Marseille international 2009 Thomann-Spitzbarth - Walsheim/Saar (DL) : 2. and 3. international !!!

Last year Wolfgang Thomann and Kurt Spitzbarth already won the 3rd international and the 1st national Marseille. This year they were able to increase this fantastic result with their 1 year old cock 0709-08-1053 „Junge Fahle“ who won the 2nd international Marseille 2009 ...


... who won the 3rd international and the 1st international hens.With this outstanding result her glorious racing carrier has ended now. In the future she breeds youngsters fort he combination Thomann/Spitzbarth.

Preparation of the racers
After laying eggs  the pairs are breeding for 5-6 days and after this period the total widowhood starts. The training at home is 1 time per day and during Kurts Holiday they can fly out 2 times. The pigeons have to join all the club races of the IG Weitstrecke e.V. In this organization nearly all the long distance fanciers out of the Saar-Pfalz and France area are competiting.

0709-08-1053 „Junge Fahle“ : 2.int. Marseille 2009 


His father ist he „Alte Fahle“ who is a son of „First National“ – 1. nat. Ace pigeon 1998 and from a daughter of „La Belge“ from Firmin Schleininger. This cock wins the title „1. int. Ace Pigeon 1998.
His mother is closely related to the Barcelona winners of Rutz und Söhne and is also related to the national winner of Marseille 2008 „D’Artagnan“.
In his preparation he was also succesful from the races Argenton (513 km) 5th, Bordeaux (764 km) 358th. As youngbird he was raced up to 325 km.
0709-06-750 „Tresor“: 1. int. Marseille Weibchen 2009
                                        3. int. Marseille 2009
                                        2. int. Pau Weibchen 2008
                                        5. int. Pau 2008

Her father ist he top-breeder „Alte Fahle“ (described above) and her mother is „Carmen“. She was 2nd national Ace-pigeon in 2005
With the following results on the training races you could see the form coming: 242 nd from Bar-le-Duc, 140th Auxerre and 76th Bourges.

At the international Pau-race 2009 she was able to win the following positions:
14. nat. hens
28. Zone 1
29. nat.
29. int. hens
279. int.
For the international races Pau and Marseille she was basketed as 1st nominated pigeon and wins a lot of points for all the championships.
The combination Thomann-Spitzbarth is in the leading position after 4 of the 6 races fort he national championship in Germany. After the completement of the results we want to introduce you the combination Wolfgang Thomann and Kurt Spitzbarth with their pigeons in a bigger article.