The greatest event of spring 2013 is up and coming: the total auction of Leo Heremans will be launched on Sunday 5 May!

The international world of pigeon racing is preparing for the most important auction of the spring of 2013: the total sale of sprint virtuoso Leo Heremans, which will take place from 6 May to the weekend of 18 and 19 May on PIPA.

It is amazing to see how much attention this auction receives every single day. The reason is simple and easy: it is because every single fancier who wants to achieve something in his sport is interested in obtaining pigeons of absolute top quality. If you want to win top prizes in pigeon racing you will need a team of natural born winners that can beat opponents in all possible conditions. The pigeons in this auction know what it takes to win a race against more than a thousand pigeons; these are highly talented racing pigeons. These amazing athletes achieved worldwide fame under the name of Heremans-Ceusters from 1994 to 2007: they managed to win five titles of first national ace pigeon in different competitions in only six years. They have also won four firsts, a second and a third prize in the provincial championships, all within that same period. This is phenomenal! When Leo Heremans continued on his own after the total auction of February 2007 the pigeon breed became even more successful! The pigeons of Heremans started to dominate the national sprint races as well, on a level never seen before. This team of nearly indefatigable top class racers has been achieving a level of performance that is hard to grasp. They have won countless national titles and prizes, including:

1st National Champion Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2010
1st National Champion Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2012
1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2012 (with Bolt)
Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2011
Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2013
3rd International Ace Pigeon Europa Cup 2012
4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2011
7th National Champion Sprint Young Birds KBDB 2011

This is not just a successful team. They have really dominated their opponents at national level. They have excelled in nearly every type of race! Some pigeon magazines would call this pigeon racing from a different planet.

The end

The success story of Leo Heremans is about to come to an end, at least in Leo’s own loft. There is no doubt that countless other pigeon fanciers and future buyers will continue to excel and win top prizes with this pigeon breed! Just take a look at the impressive achievements of these pigeons in other lofts: there have been Olympiad pigeons in the lofts of the Eijerkamp family from Brummen (NL), Wolfgang Roeper from Kummerfeld (DE), Willem De Bruijn from Reeuwijk (NL), Dirk Van Dyck from Zandhoven (BE), Dick Van Den Bulck from Grobbendonk (BE), Stickers-Donckers from Lille (BE), K & K Meijers from Ootmarsum (NL), Bert Braspenning from Wijdewormer (NL) and Michel Van Lint from Zoutleeuw (BE). In addition these pigeons have turned many fanciers into national champions; think for instance of Danny Van Dyck from Pulle (BE) and Jules Lens from Putte (BE). This list does not even include the pigeon fanciers who have won provincial and national first prizes with the amazing Heremans descendants! The total auction of Leo Heremans heralds the end of the overwhelmingly successful Leo Heremans loft. We are confident that this success story will continue in countless other lofts in the future.

Two breeding pairs in BIS

Every single pigeon that is now housed in the Heremans loft will be sold in an internet auction on PIPA. However, one of the most prominent pigeons of the catalogue will not be included: Louis (BE11-6094046). He is barely two years old but after three pairings earlier this year he could not manage to fertilize a single egg. Leo does not want to auction infertile pigeons so this pigeon will not be offered for auction. All pigeons that are now in the loft will soon be on display on our website, including two auctions in BIS. This means Leo will have two offers in BIS that both consist of two full breeding pairs (four pigeons per offer). The buyer can decide which of the two breeding pairs he takes home; the remaining pair moves back to Vorselaar. As a result Leo will be left with two breeding pairs after the total auction. He couldn’t stand the idea of not having any pigeons in his loft anymore, hence this decision.

In the first offer the buyer will have the choice between the parents of the First National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2012 Bolt (BE09-6269108 x BE08-6050132) and the parents of Olympic Sperwer (NL08-2048857 x BE07-6379888). The second offer consists of the super pair Safier BE07-6399396 x Moeder Dubbel Aske BE07-6369527 and the parents of Olympiad Pigeon Wolfgang Roeper (Jan Roeper BE07-6369515 x Kim BE07-6399401). Leo insisted on keeping these pairs together. He did not want to separate the parents of several top class ace pigeons and Olympiad Pigeons. Instead he wants these pairs to continue to breed great pigeons in other lofts and for other fanciers as well. That explains his decision to sell these pigeons in pairs as combined offers. So the buyer decides which of the two pairs in BIS will be transferred to a new home and which will move back to Leo’s.

There will be no young birds born in 2013 in this auction. These birds had already been ordered and sold on beforehand. That is also the reason why this auction started in May; Leo wanted to keep to his promises. A deal is a deal!

Auction online on Sunday 5 May, bidding starts on 6 May only!

The Leo Heremans pigeon auction will be online on Sunday 5 May, to allow every fancier to take a look at the full catalogue in advance and without stress. After all this is an extensive collection of over 500 pigeons. This is an extra service for potential buyers! Bidding starts about 24 hours later, on Monday afternoon 6 May 5.00pm Belgian Time (CEST). That is when this internet auction will be open for bidding. Everybody will try to get his hands on a number of outstanding pigeons that will undoubtedly bring success to many lofts! These are great days for any pigeon fancier. Good luck to everyone!