Marcel Wouters (Westmalle, BE): 1st National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB 2012 and first Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance Nitra 2013

Marcel Wouters has become well known in the pigeon sport in the past two years but some insiders and attentive fanciers already knew for quite some time that the breeding loft of Marcel houses a collection of outstanding breeders.

How it all started

Marcel won his first national from La Souterraine with yearlings in 1998. He also won quite a few top prizes in the union. Most fanciers knew what to expect every time Marcel basketed his pigeons. However, this was only a forerunner to what was to come in the 21st century. This is a never ending success story.

De Leeuw and Den Extreem

The pigeons from Westmalle had had some very successful seasons already but the career of Marcel Wouters really took a turn in 2003 with the birth of two exceptional young birds: De Leeuw (6277418/03) and Den Extreem (6277483/03). They already proved in their year of birth that their opponents had a reason to worry:

Den Extreem:
24th Orleans 1,289 p.
2nd  prov. Argenton 2,057 p.

De Leeuw:
2nd   Orleans 1,289 p.
135th prov. Bourges 6,217 p.

They really started to excel as one year olds:

Den Extreem:
1st Vierzon 220 p.
4th Vierzon 287 p.
2nd Vierzon prov. 1,564 p.
1st Blois prov. 586 p.

De Leeuw:
2nd  Noyon 931 p.
12th Dourdan 1,475 p.
108th Toury 1,233 p.
5th  Toury 975 p.
1st  Dourdan 1,376 p.
1st  Dourdan 530 p.
6th  Melun 561 p.
6th  Dourdan 1,052 p.
1st  Toury 545 p.
25th Melun 424 p.
22nd Orleans 419 p.
1st  Ace Pigeon Antwerp Union West
4th  National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2004

Outstanding descendants

The exceptional team of racing pigeons from Westmalle had caught the attention of Dirk Van Dijck. He paid Marcel a visit with a granddaughter of Broer Rambo to ask for a joint breeding. It was then that the breeding qualities of De Leeuw really started to show. He bred De Bourges (6472084/04) when paired to kleindochter broer Rambo. The De Bourges was in turn, sire of the 2nd and 7th nat. Bourges 20,544 pigeons, 3rd prov. Orleans 4,877 pigeons, 1st Ace Pigeon St-Job Middle Distance Old birds 2010 and 2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds ZAV.

Jos Vercammen from Vremde had also noticed that Marcel had won no less than six victories in the short middle distance in 2010 in St. Job, a national club that is considered one of the strongest in Belgium. That is why a few pigeons from Westmalle were moved to Vremde, including Elektro (6174630/08). This son of Den Extreem x Dochter Leeuw turned into the undisputed stock father for Vercammen. His descendants have won for instance: first semi-nat. Blois 1,165 pigeons, first interprov. Blois 1,519 pigeons, second Dourdan 1,747 pigeons, 125th nat. Bourges 20,544 pigeons, 26th nat. Limoges 14,211 pigeons. The first nat. Bourges against 37,090 pigeons was a grandchild of De Leeuw as well. 

Rik Hermans and L-B-J Geerinckx were the next fanciers to notice the achievements of Marcel Wouters. Rik has a nephew of De Leeuw in his loft and he bred the 1st nat. Bourges 24,676 pigeons, as well as a 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Yearlings in Poznan in 2011. Geerinckx did a joint breeding and the descendants have won, for instance: 1st prov. Argenton 971 pigeons, 3rd nat. Argenton 6,033 pigeons, 2nd prov. Montluçon, 3rd prov. Chateauroux 1,605 pigeons, 1st prov. Chateauroux 2,139 pigeons and 1st prov. Chateauroux 1,762 pigeons. The well known fanciers Willem de Bruyn and Ad Schaerlaekens were also looking for a better pigeon and they proved very successful with descendants of De Leeuw and Den Extreem. This is what made these two pigeons really world famous.

Ad (6251541/10)

It was especially the visit from Ad Schaerlaekens that had an impact on the lofts in Westmalle. Marcel could breed from a granddaughter of Ace Four for one year, in exchange for two youngsters from De Leeuw. They wondered if things would work out and again and De Leeuw did not disappoint. One of the five youngsters felt that the time was right to take the position of the old stock sire. This bird has the same racing qualities as his sire, which resulted in the following titles:

1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance ZAV 2011
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Antwerp Small Middle Distance 2012
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB 2012
1st Olympiad Pigeon cat.B Nitra 2013

The following victories were enough for Ad to win the title of Olympiad Pigeon:

1st Angerville 1,678 p.
2nd Melun 1,221 p.
1st Marne La Vallee 276 p.
2nd Angerville 1,332 p.
3rd Angerville 1,059 p.
1st Melun 833 p.
4th Angerville 528 p.
1st Angerville 466 p.

The trophies of 2012

Breeding qualities

The first eggs of De Leeuw this year were not fertilised. That is why Marcel placed him back in the breeding loft to allow him to make a new nest. He was surprised to find two fertilised eggs in his nest bowl some time later.  “In all honesty I have some doubts about these eggs”, says Marcel. “The colour of the youngsters will tell us a lot but I will have them checked on their DNA anyway. But there is no reason for panic. It is obvious that Ad has inherited the outstanding flying capabilities of his father but it seems that his breeding qualities are great as well, as was illustrated by a son of his who has won the following prizes:

2nd  Noyon 883 p.
5th  Dourdan 2,077 p.
52nd Dourdan 1,927 p.
61st Noyon 1,043 p.

Where will this end? It seems that the success story of Marcel Wouters will continue in the future. At the moment the pigeon Ad is still in his own loft. “It would be better for my health to sell him but I want to keep him for my own pigeon breed”, says Marcel. We will continue to follow the achievements of De Leeuw, Den Extreem and Ad. Below the article you can find the pedigrees, results and the titles that were won in recent years.