Internat.Championships Mira 2011 - "Super Willy" from Comb. Joksch/Bremen was dominating the competition !

At the International Championships in Mira/Portugal the Combination Joksch/Bremen succeeded in a spectacular way !

Since many years the International Championships of Mira are the start of the "One Loft" season. More than a decade Mira is one of the most prestigous One Loft Races all over Europe, thats the reason why it is also part of the Worldchampionships from the FCI. 

For the Combination Joksch/Bremen the season 2011 is by fare the Highlight in their fancier-career. On one hand the children and grandcildren of "Supercrack Rookie" (bought via PIPA), who flying from victory to victory every week (see last report here at PIPA), on the other hand the amazing results in the regular German Program with spectacular series.

Highlight this season for sure is the outstanding performance of "Super Willy", also out of their breeding loft, with unbeleivable results during the races of the International Championships in Mira, by blaming all competitors.

Below the Results from Mira:

1st. European Champion

1st. Ace-Bird Cat. Europe

1st. European Champion Team result

1st. Ace-Bird Cat.World

1st. World Champion

2nd. World Champion Team result 

1st. Grand Prix FCI GVN

2nd. Ace Bird Grand Prix FCI GVN

7th. Ace Bird Cat. Europe   ( Grandchild Supercracks Rookie & Mother Belle)

8th. Ace Bird Cat. World   ( Grandchild SupercracksRookie & Mother Belle)


2009:  1st. Ace Bird Grand Prix FCI GVN

2010: 10th. Ace Bird Grand Prix FCI GVN


Last weekend also 3 x 1st. Prize in the regular German Championships, unbelievable !!


Results during the Ace Bird Europe/World Competitions in Mira:


99 km 

Europe vs. 300 birds

3rd., 69th.,

World vs. 400 Tauben 


145 km

Europe vs 300 birds


World vs. 400 birds 



Europe vs. 300 birds


World vs. 400 birds 



"Super Willy"


If you analize the Pedigree of "Super Willy" carefully, you will see that its a matter of fact, that the bird is born to win.

Father: B.-10-6275679 Fullbrother "Blue Dream" direct August Wouters - 1.National Acebird "Snelheid" KBDB 2009

Mother: 01152-07-99 "Bonte Koppen" - Excellent Breeding hen - Son "Black Power"  2010 - 13/11 Prizes - 2nd. Yearling vs. 4000 birds - Son "254" 2010 13/11 Prizes - Son " 41"- 9th. vs. 54.000 birds from Hemau. 



Comb. Joksch/Bremen for many fanciers no "secret" Tip anymore, looking forward to the next "spectacular" performance !! 


Super Leistung Gruß Maik