pithiviers       – 6,340 p. with brother Darco
8th  TT Pithiviers       – 6,340 p. with Metje, a daughter of Superboy x Dochter 666
9th  TT Orleans          – 3,392 p. from 52 of Cyndi x Granddaughter Ace Boy
9th  TT Pithiviers       – 6,340 p. with Dirk's 26 (a son of Lichte Dirk x Super 02)
9th  NPO Ruffec          – 2,084 p. from Lewis (3x TT) x 78 of Amy
10th NPO Ruffec          – 2,084 p. from 78 of Amy (granddaughter Superboy)
10th TT Orleans          – 3,392 p. with Lucky's Girl (granddaughter of Superboy)

The icing on the cake would be a global victory of their entire racing team; they achieved this 18 (!) times already in the past seasons. The National Grand Prix from Chateauroux on 6 July might be the perfect occasion to try and achieve this again with their team of 36 cocks and 11 hens. Jaap thinks his racing pigeons have been doing amazingly well in 2013: “Our first four pigeons from Orleans were all hens and the first birds from Ruffec were hens as well. So they are very successful. It might have to do with the weather conditions in 2013, which have not been in favour of the widowers.”

De Argenton

One of the best Scheele pigeons of 2013 is the NL11-3056877 De Argenton. He is named after the famous race, in which he won the NPO competition in 2013. De Argenton is a combination of two excellent pigeon breeds: G. & S. Verkerk (his sire is a son of Street Fighter x Bridget) and Jan Hooymans (the dam is granddaughter of Dirkje). He has a great list of achievements, including three teletext notations:

1st  NPO Argenton       – 3,372 p.
3rd  Peronne            – 7,007 p. (behind two loft mates)
4th  NPO La Souterraine – 3,077 p. (2013)
4th  NPO Orleans        – 4,308 p.
4th  Niergnies          – 2,064 p.
11th NPO Ruffec         – 2,084 p. (2013)


Metje NL12-3213750 is the favourite of the two fanciers from Zeeland. Jaap believes “she is our most successful pigeon”. Metje was the name of Jaap’s mother, the head of the family Scheele. She passed away last year and this blue coloured hen is named after her to honour her memory. She is a direct daughter of stock sire Superboy x Dochter 666 Melis, which makes her a full sister of the winners of 1st NPO Orleans 5,000 p, 1st Peronne 6,793 p, 1st Orleans 5,149 p, 1st NPO Poitiers 2,183 p, 1st Pommeroeul 2,066 p. etc. She continues to win top prizes week after week; let’s have a look at her best achievements up to now:

2nd  Bohain           – 1,070 p. 2013
3rd  Breuil le Vert   –   873 p. 2012
6th  Niergnies        – 1,001 p. 2012
8th  Pithiviers       – 6,340 p. 2013
12th Orleans          – 3,392 p. 2013
14th Quievrain        – 1,012 p. 2012
29th Peronne          – 1,066 p. 2012

The Scheele brothers are waiting for a golden teletext notation just to make their 2013 season even more impressive. Besides, the Belgian combination of Hertem-Schuurmans from Neerpelt has already won the national first prize from Gueret old birds in their country and the dam of this Belgian winner is a direct Scheele pigeon, bred from Superboy x Shakira. This means she is a sister of Magic Boy (the First Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2011) and a half sister of Ace Girl (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2012). The Scheele pigeons are basketed quite often and it seems they always find their way back to their home, unlike the Flying Dutchman we mentioned earlier.