Joksch-Bremen, the art of 2 champions (part 2)

In their way to the top of German and International pigeon sport, the purchase of ‘Supercrack’s Rookie’ was a turning point for Thomas Joksch and Thomas Bremen … This supercock developed as Germany’s new top breeder, with offspring becoming 15x 1. and 1. Int. acebird Amazing Wings June in 2013 and a/o 2x 1. prov. acebird and co-winners of the 1. Nat. championship Germany in 2014. In part 2 a presentation of the Joksch-Bremen success influences of other world famous pigeon families that lead their way to everlasting fame.

One of the first partners of ‘Supercracks Rookie’ is ‘Mother Belle’, bought by Joksch-Bremen at the entire clearance sale of Jelger Klinkenberg. She was one of the stars in the auction and already bred super pigeons for Jelger Klinkenberg, like a/o ‘Belle’, 4. Nat. young acebird Best of the Best 2008 with 2x massive 1. prize and 2x 1. prize … ‘Scar’, 8. provincial acebird late tour 2008 … ‘Special Blue’, 1. Meer 4,769 birds … ‘Blue Wonder’, 1. prov. acebird late tour 2010. Top grandchild of ‘Mother Belle’ at Klinkenberg is ‘Miss Perfect’, 4. Nat. Olympiad bird sprint 2013, 4. Nat. acebird short/middle distance The Best of The Best 2012 & winner of 5x 1. prize … but also of ‘Perfect 390’, 1. Meer 1,771 birds and 3. Nijvel – 1,640 birds.

Most recently the bloodlines of ‘Mother Belle’ were responsible for new Olympiad contestors and she is great grandmother to the 1. acebird in China’s most important pigeon club ‘Pioneers Club’ won by famous Dr. Guo and auctioned to over 200,000 Euro in China. In her era as breeder for Joksch-Bremen she kept on producing toppers in many generations … by now she is mother & grandmother to 10 Nat. acebirds and winners of 19x 1. prize. Best children, grandchildren and great greandchildren bred of her by Joksch-Bremen are:

- ‘Katharina’
      1. young acebird comb. 3,800 birds
      1. young acebird Versele-Laga Master Award Germany (equal first )
      7. young acebird Versele-Laga Master Award Germany/Belgium/Nederlands
- ‘Supercracks Rookie’s Gold'
      1. yearling acebird comb.- 2,700 birds
      1.- 2,609  / 1. - 3,758
- ‘Ruhrpott Ace’
      8. young acebird comb. 3,800 birds
      8. young acebird Best of the Best comb. 3,800 birds
- ‘Miss Europa’
      7. acebird Europa Mira World championship race 400 birds
      9. acebird world Mira World championship race 500 birds
- ‘Blue Ace’ 855/11
      1. young acebird with 5 prize cards 2011
- ‘Great Wall’
      78. prize Finalrace Sun City One Million Dollar race 3500 birds 578 km Headwind 2012
      65. prize Hot spot 5  Sun City One Million Dollar race 3500 birds 385 km 2012
- ‘Golden Boy’
      1. young acebird Gold Cup 2011 – 2,000 birds
- DV02585-12-1236
      Top quotation 1. Int. acebird HDI 2012
- DV02585-13-331
      1. Gelnhausen – 1,500 birds
- P12-2204434
      1. prize – 2,826 birds
      1. prize – 1,545 birds
- ‘Blue 693’ DV02585-14-693
      Co-winner 1. prov. champion 2014
      Co-Winner 1. Nat. champion Germany
      Co Winner 3. Nat. Gouden Duif winner
- ‘Mr. Wels’DV02585-12-1416
      1. acebird yearling combine 2013 & 3. acebird combine 2013
      2. best cock RV 2013
      5. prov. ace cock yearling 2013 & 8. prov. ace cock 2013
      1. I.prov. Wels – 2,974 birds (632 km) & 1. prov. against - 570 birds (632 km)

Perfection by ‘Lucky 848’ children

An entire team of sons and daughters to ‘Jonge Supercrack’ - often crossed to ‘Mother Belle’ top genes - bred new generations of super aces … In order to come even closer to perfection, Thomas Joksch and Thomas Bremen set their aims on direct children to ‘Lucky 848’ for an extra quality injection … the best alive De Rauw-Sablon breeder owned by PIPA Elite Center and Jürgen Jung from Germany. A good friendship between Thomas Joksch and the Jung family situated him in the unique position to select 3 direct children of ‘Lucky 848’ for his breeding lofts … an opportunity never offered to anyone in the world before and never since. It enriched the Joksch-Bremen colony in an amazing way with ‘Lucky 848’ children for no one else.

One of the most important breeders at Joksch-Bremen direct of ‘Lucky 848’ x ‘Daughter Bak 17’ is ‘Luci Electric’, DV08857-10-201, original Jung-Jupid. She is still fairly young and in her first two years of breeding she already bred winners of 7x 1. prize … Second generations offspring kept on adopting the class of this super hen and her best grandchildren are ‘First Prize Lucky’ winning 1. prizes against 1,455 birds & 903 birds  … DV02585-11-660 won 1. prize 903 birds … DV02585-11-1073 was Co-winner 1. ‘Gouden Duif’ winner Germany with 1. prize 1,769 birds … DV0297-11-999 winning 1. prize - 350 birds … DV0297-11-757 with 1. prize 905 birds … and DV02585-12-1291 as fastest 4,350 birds (300 km) and winner of a Television set + DVD Player.

Because of the amazing breeding skills of ‘Luci Electric’ that made her maybe the best ‘Lucky 848 Daughter’ ever, Pipa Elite Center approached Joksch-Bremen for a co-breeding partnership of the hen with the golden eggs paired to ‘New Freddy’, the 1. Nat. acebird and absolute breeding sensation at PEC. From this co-breeding project 4 youngsters were born; absolutely unique products in the world of pigeon racing.

The loft of Joksch-Bremen has of course a few other descendants of ‘Lucky 848’. For instance ‘Luca’, DV08857-10-206, who is a son of ‘Lucky 848’ x ‘Daughter Perpignan’ … As young as ‘Luca’ is, he already bred winners of
      1. prize – 3,034 birds equal first (300 km)
      2. prize – 2,171 birds (150 km)
      4. prize – 3,034 birds (300 km)
      10. prize – 2,409 birds

More toppers from this golden bloodline as well as from other base breeders of Marcel Aelbrecht came to the Joksch-Bremen premises and it is fair to say Joksch-Bremen are the owners of one of the most valuable collections of De Rauw-Sablon/Aelbrecht breeding pigeons in Europe and possibly worldwide. The include 3 children of ‘Lucky 848’ … 3 children of BAK 10 Aelbrecht … 1 daughter of BAK 17 Aelbrecht … 3 children of ‘De Michael’ Aelbrecht … 3 children of ‘Brother Lucky 848’… 2 grandchildren of Dream Pair ‘Albert’ x ‘Paola’ … 2 half brothers/sisters of ‘Miss Joice’ Verbesselt … 1 half brother of ‘La Souterraine’ … etc., etc.

The uniqueness of the quality present at Joksch-Bremen, was probably underlines best by grandmaster Marcel Aelbrecht when Thomas Joksch and Thomas Bremen visited him with a basket of selected breeders to have them checked by the icon from Lebbeke. One by one Marcel Aelbrecht checked them … said nothing … and than - in the end - looked at the men and said he had never seen so much quality in a Belgian loft, as he had just saw in this basked with Joksch-Bremen pigeons! It was one of the greatest moments of glory for Joksch-Bremen!

The breeding loft of Joksch-Bremen consists of excellent pigeons. The two fanciers have always tried to gather the best birds they could find and they succeeded. Did they reach their most important goal; winning as much as possible?? With 60x 1. prize in only 3 years on the own racing lofts they surely did … Probably no other German fancier won so much in the modern era as Thomas Joksch & Thomas Bremen.

Joksch-Bremen: Winners of 60x 1. prize in 3 years

Some impressive references:
Norbert Scheitza: 1. prov. acebird 2014 50% Joksch-Bremen
Cuypers–Dentgen: 1. prov. acebird 2014 Orginal Joksch-Bremen
Minte-Schröder: 1. prov. winner 2014 from 6,000 birds 50% Joksch-Bremen
Jürgen Koch: 1. prov. winner 2014 100% Joksch-Bremen
Layer M.& M.: 1. champion comb. YB 2013 75% Joksch-Bremen