Speech Nikolaas Gyselbrecht op PIPA-feest (19/12/2010) - NL ondertitels beschikbaar

Op het PIPA/Duivenblad feest van 19 december 2010 gaf Nikolaas een speech over het verleden en de toekomst van PIPA en de duivensport. De speech is in het Engels, maar Nederlandstalige ondertitels zijn aanwezig.


Dear Nikolaas,
Unfortunately it was impossible for me to be present on the Pipa-party but I want to say you that I liked very much of your speech.
Who heard your speech understand easily the key of the Pipa success and how you and all the Pipa Team work everyday to be the Number 1!

Your friend,

Rui Lobato
PiPa Team - Portugal & España
Web: www.avelar-lobato.loftgest.com
Telemóvel/Mobile: (00351) 938 315 031
Telefone/Phone: (00351) 309 802 429

Dear friend,

Your speech at the party was very good.
You are exactly Steven Jobs in the pigeon world.
I wish to express my gratitude for meeting you.

Best regards,

Your friend in Japan,

Masafumi Uozumi, DVM

"Pigeon Paradise Japan Agency"