Een film over PiPa en de Jos Thoné veiling (door Fearless Films)

Een film over PiPa en de publieke verkoping (zonder jongen) van Jos Thoné, op 18 december 2010 in Thorn (NL). Deze film werd gemaakt door Fearless Films, een filmbedrijf uit Australië.


Congratulations with this video,nice to see how fanatic everybody on the PiPa crew is working together.
Keep up the good work!!



Hello to Nikolaas, Thomas, Carlo and the whole PiPa-Team!
I'm excited about this great video! Very well done!!!
It shows once again the excellent work of PiPa!
I'm looking forward to a great auction of Jos Thonés pigeons in December
and wish good luck for it!!!
Kindest regards,

heb er met veel plezier naar gekeken en geluisterd.wens jos een goede en mooie verkoop toe wat hij trouwens verdient gezien zen mooie carriere in de duivensport proficiat jos

Nice video, great team(work).

super werk !!

Great promo and even greater website!
We wish for you all lots of succes in the near future.

Yours in sport, Anita & Frans

thanks for the reactions, the video is made by Streamline Media, a company from Australia, that will also attend the public auction of Jos Thoné and will use this material, together with the other video material they have collected with their world wide travels...they went to the Queen of England, to USA, ...all for this video. Looking forward to the whole video !

Fotograafke, wie heeft die foto's gemaakt op de achtergrond ? wel sjiek zenne Smile

Hi Mr. Nikolaas,

May I know when and where will be the venue of the public auction for Mr. Jos Thone . ?

thanks and more power !

Best regards,

In Thorn, The Netherlands, 18th of December 2010.

Super video my brother!
I'm proud to be in this team!! Smile

Hi everyone. Great to hear you like the video we produced. We have a new Jos Thone DVD out now. Go to www.fearlessfilms.co.uk for more info.
For a short teaser, go to this address.

Al jaren: the best of the best !!!

Bonjour, le nouveau DVD de Jos Thoné existe t'il en language français ?

Jarrod Boord:
We don't have this DVD in French. If there was enough of a demand for French Subtitles, we could put them on.

really it a great video
may i ask you about auction of the pipa pigeons
Did you make some decoration for the pigeons photo or normal photo you take for pigeons

Hi Khulaian,
There has been no 'decoration' for the videos. These are original shots. They are just great looking birds!