You can supply pigeons for the Derby Ailac and Euro American Derby now!

The pigeons will stay in Mar Del Plata, right at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a beautiful and well known place, often visited by tourists.

All possible ‘pigeon-countries’ can participate, both from Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany) and South America (Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil and other countries).

To participate the pigeons must arrive in Argentina between 15/10/2019 and 31/12/2019.

The cost of quarantine and shipment will be paid per fancier or team of 20 pigeons.

The quarantine in Argentina will be organized in the quarantine station of Ezequiel Thione:

PIPA Agent Argentina
+54 93462513570
alp.biz eupei@eqe