Paul & Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE): an impressive comeback in Bevel

In 2012 Paul and Jelle had a challenge ahead of them when they moved from Berlaar to Bevel. Surprisingly, they had impressive results right from the start.

Jelle Roziers knows how to fancy pigeons; this is no longer a secret. Jelle Roziers is a natural born pigeon fancier. It all started at an early age, when he could walk around in the loft of the young birds of his grandfather Gust Roziers. He was fond of small animals and he was curious about their behaviour, which was very appealing to him. He developed a passion for pigeons but that is not really a surprise: he grew up among such champions as Jef Houben and Hubert Schroyens, who showed him what pigeon fancying looked like. Not only did he watch the birds arrive, he also helped cleaning the lofts during the week and he could see how the pigeons were taken care of and how they were trained to become successful racing birds. It was there that he learned the ropes. Jelle evaluated pigeons, he compared them and he drew his own conclusions. In 2004 he put theory into practice when he took care of a group of pigeons of Hubert Schroyens. After some time off he came back in 2007 and he decided to fancy pigeons on his own and under his own name.

The real start in 2007

Before 2007 there were some pigeons in the loft as well but they were mainly used for the sprint, due to lack of time. His father Paul was running a business in the Laarhoeve and he was also abroad regularly. In 2007 father and son decided to form a team: Paul would be the breeder and Jelle the racer. They decided to join forces in the future. Jelle was well aware that he needed excellent pigeons if he wanted to become a top level player! This underlines the importance of a solid breeding loft. Their goal was to excel in the provincial and especially the national races of the longer middle distance. This is a discipline with a lot of rivals; there are a lot of excellent fanciers in this competition. Jelle knew that he had to be well prepared. For the basis of his breed he used pigeons of the old bloodline of his grandfather Gust Roziers, as well as some new purchases and joint breedings with national stars from around, including of course the Houben family but also Jos & Jules Engels, Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Theo Yskout, Van Looy-Somers etc…

His father Paul, won a first National La Souterraine young birds in 2004 in a partnership with Tom Guldentops (under the name of Roziers-Guldentops) and the winning hen originated from the pigeons of grandfather Gust Roziers (sire) and from Theo Yskout (dam). This was a great achievement from this hen and she has been playing a key role in the team of Paul & Jelle Roziers right from the start. She formed the basis for a very successful bloodline and she became an outstanding stock dam. We are of course talking about the famous Queen L.

-Queen L BE04-6277729

This is the star of the breeding loft of Paul & Jelle. This is a wonderful breeding hen and she is invaluable to them. First of all she has plenty of references both in her own loft and in other fanciers’ breeding loft, where her direct descendants achieve great results. In 2012 she continues to play a key role in the loft as the dam of several top class racers, including a team of young racers that have won the following titles in 2012:

1st  Prov. Ace Pigeon Antwerp Flying Club 2012
3rd  Ace Pigeon Long Distance Union Antwerp 2012
7th  Ace Pigeon Long Distance Union Antwerp 2012
8th  Best young bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 Nationals in 2012 
8th  Ace Pigeon Long Distance Union Antwerp 2012
9th  Ace Pigeon Long Distance Union Antwerp 2012
10th Best young bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 Nationals in 2012 
39th Best young bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 Nationals in 2012 
45th Best young bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 Nationals in 2012

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-Faithful BE04-6457300
A full brother of Queen L and also a pigeon with an excellent reputation in the breeding loft. That is because he breeds champions as well: he is the the sire of great racers and champions.
Click here for the references of Faithful as a breeder

-Dark King BE05-6445431
He is also a brother of Queen L and one of the pigeons that brought success to the loft of Armand Schoolmeesters from Spalbeek. This excellent breeder has bred the winners of:
1st Prov Nevers 1,312 p. (BE10-5020054)
1st Prov Gueret 1,362 p. (BE12-5015039)

-Alena BE12-6236008

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Antwerp Flying club 2012
7th Ace Pigeon Long Distance Union Antwerpen 2012
8th Best Young Bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 National Races for young birds
Argenton    Prov    3,264 p. 14
            Zone B  8,624 p. 35
            Nat    25,949 p. 205
La Souterraine Pro  2,744 p. 32
            Zone B  6,618 p. 34
            Nat    19,155 p. 109
Gueret      Prov    2,550 p. 49
            Zone B  5,726 p. 88
            Nat    16,988 p. 183

She is a direct Luc Houben, bred from the line of Queen L. She belongs to the racing team Paul & Jelle Roziers.

-Sunrise Ocean BE12-6201143

3rd Ace Pigeon Long distance Young Birds Union Antwerp 2012
39th Best Young Bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 nationals for young birds
Won 2 x Top-100 Nationally in four national races
Angerville  ZAV     3,082 p. 3
Bourges     Prov    4,824 p. 40
            Zone B 12,532 p. 50
            Nat    33,524 p. 92
Gueret      Prov    2,550 p. 17
            Zone B  5,726 p. 27
            Nat    16,988 p. 41
Blois       Prov    1,391 p. 38
          I.Prov    3,426 p. 70
Argenton    Prov    3,264 p. 182
            Zone B  8,624 p. 427
            Nat    25,949 p. 1340
Bourges   I.Prov    5,156 p. 105

She is a granddaughter of Queen L via het daughter Ocean Drive 558/09.

-Ace Fons BE12-6201002

8th Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds Union Antwerp 2012
10th Best Young Bird of Belgium on 3 of 4 nationals for young birds
Angerville  ZAV     3,082 p. 39
Gueret      Prov    2,550 p. 29
            Zone B  5,726 p. 52
            Nat    16,988 p. 88
Bourges     Prov    4,824 p. 59
            Zone B 12,532 p. 75
            Nat    33,524 p. 142
La Souterraine Pro  2,744 p. 103
            Zone B  6,618 p. 124
            Nat    19,155 p. 327
Argenton    Zone B  8,624 p. 1627
            Nat    25,949 p. 4767

He is also a grandson of Queen L via her son Holly Blood 001/08.

The new lofts in Bevel with the spacious landing board in the middle

From Berlaar to Bevel

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Roziers family decided to leave the Laarhoeve in Berlaar to move to a new location in Bevel. They made a new start in 2012 with a talented team of young birds. Since there were only young birds in the loft in the first season Jelle could focus entirely on his team of young racers.

The high quality bloodlines that moved from Berlaar to Bevel remained intact. They installed new breeding boxes (see picture) and some feeding pairs were used to raise the youngsters of their best breeding pigeons. This allowed them to create a new racing team right from the start. Judging by the results it seems that the team of 2012 is very talented. Some of their racers were successful right from the start.

The roof of the racing loft is practically sealed off but there is an air vent in the ridge. There are spacious aviaries in front of the loft where the pigeons can fly around. There is plenty of oxygen there and when the doors between the loft and the aviaries are opened during the day there is ample ventilation in the loft itself, said Paul and Jelle. The pigeons enter the loft on a big landing board, after which they can be guided to their section in the loft through a corridor.

Of course they did not change a lot about their existing racing method. Paul and Jelle are still using the full collection of Matador mixtures and Eddy Noël is still the feed expert in the loft. They continue to use Premium Kweek mixture when breeding young birds and in the first weeks after weaning. The racing birds are given a mix of Premium Start (detoxification) and Premium Vlieg in the beginning of the week. On the last two days before basketing for the national races Jelle feeds his pigeons plenty of Premium Fond and Turbo Energy. On the final day he only gives them Turbo Energy and they can eat as much as they want. Some peanuts are provided as well, so that they can enter the basket with a full stomach. They add some Backs Omega Plus Oil and TS6 (Backs) to the feed regularly as a probiotic. Those who know Jelle know that he favours natural products and that he detests medication unless there is no other option. That is why his pigeons are checked regularly. When he is in doubt he asks for advice from several vets including An Havet (Blanden), Henk De Weerd (Breda), Raf Herbots (Velm), Vincent Schroeder (Bilzen) or Peter Coutteel (Nijlen). That does not mean he consults them all but he wants to be able to find advice as quickly as possible. He also takes the necessary precautions with for instance the obligatory vaccination against paramyxo, smallpox, paratyphoid fever and the feared herpes virus.

As soon as the pigeons are in perfect health it is time to focus on their fitness. The best way to achieve that is by training them every day. Healthy pigeons love to fly and train. Jelle starts to train the young birds fairly late because he wants them to be fit at the start of the national classics season. By that time they have done quite a few training flights and they should be in great form. That is why they are taken away by car every day from July onwards. Paul and Jelle have no mercy; the pigeons have to work very hard during the racing season. Jelle explains: we breed pigeons to race them, in the hope of discovering a few super class birds. That explains why the fanciers from Bevel select pigeons on their achievements only. The entire team (both cocks and hens) are basketed for the short long distance (450-600km). Pigeons that cannot manage this are inevitably left out. Selection is hard but fair here in Bevel!

What does 2013 bring?

When we take a look at the results from 2012 it seems that the pigeon family of Paul and Jelle Roziers is on the right track. The two fanciers are very ambitious for next season, especially with the new national program for the longer middle distance. This will probably be a battle of the strongest, because there are many strong lofts in this region who focus on the longer middle distance. That explains why the new calendar is a hot topic in Belgium.

A team of about 40 yearlings will be trained for next season and they will have about 190 young birds in their loft in Bevel. About 40 of them come from the Houben family, another 50 come from the partnership of Willockx-Noël and about 10 birds are from Stella Rossa (Italy). The remaining 90 were bred in their own breeding loft. This is quite a group of pigeons and Jelle dreams of achieving great results with them. All pigeons will have to do the national program. The goal is to have the young birds cover all seven national races, starting with Bourges II.

This is quite a challenge but Jelle is someone who likes challenges. With such an impressive team of racing pigeons it is obvious that the Roziers family aims for a great season; they want to excel in the national classics of the longer middle distance. As long as Jelle manages to get his team fit for the races we can expect great results from Bevel. We think this will be a stressful season for many fanciers in the region! Jelle does not suffer from stress; he calls it healthy adrenalin!

Some collective results with the young birds in 2012

21/7 Angerville (365 km) Union Antwerp – ZAV 3,082 p.
3-7-8-12-23-39-50-76-78-104-117-129-139-220-225-234-235-237-238-287-… 66/40

4/8 Blois (465 km) Interprovincial 3,282 p.
4-5-6-82-93-95-109-184-198-200-201-253-306-310-314-… 51/33

11/8 Argenton (555 km) Provincial 3,264 p.
5-6-9-10-14-17-28-114-1169-135-182-191-255-257-311-… 50/33

18/8 Blois (465 km) Provincial 1,391 p.
3-8-19-28-30-38-51-53-74-76-103-107-112-128-… 45/31

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