Vercammen Jos, "No-one has ever accomplished such a feat... For the 3rd time in a row … in 2004, 2005 ánd in 2006"

1st GENERAL CHAMPION ‘Fondclub Antwerpen*’ !!

In 2004:
1st GENERAL CHAMPION ‘Fondclub Antwerpen’ (450-750 Km)
(Province Antwerp against about 9.000 fanciers) !!

In 2005: 1st GENERAL CHAMPION ‘Fondclub Antwerpen’ (450-750 Km)
(Province Antwerp against about 8-9.000 fanciers) !!

In 2006: 1st GENERAL CHAMPION ‘Fondclub Antwerpen’ (450-750 Km)
(Province Antwerp against about 8.000 fanciers) !!

For the very first time in the 57 years of the existence of the Long Distance Club of Antwerp, a colony has managed to achieve the title of General Champion for three consecutive years ... and not just any colony. The ‘super colony’ of the Loft of Jos & Lars Vercammen in Vremde deserves all the credit. From now on, this team can proudly call itself the ‘EMPEROR’ of the Long Distance Club of Antwerp. They had to compete against the very best of the province of Antwerp that consists of about 8.000 members among which top stars such as Engels, Houben, Van Elsacker-Jepsen, Van Dijck, Roodhooft, Geerinckx, Berckmoes, Geerts, Van Leest-Peeters, Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, De Rijck, Heremans-Ceusters etc… All lofts with an excellent reputation in pigeon land.
The title of ‘General Champion of the Long Distance Club of Antwerp’ is the crowning glory for the fancier who participates during the entire season with old...yearlings... and young pigeons in races of 450 up to 750 km. Jos and Lars have now obtained this prize for the 3rd time in a row... This championship is won in races of 450 Km-750 km and is divided up as follows: 5 races with old pigeons, 4 races with yearlings and 3 races with young pigeons, each time with the 1st + 2nd nominated or 24 prizes to be won in total. Jos and Lars did it for the 3rd time in 3 years time. They achieved 20 prizes out of 24 one time and two times 21 prizes out of 24… which brings the total of their latest 3 seasons to 63 prizes out of 72, apart from achieving about 5 1st Provincial victories! Simply phenomenal... On top of all that, they also obtained the title of 1st Champion Young Pigeons ‘Fondclub Antwerpen’ 2006… which illustrates once more the huge class of the modern Vercammen pigeon!!

Successful formula
So we went to Vremde, a rural town located to the east of the city of Antwerp, to look for the men, the pigeons and the method they use to achieve such top results. Our navigation system directed us through fields and pastures but eventually, we reached our destination and faced the spacious house and beautiful pigeon installation of our hosts: Jos & Lars Vercammen. Over the years, their colony has become one of the top colonies of our country, what is more: Jos & Lars are established values of Belgian pigeon sport. Jos’s son Lars is in the middle of the examination period and had to study although he did have a moment of spare time to show us a couple of things on his computer... Lars is in charge of all the administrative work on PC and he also keeps the website up to date. Jos plainly admitted that such things are partly Greek to him... but he could tell us everything about the pigeons and his successful method. He was truly an open book... and in the end, that was exactly why we came to Vremde!

What struck us immediately was that this is a man who knows extremely well how to handle things and how to make things pay. Jos used to manage a fruit and greengrocer’s shop and he sometimes worked 16 hours a day... hard work but maybe this was the perfect training for the modern approach of his cherished hobby: pigeon sport. Jos underlines that pigeon sport is a hobby, a pastime... He is not handling this hobby maniacally which doesn’t mean that Jos Vercammen is not a fanatic pigeon fancier, not someone who wants to achieve good results... not someone who wants to win! But then again, scratching out lofts all day long, putting pigeons in their baskets, training the birds etc: these kinds of things are wasted on Jos. When you take a look at the many years’ of top performances of the Loft of Jos Vercammen, all that extra work doesn’t really seem to be necessary. He has organized the lofts in order to have as less work as possible and still achieve the best possible results. The pigeons are sitting on grids and thus, cleaning is being reduced to a minimum. Thanks to this, Jos and Lars can focus their attention on care: the pigeons receive everything they need: tea and vitamins on a regular basis and they are followed medically as well... all this is necessary to achieve top success without becoming a ‘slave’ to the system of course, on the contrary. It is Jos’s opinion that pigeons should adapt to the fancier and not the other way around. That’s also the reason why so many fellow fanciers from home and abroad are achieving excellent results with Vercammen pigeons. Who dares to argue with the one and only crowned ‘emperor’ of the Long Distance Club of Antwerp? His many years’ of top performances prove him right.

Top performances of other lofts with the pigeons of Loft Jos Vercammen

1st National Tours NPO 16.154 pigeons (M.Van Gastel)
(this pigeon, ‘Mr Tours’, is by the way at present one of the top breeders in the loft of super star Ludo Claessens in Putte, Holland)
1st National Moeskroen NPO 12.752 pigeons (R.Jansen)
1st National Creil NPO 14.467 pigeons (Rob Roks)
1st National Tours ZNB 10.666 pigeons (Roegist-Visser)
1st Fastest Nat Tours ZND 27.500 pigeons (Roegist-Visser)
1st National Aachen 10.782 pigeons (Edmund König)
1st National Orleans NPO 10.173 pigeons (Roegist-Visser)
1st Semi-Nat La Souterraine 9.864 pigeons (Houben J.L.N.)
(The winner of this race, ‘Pinocchio’, is one of the top breeders in the loft of Houben J.L.N. Its mother is 100% Loft Jos Vercammen)
1st National Argenton NPO 9.591 pigeons (J.Smets)
1st National Tours NPO 6.752 pigeons (Roegist-Visser)
1st National Tours NPO 4.779 pigeons (Rob Roks)
1st Fastest Prov Chateauroux 7.286 pigeons (Houben J.L.N.)
1st National Orleans NPO 4.448 pigeons (Roegist-Visser)
2nd Nation. Chateauroux NPO 14.092 pigeons (Jac.Konings)…

A real breed of super pigeons

Upon examining the descent of the top pigeons in Vremde, one cannot but conclude that this is a real pigeon family. Pretty much all of the top pigeons descend from the same ancestors. This shows an extremely solid founding of the breed which is the result of well considered couplings. Please allow us to explain how Jos Vercammen operates.
The breeders are coupled early (i.e. by the end of November). The 1st round of eggs is moved to the couples which are used to sit on the eggs thus allowing the breeding pigeons to quickly start a 2nd round –same scenario– ... This procedure allows Jos to possess 3 rounds from the top breeders and these birds can then be trained. He always keeps the first 3 rounds for himself. As far as those first 3 rounds are concerned: the couples are mostly coupled with other partners each round and a big advantage thereof is: a great variety of pigeons. You can go on with the same family of pigeons without having to acquire lots of new blood. Fanciers that keep on coupling breeding couples that have already provided many excellent racers, will have a problem in the 2nd generation already because they will only have brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. When you work like that, you’ll soon be forced to bring ‘fresh blood’ to your breed and considering the fact that things have to ‘work’ like people say in pigeon jargon, it will certainly be no piece of cake. Otherwise, the story will soon be over. This is exactly why Jos Vercammen prefers to switch the partners of the breeding pigeons every year for the first 3 rounds... The breeding pigeons get a bit of rest after these first 3 rounds and are then coupled for a 4th and 5th round. Not all the breeding couples but only the ones that have proven to produce good offspring are coupled again.

‘Sliding door’ method and young pigeon racing

The first 3 rounds of young pigeons are thoroughly tested at the Vercammen’s. They all participate in almost every race. Nowadays, the 4 national races are part of the young pigeons’ racing programme. This was not the case in former days. One of the reasons for this change is that these national competitions for young pigeons have become increasingly popular and on the other hand: experience has taught that the people in Vremde have an honest chance (i.e.: chance to win) compared to the provincial competitions of Antwerp. As far as provincial races are concerned, Vremde is in nearly 80% of the cases at a disadvantage because of the westerly or northwesterly wind. The masses are situated rather centrally or to the east of the province of Antwerp. You really need to have what it takes to end in the top, let alone win...
The ‘sliding door method’ is applied to race the young pigeons. That is why the birds are darkened in the beginning of the year but not until the national races early July... like the real young pigeon experts do! When the pigeons are darkened for such a long period of time, they sometimes have difficulties to get through the moult. Jos believes this has harmful consequences because he needs the pigeons as racers in the next season. That’s why he has developed the following method: the early youngsters are darkened until approximately 20 to 25 May... the round that comes later is darkened until mid June (these birds race the last national Gueret race). The young cocks and hens are sitting separately on common shelves in the first part of the loft. During the week, they cannot enter the back part of the loft where the living boxes are located. Before the pigeons are put into the baskets, they are directed to the back part of the loft. It is pretty obvious that it’s party time in the loft at this point and as a result, the birds are extremely motivated when they are put into their basket. Fact is that the best young pigeons stop racing partly after Argenton, partly after La Souterraine and they are then moved to the racing loft. This means that the greater part of the ‘doubtful cases’ have to roll up their sleeves for the national race of the year... Gueret (previously Vichy) which holds their last chance. When the birds are put into the baskets the whole loft is in commotion because new couples are being formed... The motivation of the youngsters really gets an extra boost... At this point, the shyest pigeons often couple for the very first time and Jos likes that. It is not uncommon that pigeons who have just met their first love perform real ‘stunts’. Just think of the 2nd National Argenton 21.299 young pigeons… and the 3rd + 7th National Vichy 11.022 young pigeons in 2005: ‘Vichy I’ and ‘Vichy II’ (see below).

When the youngsters are weaned they receive a tricho pill ... and before the racing season starts, there is also a 5-day-cure against tricho on the programme. Furthermore, the birds receive a 2-day-treatment against tricho every three weeks in the course of the season. They are only treated for thick head diseases after a vet has been consulted and if the vet has prescribed such a treatment. The young pigeons usually train for 2 hours a day during the week... “That’s when you know that the birds are ‘in good condition’ and you don’t have to worry much”, says Jos.


The old pigeons racing team

Every year at the start of the season, this team consists of 36 widowers + 30 hens who mainly fly races of 450-750 km (till the national Souillac race). The hens’ team is mostly reduced to about 20 after a couple of weeks. The ladies want to couple and do not behave as desired? A selection is the result. Jos believes that the number of pigeons participating in provincial races will drastically drop because of the decision made by the KBDB Antwerp. This decision implies that as from 2007, yearlings can no longer double with old pigeons. As a result, Jos decided to put less old pigeons and more yearlings in his racing team of 2007.
The racing pigeons are coupled between Christmas and New Year every year because that’s when Lars’s exams have passed. Furthermore, he can help couple the birds (66 racing couples) during the Christmas holidays and keep an eye on them during the first few days that the pigeons are together. Jos and Lars do not apply the method of ‘total widowhood’. All the pigeons still have a fixed partner who stays at home when his or her consort is on a trip. The racing pigeons can raise a couple of youngsters and are separated afterwards... they are not re-coupled for a second time to brood once more before the season starts. Never again, says Jos... the racing pigeons can make it to the national Bourges race at the end of July without any trouble. Usually, they loose 2 to 3 flight feathers in the Bourges race... When Jos still used to re-couple them, they had already lost 4 feathers at this point... As soon as the pigeons have raised a couple of youngsters, they are immediately put on widowhood
The widowers team is spread over 3 lofts. When the cocks are put into the baskets during the first weeks of the season, their hen is not shown to them. Experience has taught that the cocks perform better when the hen is not shown before they leave. When the end of the season is near, the hens are sometimes showed simply to boost the motivation of the racers a little. The idea is to keep their “fire” burning during the entire racing season. When the birds return home from a race they stay together for one hour... Jos and Lars stick to this scenario as from May until early August.
Another approach for hens
The hens are coupled around December 25 as well... They too are allowed to raise two youngsters. When the youngsters have reached the age of two weeks, the hens move to the aviary where they take an oxygen cure until the 1st of April. At this point, the cocks are responsible for raising their offspring.
The hens are coupled for the second time at the beginning of April... Jos is always a bit doubtful though: he wonders whether he should stick to one coupling in order to maintain the condition the birds have already built up. But since he fears the hens would start coupling with eachother, he has always coupled them for a second time up until now. The hens are raced on widowhood from early May until early July and they mainly fly one long middle distance race (500 km) every week. The hens are put together at the beginning of July and are basketed for Argenton with youngsters of 10 days old. Finally, they also fly the “national races” of the autumn.
Just like the cocks, the hens do not get to see their partner before they leave at the start of the season. Later-on during the season, they have the opportunity to spend one hour in the company of their cock before they are put into the basket. Jos, however, believes that this does not really matter. Experience taught him that ‘condition’ of both cocks as well as hens is much more important than the ‘position’ at the moment they are basketed.
Previously, the hens stayed in the aviary in front of the lofts during the day. They only went to their sleeping loft at night. This scenario was altered in 2005: the hens now also spend the day in their sleeping loft, on little shelves and behind wire work. They only leave the loft to train or eat... they get food and drink in the aviary in front of the lofts.

Feeding method
There is not much spectacular to tell about the method of feeding Jos and Lars apply. They mainly use ‘Plus-mixtures’ of Versele-Laga. At the start of the season (speed races till Noyon), they nearly exclusively feed the pigeons ‘Gerry Plus’. Once the middle distance and long distance races start, Jos and Lars add ‘Super diet mixture’ to the menu, with a supplement of Baden maize. When basketing time gets near, they also add ‘Superstar Plus’ (formerly known as the ‘Super Widowhood’ mixture). The pigeons receive ‘Zell Oxygen’ or ‘Neo Oxygen’ (of Dr. Schwidde) in their feed twice a week: when they return from a race and the day prior to basketing. Jos and Lars also add ‘Prangesuppe’ or racing vitamins to the water on a regular basis. There is always Belgasol (Belgica De Weerd) in the drinking fountain on the day the birds go into the baskets and when they return from a race. The menu of the young pigeons consists mainly of ‘Junior Plus’.
As far as the medical aspect is concerned: nothing happens between August and April... At the end of April, just before the start of the middle distance season, a vet (Cottenie) is consulted. In general, the pigeons are in perfect shape... However, if something appears to be wrong, the vet’s advice is being followed and the birds receive Sedochol (Herbots) at the same time. The pigeons that fly middle distance races are never “treated by way of precaution”. Jos sometimes treats the pigeons that fly semi long distance races (2 to 3 nights in the basket). You could call this a supporting “tricho treatment” of 3 to 4 weeks. The vet is being consulted on a very regular basis during the season. Any other medical interventions in the course of the racing season happen exclusively on his advice. Every year, the pigeons also get a vaccination against paratyphus.

There is only room for real ‘super pigeons
Jos usually judges young pigeons with charity. Once they become yearlings or when they grow into an old pigeon, they better start achieving good results. As from this point, there is no more room for ‘doubtful cases’. Selection is extremely strict. But isn’t a severe selection procedure a typical feature and the strength of the ‘top lofts’? Let’s take a closer look at some of the top performances of 2006:
Toury (382 Km)
Local 519 yearlings 3, 4, 19, 23, 32, 38, 43, 48, 57,... (15/18)
Limoges Old (638 Km)
Local St.Job 216 old 10, 16, 53, 75 (4/5)
Le Mans (471 Km)
Local St.Job 455 pigeons 2,3,4,5,11,13,20,23,29,36…
Limoges Yearlings (638 Km)
Local S.Job 403 yearlings 6, 8, 16, 21,... (9/12)
Orleans (408 Km)
Local St.Job 1,016 young 6, 15, 16, 25, 26, 27, 31,... (45/68)
Salbris (454 Km)
Local St.Job 428 pigeons 2,3,4,17,28,30,32…
Provincial 1.674 pigeons 5,6,8,37,61,63,69,71…
Dourdan (366 Km)
Club of South Antwerp 922 pigeons 1,8,12,13,36,43,69,87,96… (15/18)
Bourges (479 Km)
Local St.Job 560 pigeons 2,20,21,28,32,36,46…
Zonal 5.442 pigeons 10…
National 11252 pigeons 21…
Dourdan (366 Km)
Club of South Antwerp 1.032 pigeons 2,13,14,18,22,41... (14/19)
Club Pallieter 547 pigeons 2,5,6,7,9,19,20,21,27,29,30,32,34,35,37,38,43,44,45…
La Souterraine (593 Km)
Local St.Job 616 young 3,5,10,11,23,25,27,33,34,35,36,37,43,44,49,52,57…
National 13965 young 23,85… etc.
Local St.Job 79 old 3,5…
Provincial 480 old 11,19
National 3.607 old 43… etc.
Noyon (208 Km)
Club Pallieter 825 pigeons 2,9,12,14,24,25,31,33,34,38,45,46…
Melun (310 Km)
Union Antwerp 1.488 pigeons 3,8,10,11,15,32,33,39,60,62,63,69,77,91… (37/55)
Gueret (586 Km)
Local St.Job 518 young 2,5,7,16,24,27,29,30,31,37,39…
Provincial 1.724 young 2,11,26,51…
National 10523 young 44…
Local St.Job 55 old 2,3…
Provincial 319 old 3,5…
National 2.590 old 9,33…

We mentioned it before: there is only room for real super pigeons in the racing lofts and the breeding loft of Jos & Lars Vercammen. Only real ‘cracks’ in the true sense of the word manage to acquire a spot in this loft. Allow us to introduce several of those top pigeons to you so that you can get an idea of their ability to perform and the huge breeding value of the Vercammen pigeons.

B01-6387351 “Deco” (super breeder)

Son of: “Iron Lady”
Father of “Porto” : 4th national Ace-pigeon middle distance K.B.D.B. 2004
“Diva” : 16° semi-national Vierzon(476km) 3,227 p.,…
“306/06” : 5° Le Mans(471km) 455 p.,
27° Gueret(586km) 518 p.,…
“Gina” : excellent breeding hen
“Lars’ Favourite”, “245/03”, “075/06”, “387/05”, “388/05”, “092/05”,…
Grandfather of “Athena” : 3rd national Ace-pigeon middle distance A.R. 2004,
46° national Argenton(555km) 23,078 p.,…
“Zaki” : 31° national Vichy(566km) 11,022 p.,…
“Frutos” : 11° provincial Gueret(586km) 1,724 p.,…
“138/06” : 3° Marne(296km) 1,264 p.,…
“275/06” : 85° La Souterraine(593km) 13,965 p.,…

B03-6287006 “Porto”
(son of DECO x MARISKA)

4th National Ace-pigeon middle distance K.B.D.B.
1st National Ace-pigeon AR semi-long distance
3rd National Ace-pigeon BDS semi-long distance

His top performances :

Toury(382km) 2° 1,233 p.
Dourdan(366km) 2° 712 p.
Dourdan(357km) 3° 627 p.
National z. Bourges(479km) 7° 5,708 p.
Dourdan(366km) 4° 1,475 p.
Toury(382km) 4° 975 p.
National Bourges(479km) 21° 14,207 p.
Dourdan(366km) 8° 3,075 p.
Toury(382km) 5° 807 p.
Dourdan(366km) 3° 502 p.
Provincial Bourges(479km) 7° 1,904 p.
Dourdan(366km) 6° 1,554 p.
Toury(382km) 17° 1,782 p.
Bourges(479km) 3° 367 p.

PORTO is the father of:
• B05-6234152 3° Toury(382km) 519 p.
• B05-6234258 Won 7 prizes on 7 semi-long distance races in 2006
• B06-6270116, B06-6270117, B06-6270072, B05-6234153,...

PORTO is a brother of:
• “Diva”(B05-6234001) 16° semi-national Vierzon(476km) 3,227 p.,….
• B06-6270306 5° Le Mans(471km) 455 p.
27° Gueret(586km) 518 p.
• “Gina”(B03-6287244)
• B03-6287245, B05-6234002, B05-6234092, B05-6234387, B05-6234388,…

He is a half brother of :
• “Tibo”(B04-6058030) 1° fastest Toury(382km) 11.313 p.,
Toury 2,125 p.,
Toury 1,198 p.,
Toury 1,161 p.,
Toury 731 p.,…
• “Bart”(B04-6058123) 6° Melun(310km) 2,230 p.,…
• "Lars' favourite"(B04-6058049)

B03-6287052 “Bosko” duiver (son of DECO x MARISKA)

National Ace-pigeon middle distance B.D.S. 2004
BOSKO won :

National z. Bourges(479km) 6° 5,708 p.
Semi-national Chateauroux(526km) 9° 4,395 p.
Semi-national Vierzon(475km) 34° 14,073 p.
Tours(505km) 2° 231 p.
Bourges(479km) 2° 367 p.
Vierzon(475km) 4° 642 p.
Provincial Tours(505km) 9° 1,652 p.
Provincial Chateauroux(526km) 6° 690 p.
Provincial Vierzon(475km) 14° 2,795 p.
National Bourges(479km) 20° 14.207 p.
Melun(310km) 7° 573 p.
Provincial Vierzon(475km) 51° 3.240 p.
Provincial Bourges(479km) 6° 1.904 p.
Vierzon(475km) 8° 206 p.
Vierzon(475km) 13° 617 p.

BOSKO is the father of :

• "Frutos"(B06-6270290) : 11° Provincial Gueret(586km) 1,724 p.,...
• B04-6058168, B05-6234248,…

He is a brother of :

• B04-6058327 : 2° Nanjing One Loft Race China 920 p.
• “Joke”(B05-6234004) : 9° Bourges(479km) 796 p.,
13° Noyon(208km) 1,713 p.,
76° national z. Bourges 13,050 p.,
44° provincial Bourges 4,364 p.,...
• B03-6287053 : 6° Argenton(555km),
15° Dourdan(357km) 823 p.,
7° Dourdan 1,152 p.,...
• B04-6058059, B04-6058058

B01-6387350 “Barco” (Son “PINK PANTER” x “VANESSA”)

BARCO is the father of :
• “Bosko”(B03-6287052) (see above)
• B04-6058327 : 2° Nanjing One Loft Race China 920 p.,…
• “Joke”(B05-6234004) : 9° Bourges(479km) 796 p.,
13° Noyon(208km) 1,713 p.,
76° national z. Bourges 13,050 p.,
44° provincial Bourges 4,364 p.,…
• "Kirby"(B06-6270317) : 10° La Souterraine(593km) 616 p.,
13° Le Mans(471km) 455 p.,
17° Salbris(454km) 428 p.,
21° Melun(310km) 1,654 p.,...
• B03-6287053 : 6° Argenton(555km),
15° Dourdan (357km) 823 p.,…
• B04-6058059, B04-6058058, B06-6270097, B06-6270098,...

BARCO is the grandfather of :
• Beauty”(B05-6234009) : 2° national Argenton(555km) 21,299 p.,
2° fastest Argenton 30,045 p.,…
• B06-6270183 : 3° Salbris(454km) 428 p.,
6° Provincial Salbris 1,674 p.,
3° Le Mans(471km) 455 p. ,
15° Provincial Le Mans 1,819 p.,...
• "Frutos"(B06-6270290) : 11° Provincial Gueret(586km) 1,724 p.,...
• B04-6058218 : 6° La Souterraine(593km) 589 p.,…

He is the brother of :
• “Melissa”(B01-6387199) : 9x 1°,
provincial Chateauroux (528km) 2,745 p.,
2° semi-national Chatearoux 8,360 p.,…
• B03-6287080 : 2° Melun (310km) 1,761 p.,…
• B03-6287311 : 5° Dourdan (366km) 674 p.,
7° Dourdan 1,152 p. ,…

B01-6387174 “Beckham”

Provincial Argenton(555km) 1° 2.166 p. (1° fastest 3.973 p.)
Argenton(555km) 462 p.
Argenton(555km) 440 p.
Limoges(640km) 12° 301 p.
Noyon(208km) 16° 713 p.

BECKHAM is the father of :
• “Beauty”(B05-6234009) : 2° national Argenton(555km) 21.299 p.,
2° fastest Argenton 30.045 p.,…
• B05-6234010 : 11° Noyon(208km) 1.713 p.,…
• B04-6058170 : 11° Dourdan(366km) 617 p.,…

He is a half brother of :
• “Akin”(B04-6058079) : 22° national z. Bourges(479km) 4.938 p.,…
• “Judy”(B04-6058078) : 12° provincial Chateauroux(526km) 4.249 p.,…
• “Cora”(B04-6058023) : 3° Bourges (479km) 1.065 p.,…
• “Serhat”(B03-6287146) : 5° Dourdan(357km) 369 p.,…
• B02-6058141 : 3° Melun(310km) 779 p.,…
• B03-6287147 : 4° Marne(296km) 219 p.,…

B05-6234009 “Beauty”
(daughter of BECKHAM x Nest sister BOSKO)

She won :
9 prizes / 9 races and 6x 1/20
National Argenton(555km) 2° 21,299 p.
(2° fastest 30,045 p.)
National z. Argenton(555km) 2° 8,180 p.
Provincial Argenton(555km) 2° 2,934 p.
Argenton(555km) 1° 522 p.
Orleans(408km) 9° 1,132 p.

Own nest sister of :

• B05-6234010 : 11° Noyon(208km) 1,713 p.,…

B05-6234216 “Vichy I” (daughter of

National z. Vichy(566km) 2e 4,298 p.
National Vichy(566km) 3° 11,022 p.
National Bourges(479km) 57° 12,898 p.
S.-national La Souterraine(593km) 43° 5,621 p.
National Bourges(479km) 182° 11.252 p.
Bourges(479km) 3° 337 p.
La Souterraine(593km) 3° 183 p.

B05-6234202 “Vichy II” (daughter of OLLI x HOPE)

National z. Vichy(566km) 2° 4,298 p.
National Vichy(566km) 7° 11,022 p.
Provincial Gueret(583km) 5° 319 p.
National Gueret(586km) 33° 2,633 p.

Already mother of “255/06”

Dear fellow fanciers, as we already mentioned above, this is truly a family of ‘super pigeons’. Pigeons that managed to win almost everything there was to win. Birds that made the name ‘Loft Jos Vercammen’ world famous. The many years’ of top performances of this ‘super colony’ could be summarized in the following slogan: “Have achieved everything in pigeon sport!’. And yet, there is still one jewel missing in their crown: the men in Vremde continue to pursue their first national palm...
Maybe we should state that patience always pays off sooner or later. If one succeeds in achieving top prizes and top performances on a yearly basis in ‘national racing’ as it is done by Loft Jos & Lars Vercammen, bells will ring sooner or later... for national winning. Maybe this could be the next height of the career of the ‘Emperor of the Long Distance Club of Antwerp’ to which everyone can look forward to...

Most important championships Belgium and Antwerp of the last years
3 x 1st General Champion ‘Fondclub Antwerpen’ 2004 + 2005 + 2006
2nd National Champion KBDB Old Birds (till 600 Km)
2nd National Champion KBDB Yearlings (till 600 km)
3rd National Champion KBDB Old Birds (till 600 Km)
3rd National Champion KBDB Yearlings
1st General Champion KBDB Antwerp ‘Middle Distance’
2 x 1st Genaral Champion Union Antwerpen ‘Middle Distance’ Yearlings
1st General Champion Union Antwerpen ‘Semi Long Distance’ Old Birds
7 x 1st King (general Champion) South Antwerp
1 x Emperor South Antwerp (5 x in row ‘General Champion’)
3 x 2nd King (general Champion) Union Antwerpen
4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2004 ‘Middle Distance (with PORTO B03-6287006)
4th + 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB ‘Middle Distance’ ....