Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race: Hot Spot 5 results & increase of prize money to $1,000,000!

Hotspot 5 was held on Saturday 13th of January from a shortened distance of 205 km. The daytime temperatures were very high from mid-morning but there was a tail wind. The front pigeons recorded fast velocities and were sited at a higher than normal altitude when diving for the loft. The tail-enders struggled in the heat.

Most late pigeons came the second day when it had cooled overnight. They were all in reasonable condition except 3 which were injured by hawks.

  • 1171 pigeons went to the race.
  • 126 pigeons arrived in the first 5 minutes of winning bird  (11%)
  • 685 pigeons arrived in the first 15 minutes  (58%)
  • 864 pigeons arrived in the first 30min  (74%)
  • 968 pigeons arrived in the first 1 hour  (83%)
  • 1015 pigeons arrived in the first 2 hours  (87%)
  • When the race was stopped there were 45 pigeons missing  (3.8%)

We will continue to toss the pigeons every day depending on their condition. There will be a few more online training flights leading up to the final and notifications will be emailed out as usual. Furthermore, we would also like to mention that the prize money for next year has been increased to $1,000,000!

We would like to formally congratulate the following fanciers for taking the first 10 prize money positions:

The ace bird standing after Hotspot 5 is as follows:

The ACE Bird competition can be viewed at the following link;


Grand Averages can be viewed at the following link;