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Dirk Deroose (Kruishoutem, BE): ambitious, driven and on his way to the top

Dirk Deroose from Kruishoutem has a heart for pigeons. He is passionate and very ambitious for the national races. 2012 was a great year and a step towards even more successful seasons.

Dirk is CEO of a major building company called the Willy Naessens Group. This means he is a very busy man. This company is specialised in logistics and distribution centres, offices, swimming pools etc.

Despite his busy job, with long working days, Dirk has managed to make a good impression in the pigeon races in Belgium at national level. The 40 year old fancier from Kruishoutem invested time and money to reach the top of the national in Belgium and he succeeded.

In 2010 Dirk paid a visit to André van Herzeele (Nazareth) and he was impressed with his pigeon BE09-4077558. This excellent bird had won a glorious national victory from Argenton against 19,757 pigeons earlier that year. This national win was not the first great result of this outstanding racing pigeon. He had already won a first Chateauroux against 147 pigeons and a 55th national against 22,718 pigeons in that same race. He achieved this despite the fact that he lost several minutes due to a malfunctioning timing system. Dirk purchased De Argenton, as he was called, and he placed the bird in his impressive loft in Kruishoutem. He renamed it Matisse, the name of his son. Now he will have the chance to prove his talent in the crowded breeding loft of Dirk.

The sire of Matisse is none other than Super Crack BE07-4145554 of Roland Dewaele from Dentergem. Super Crack has won, for instance, a first Blois against 115 pigeons (5th provincial 2,352 pigeons), first Argenton 169 pigeons, fourth Clermont 121 pigeons, fourth Argenton 389 pigeons etc. The dam of Matisse is BE07-4281021 of Daniël Colpaert from Kruishoutem.

Another invaluable pigeon in Dirk’s loft that should not be forgotten in this report is the cock BE06-4378467 Picsou, a direct Chris Hebberecht from Evergem. Picsou is, for instance, the sire of the first national zone Argenton 2012, second national Narbonne in 2009, third national Pau 2009, third national Narbonne 2010 and 6th national Argenton 2010. Picsou is housed in the wonderful lofts of Dirk. He is shared between three different fanciers: Mathias Dewitte (25%), De Smeyter-Restiaen (25%) and of course Dirk (50%). Niels BE11-4234385 is a son of Picsou and he proves that the apple does not fall from the tree. Niels won a first national zone (A) Argenton 8,476 pigeons, second provincial Vierzon 2,738 pigeons, 31st provincial Châteauroux against 3,960 pigeons etc, all in 2012. Obviously Dirk is very satisfied having a pigeon like Picsou in his loft.

Wonderboy "Picsou"

In the last few years a lot has been changed around in his lofts. For instance he added some aviaries in front of his lofts and he also improved air circulation. This proves once again that he is an ambitious fancier who leaves nothing to chance. That is why only the very best pigeons are allowed in his loft.

“I have had a successful professional career. In pigeon racing things seem to work out as well but we do everything to make further improvements,” says Dirk, who is not at all an attention-seeker. He is ambitiously looking for the best pigeons he can find in Belgium and this will likely allow him to achieve his goals in pigeon racing very soon: winning national victories and championships.  

We think it is only a matter of time before he will be just as successful in pigeon racing as he is now in his professional career. We are convinced that he will reach the highest level in our sport one day.