Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem, BE) winners of ‘National Super Loft Grand Middle Distance 2012 Het Duivenblad’ and much more

The lofts of the impressively strong duo Paul Gevaert and Carlos Lannoo are located in Meigem, which is a community in the East Flemish city of Deinze. Paul and Carlos have had quite a few remarkable results in recent years, both at the middle distance and the longer middle distance.

These fanciers are truly outstanding both with the old birds, the yearlings and the young birds. As a result they have won ace pigeon titles as well as top prizes in several important competitions. In the competitions of the National Super Loft 2012 in the Longer Middle Distance category they finished in front of a whole group of national top class pigeons. For instance, the second place was won by Luc Christiaens from Ooigem, a West Flemish fancier who has been nearly impossible to beat this season. The other fanciers in the top 10 are also among the very best in Belgium in the longer middle distance discipline. Gevaert-Lanoo had already won the championship in the Extreme Middle Distance in 2010 and they finished second in the Short Middle Distance category in that same year. Let me conclude by saying that 2012 was again a season full of top prizes on a weekly basis, just like the previous seasons. They finished 2012 with 18 first prizes. As a result they were very successful in the different championships as well.


Some of the highlights of 2012

1st National 'Super Loft' 2012 in the “Het Duivenblad” competition
1st Champion Young Birds F.V.O.V.
1st & 2nd Ace Pigeon Young Birds in the Championship of Bruges - Flanders
1st General Champion old birds & yearlings & young birds in the “Riddersclub van België”
1st Champion Extreme Middle Distance Young Birds in Long Dist. Club “Union Eiktak “ Eeklo
1st Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance old birds “Union Eiktak” Eeklo
1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds in “Union Eiktak” Eeklo
1st Champion Young Birds Long Distance fond AJD O-Vl.
2nd General Champion Ace Pigeons Championship of Bruges - Flanders
2nd Champion O.V.V. Young Birds
2nd Best National Young Birds 2012 over 3 national races in the PIPA ranking
3rd provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB East Fl.
3rd Ace Pigeon Old Birds Championship Bruges - Flanders
3rd Super Cup Middle Distance Championship Bruges - Flanders
7th Ace Pigeon Old Birds Championship Bruges - Flanders
9th Ace Pigeon Old Birds Championship Bruges - Flanders

Two hens did the job

The title of First National Super Loft in the competition of Het Duivenblad can be won with the five best results of one old bird plus the three best results of a young bird. The pigeons Zuster 42 –Kaafje 10-4275442 and Miss Perfect 12-4175037 have managed to win the title in the Longer Middle Distance. The old bird is an aunt of the young bird. One of them is a daughter of Chateauke; the other is a granddaughter of Chateauke.

Let's have a closer look at them:

1. Sister 42 Kaafje 10-4275442

This is a full sister of the amazing hen Kaafje 07-4270406, one of the very best hens in this loft and now moved to the breeding loft. She won an 8th Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds in 2012.

In 2012 Sister 42 Kaafje won for instance:

3rd prov. ace pigeon KBDB East Fl. middle distance old birds
3rd ace pigeon old birds in the Championship Bruges - Flanders
1st ace pigeon Long Dist. Club “Union Eiktak” in Eeklo
5 x 1st

This is her impressive list of achievements:

1st  Orléans 410 p. (0.24%)
1st  Blois 234 p. (0.42%)
22nd nat. Gueret 13,885 p. in 2010 (0.15%)
93rd nat. Argenton 4,126 p. in 2011(2.25%)
3rd  Montluçon 527 p. (0.55%)
181st nat. Montlucon 17,865 p.
2nd  Angerville 214 p. (0.93%)
6th  Angerville 546 p.
3rd  Blois 547 p. (0.54%)
12th Blois  1,033 p.
7th  Blois  1,698 p.
88th Blois  1,448 p.
54th Blois  1,357 p.
2nd  Argenton provincial against 687 p. (0.29%)
9th  Argenton national  against 4,782 p. (0.18%)

The origins of Sister 42 Kaafje:

  • Sire: Dikke Antoon 05-4325774 (100 % W. Vanhoutte)
  • Dam: Chateauke 05-3202164 (the late stock dam); she is in turn bred from Dikken 02-3185487 (a grandson of the phenomenal Bliksem 062-98 of G. Vandenabeele) with Chateauke 01-3116222 (Declerck-Blancke)

2. Miss Perfect: 12-4175037

This pigeon won the following prizes in 2012:

1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds in the Championship Bruges - Flanders
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Young Birds in “Union Eiktak” Eeklo
2nd best national pigeon in the PIPA ranking over 3 national races

She has three national top prizes on her list of achievements:

4th  Argenton Fondclub     1,031 p.
7th  Argenton provincial   6,097 p.
26th zone A Argenton     10,695 p.
31st national Argenton  25,949 p.
4th  La Souterraine Fondclub 710 p.
36th La Souterraine provincial 4,611 p.
18th La Souterraine zone A 7,450 p.
3rd  Gueret Fondclub 612 p.
30th Gueret zone A 7,174 p.

Her pedigree tells us something about her origins:

  • Sire: Bleke Fideel 08-4280360; a son of Fideel Etienne 00-4282578 paired to Red Nat duivin 05-4126313. The Bleke Fideel is for instance the sire of Meal (1st Ablis 318 p. – 2nd Gueret 522 p.) of Nealy (1st Blois 374 p.) and 411-dv (1st Ablis 257 p.)
  • Dam: Jade 08-4347341 (a nest sister of the great breeder Einstein 08-4347342). She is another daughter of Chateauke, just like t'Kaafje, Zuster 42 Kaafje etc.

18 first prizes in 2012

The pigeons of Gevaert-Lannoo had a magnificent 2012 season:

Angerville (318km): 3–7–10–12-25-… against 250 old birds (8/8)
Angerville: 1-2–4–12 against 161 yearlings (4/4)
Angerville: 2–7-13… against 957 old birds (7/9)
Bourges (442 km): 3–10–13–20–28… against 634 old birds (7/8)
Bourges 3,703 p. provincial: 13–42–55–110-150… (6/8)
Bourges national 20,589 p.: 77–191–228–480… (6/8)
Angerville 214 old birds: 2–5–25–38…(7/7)
Montluçon 537 old birds: 2–3–6–14–28… (11/12)
Montluçon zone A 6081 old birds: 11-14–35-128… (10/12)
Montluçon national 17,865 p.: 160–181–304… (9/12)

The duo won three first prizes in one weekend:

Angerville 248 old birds: 1st (1/3)
Angerville 328 young birds: 1–27–28… (12/17)
Angerville 217 young birds: 1-21–29… (6/12)

In the same weekend, on 30 June, there was a memorable flight from Argenton, with an unprecedented achievement:

Argenton (512 km) 415 old birds: 5–6-9-13-15-16-19-38… (11/12)
Argenton 2,848 p. provincial: 17–19–23–37–44-50-60… (11/12),
So they had six pigeons in the top 50. Their results at zonal level 
against 4,504 p.: 21–24–30–42–51-58–73… (11/12)
- and national against 12,390 p.: 49–57–74–110–131-143… (11/12)
Argenton 731 yearlings: 14–18–22-25-55… (8/8)
Argenton 5,548 yearlings: 133–150–185–199-372… (6/8)
Blois (412 km) 328 yearlings: 2-14–23-31-49… (7/7)
Blois 463 young birds: 2–3-4–6–7-15–16–18… (18/18)
Blois provincial 3105 young birds: 15–16–21–39–44-121-… (16/18)
Angerville 234 young birds: 2–5–6–9–10–14…(8/9)
Ecouen  (233 km) 426 young birds: 1–5-9-10–16…(8/8)
Vierzon (434 km) 610 p.: 1-8–24…(6/6)
Angerville 382 young birds: 1-2–3–11–32…(8/11)

In the national from Argenton on 11 August the pigeons of Gevaert-Lannoo did great as well! Judge for yourself:

Argenton 1,021 young birds: 1-4-5–6-17… (16/23)
Argenton provincial 6,097 young birds: 1-7-10–20…
Argenton zone A 10,695 young birds: 6-26-32-68-132-204-222… (15/23)
Argenton national 25,949 young birds: 6-31-37-82-179-280…… (15/23)
Argenton provincial 687 old birds: 1-2-3–4-16…(the first 4 provincial)
Argenton oude zone A  1,223 p.: 7–8-10–11-37-69-71…(9/11)
Argenton national 4,782 old birds: 8-9-12–13-59–125-127… (11/11)

In the national from Argenton, Paul and Carlos managed to have 10 of their 39 nominated pigeons within the national top 100. On 13 August there was a doping test and after that they were congratulated. At the end of the 2012 season they basketed pigeons from La Souterraine (25/8) and Gueret (8/9) and they performed as follows:
La Souterraine (550 km) against 124 old birds: 2–3–6–7–8–… (13/15) and against 710 young birds: 4–21–29–35… (14/22)
Gueret ( 551 km) against 610 youngsters: 3–9–29–33–42–59…(15/21).

National top 10 prizes in the last four seasons

2nd nat. Bourges 19,084 old birds ‘08
3rd nat. La Souterraine 4,459 old birds ‘09
4th nat. Gueret 14,362 young birds ‘11
6th nat. La Souterraine 4,459 old birds ‘09
6th nat. Argenton 25,949 young birds ‘12
8th nat. Bourges 16,771 yearlings ‘08
8th nat. Bourges 27,506 old birds ‘09
8th nat. Argenton 4,782 old birds ‘12
9th nat. La Souterraine 4,459 old birds ‘09
9th nat. Argenton 4,782 old birds ‘12

This was an overview of how the exceptionally strong loft of Gevaert-Lannoo has been doing in recent years. This pigeon family is run by two nice and popular fanciers and they manage to win several provincial and/or national top results every season. We would like to congratulate Paul and Carlos on a magnificent career.